Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Reflective Quality Is Priceless

The dance of life,

Cheers to memories,

Waltzing in eternity,

Classical symphony,

The eternal flame,

Don't Give Up!!

The power of a storm,
the knowledge to prepare,
the wisdom to be patient and not unaware,
relies on our ability to understand what so many will not attempt to even comprehend,
it could have happened to them.

The fact of the read,
this blog is a lead,
people can change things,

A reply to know answer,
the point of what's driven,
are decisions that have made differences,
so that lives can complete,
not continue to question,
the fact of repeat.

A task or a purpose,
the reference to such,
take a look at the World,
it is a good place to start.

A message to Humanity,
brought with a brush,
the strokes of the painting,
the poems only touch,
the lyrics to songs,
makes life in a picture,
umbrellas to touch.

Hello, Hello, Hello!!

What an incredible day!! I went on an incredible ride on Axl.  He is a nine year old Thoroughbred off the track.  He is available for re-homing if anyone is interested.  I took him out on a new trail and ended up making a few people smile along our way.  In fact one gentleman stopped his vehicle and wished to visit and ask a few questions.  Turns out that his last ride was on a Thoroughbred off the track too.  He told me how the horse had run away with him and he couldn't do anything to stop him.  We laughed and I told him that I hate that when that happens, but it does happen.

After introducing himself he invited me to continue my ride on the private road which we had come across.  He and his wife lived at the end and they did not mind me riding up there, it was very kind.  He also told me of a friend that had ridden in France for two years. He told me that he stopped to admire a horse and rider on the road, saying that he had not seen a horse there before.

Axl and I continued on down the road and soon we had to ride over to the side to let another car pass.  As the car passed I waved and kept going on the road he had told me about.  It was beautiful.  Tucked up in the redwoods, the road wound around different pieces of property.  As we started up the last hill there was the car that we had let pass.  Turned out to be this gentleman's wife. To make a long story shorter, turned out she too was admiring the view of a horse and rider on their road.  Big smiles, warm conversation, who could have asked for a better surprise.

As Axl and I turned around to head back to the barn, the birds were singing and the hills were full of life.  We rode back through the bamboo ranch and cantered up the hill to home.  It was a great day.