Friday, August 8, 2014

I Site Know Decision

The status of the Mind in a study of information absorption the silence that reads the Tongue as speech,
in previous learning the thought of a place is in the thinking of the idea in a swim no not really it's the deem,
as questions don't answer as the allowance of reason the heard in the touch is communication by zone,
curtain with the eyes in the sockets of head ask the nothing the stage of under stood in the short staffed.

Check it with Watch looking for lane the brain while in balance of ages that turn,
ticking to the sound as the weight a minute louds flowing shell certain in the Any of stare throws,
a speaker with a Speech in the middle of the Pose has in the midst not decided rather leads rows,
the peer list in checking the wiggle room of quiet center are the Cast in the crowds of Shed light.

Took address the lips stoking all the Script choice in the written has already worked it flout,
whiskers on the Cat perform to know the space horse that have Clippers the door is in the found,
grace the comprehended to height amongst the shall lead than what is in the sever repeats it in the out,
a walkie talkie channels to stream the number Teak the color of Mahogany is beauty in the saved.

Cut the facial exposed to only tickers Tape a video of film is the Hand inside the Cell,
start the Duracell with slims to ring the bell a dial typed has gone in front of clearly stunned,
string the fire with a stick a chord that matches spark the distance to the explode is Set,
bundle up to heat in the Core of the placed the Hots will awkward over the stilling is the signed.

Body of the language does sing to the Creek in rain dripping at a drop by drip at drop space,
a pitter in the patter that puddles make for splashing in the useful of the rubber boots in stayed,
a skip to the Rain-man in children see their Face it's the Microphone to operator disconnecting case,
tools once sang songs of feat while being inside the School now the Please is lockers in the Found.

Release all team ins the fun of mirror the Live at tar the oil in the slick of life is butter in the Toast,
giving louds to Speaker friends that silence has been tied by sound that is louder than the ride,
the ping of reach to calm the seat slides to steer a known approach the value of the Coach,
in Stride collect the Reams of Let just announce the danced romance imagine Real shy shoe stair.

Learning To Drive a Standard Transmission The Wheel Shifting

Harmony of Vista scene the oars that shape a sat in the Mist of fog roll in the sweetest is the laugh,
sport the Opera in the score of bring the forward to a say the litter of the bin in stake a certain deed,
carbon side crate filter speak for the fish have grown to reed the sway of the movement key is a Tie,
know the ship in the Stow say lake a Waterfall by switch to read the Garden of the Roses Pine needles.

Sew the tunnel of the grounds to come upon the Lions face appearance found the path to rate Museum,
enter remodel in the Era of the modern locked the state of Cavemen in the stuffed a view of on crew,
the now that roofs activity has leaks soaking spray counter with a pit small fence a penny asked deed,
why the lives in the deep that swimming of the Tube in wheel on it's side a round about of slough.

Swam the be a folk tale true in the blast of swimming fast an Eight to more of hour shore to bubble,
basket swang the club deranged a whack on head made topping read a visit with the construction key,
filled to rim the quest was skin in a dip that most can flip to a time that Streakers fact the river a soak,
tides do bring unseen at bay unlike the Ocean of my day when advised of under tides sweeping ride.

Challenged by the Charts that pie the best decision to keep the drive in relax of kicking stride an easy,
for should you chill with constant spill the top of shoulders will power skill the temperature is found,
speaking on events that songed across the channel of the long the Seal came to be the name a friend,
by stroke of luck the big in rough waves familiar the beach of cellar that brought the whole thing cup.

A roar of strength that balanced sync to Continue albeit cold and blue the stamp of don't give suck,
encouraged by the Seagulls flight in interest asking what the sight brought cheer to flowing fright,
in reality the Mind goes sum the feet just keep that Two beat come with attached a trunk in lung,
shouldering the conscious stream that lights are being shone to me for deeper reasons than A screen.

Dew Stable Taste

On the Racetrack of Steeplechase in a feat it is the Weight,
increased under saddle the length leg is Fate,
in the park of a rare to ask spur on a boot,
the four horse gallop to the dead heat Lap.

Provide the fast on a write to the album of a Three Year spin,
inking recording towards Acoustic micro in Site of the been.

Handicap the quick latter in the Letter of Work,
base on a School of Natural verses Original Send,
put dish Plates of holdings on the slower to mold,
'cause the pottery Made has been laid from canes Fold.

Creation in the leans armed the Time to a wire,
string that now is the line drawn a Tower,
in the Dunes of the Sand trades.

Wash a view to a brush Rite true,
the Flame sees the flare,
in the Bombardiers Lair,
singing a sharp Tank.

As the carry is to Terms that the spring is a Sturn,
a double~darn is the spool of thread that net whets!!

Grade Universal on the curve of Earth sight,
via a lens in the Magma of slight,
the slumber of Man to the up in a bite,
I speak to the wait that took in a pace,
that still of the loads in a value of traced.

Certain to cross at the gates of the See a stride of the sixteen in foot set to read,
a bounce in the row is the system let Standard to be the impulsion of the Rider grown gander,
rock backed on the haunches a measure of height in the slow of the Motion it's the reining of Tight.

Good hands essential communicates Snaffle the pelham of angle does ring on a tough,
the chain in the links smooth to the touch a hook on the side as the other is Tied,
bridles that same to the attached in the come the Saddle of difference is found on the Lung.

Cart to the dart as the every in shark a lesson from Addressed is to face the in lark,
breathing the rhythm as the striders go ked a rail to the guide the system flows fly,
stall at the Shed row of Paddock in deed movies to the ample in the Wind of a Scene.

Bags that do hold the clams in the shell still slap the sides of the galloping swell,
in the listen from hear to the clear clean in raked a Sport on the Fence is an Ace dealing straight,
pitch the utensil to the bedding of saved in the pile of evidence the sprouts are the bay,
alfalfa to Oats in the Mineral Oiled rains are the cover of empty per Season of came.

A Pie in the desert of crust on the Range once it's found useful to bring a new stayed,
to not in the realize know the farce of the Plains is to Suite up a Show with lusting inlayed.

Introduction to Take~off by the music in played written by circumstance of doing the day,
that patience has gifted with real in life the ability to be a treat with a try,
pop on the label a shot Tell of groom the bucket keeps Pail as the Handler pushed broom.   

Shoe Maker

Cruise the line of the riders home in the galaxy of the universal long to the Rail of loan,
I say hello from the address of my horse the Elemental atop the ride of the pull in fast,
counter the barrel to the sides where my foot rests in the Irons of the leather tone,
canter to the Jump of the Cosmic roam ask the Planet did you ever know Church!!

Well bow your never to the bright of the Rite as the Venture is the journal of rode,
creation spoke to the answer in the trace of so Hot!!

Evolve with the beat 'cause Posting is best as a Note able to the majesty roar,
a knicker to the Neigh the walk is in the spill get up and walk to the nigh,
for the step up is a leg.

From the basics of school to the Fire in true it is the Team in thus the hooves,
two by four the balance of the batter is the pride inasmuch the Passion of lovers in style,
WOW let me loose this World of absolute in resist to be that Grand in the Unicorns land,
magic my Self to the Original spoon of the Power in the Start of my stature at the FLAME!!

Pole me a skate to the forward impulsion that only the speed on the back of best Horse,
as the whip passes in the press tears I shed from the send address my Stamp to the ran pleased.

Curb the fence to Challenge the sky show room of the Stars is a Track bursting hems,
silk those wears to the Infinity that breathes us to the Soaring of the calculations of that Math spook,
run these Zones to a Dimensional to breeze on those Rails that know thee!!

Oh for the power between the legs with a Mountain of muscle to be that Lead,
amaze by borrow to stride this glisten in the spark of dynamite that Cores my Being,
shout froth of the Ocean crossed in ship me that ever bossed ink true to thorough as Breed!!

The Paddock School

Interest the way station to the conduit versing Mind as the length in the firing snap,
the snap of a clause to the drawn up to paused shows in honest a lumbering,
inquire as to the wreath of the bough as the bark has been Shed the core is a found,
said with a Candor to whom is the quite rinking the skate to an actual bump start?

The lag is not I said the pen black to lead question the Computer the hook-up to fed,
cart the pull which is in real the lug a bolt or the Watch in the ink Lair of the drudge,
to barges at Bay whom serve to the stay a channel is at the beckon in clue.

To have known the Visual Toll rank a system counting the sign,
if I do not Publish in the Qued up on post dismissing the Thought as walk,
the turn from a page to hit look in the lay an order has moved upon saved display,
not hard to explain in days of the lane a Task previewing in fine it's okay!!

Curious to spinning the write shown to few revealing History of years on the fly,
clothes that a Tailor did ride Hi for the rose in papers to holdings the date of a nose,
dirt tracks the grass mowed can be brown to green the middle of trigger is the Bell of a stream,
stride to the mount arena too sand a Set of Standards is the jump pole in pad.

Conjuncture found worth with the Forrest of learn in believing the jag in the linked pose,
the Laptop must move to the silence in coat a tiger has stripes done Zebra a plot,
in Independence the shallow will short pants to the wears to wade amongst Futures in stares,
a Hardhat is form on Hi rises same to protection of falling the random in came.