Sunday, October 29, 2017

Stone Bruises

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up and cross diagonal keel War,
letter each asks cast,
language caves.

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gardens make.

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gentle is an Element to Shard,
Mankind shakes.

Tree Spook Birch,
Redwood never Sway,
breeze wind.

Hey man, somebody should do a study on reincarnation, incarnation, you know the go around shit, as out here in Monterey/San Francisco back when it used to be totally cool to be a musician during the 1960s there were slogan's, "Peace, love and tiedye"!! Bam! Then there was Woodstock. Abortion illegal, birth control not available and yet we all know that everyone back East was doing the free love and tie die thing as the films did show in proof evidence. Maybe all those people now will know that it skipped a generation making the new opiate problem a junkie in reviewed to that happens when people have so many abortions and/or the entire event just gets swept under the carpet or totally shot down, dismissed and ignored as a West Coast thing.

Science could in theory see if the entire 'go 'round' thing is indeed real and/or if the drug habit of obviously at Woodstock too rounded the edge at jumping a generation.

There was the Vietnam War following the Korean War and men were scarce (I guess) so I could very well be a Cops kid from the City of San Francisco as the population of the United States was barreling due to World War II anyway and I've heard that that is why Cops don't marry, you know the 'just in case factory' to provide the Summer of Love thing with more than a reckoning but due to the out-of-control Timothy O'Leary things just went nuts, I had first hand experience on that one. Plus, I was raised to believe that babies came from the hospital and the guy on my birth certificate said that we actually came when the Stork delivered us, funny you may laugh however now V.P. Pence is screaming for everyone to have babies. Also since that time of the abortion in the U.S. being made legal all this country is done is fight even though the Supreme Court passed the law making abortion legal, Rowe vs. Wade. Case study brings the United Kingdom to term for the 1967 debacle and now you can study the aspect or the reach so that the opiate kids can possibly live and not die due to you just cutting them off at the pass so to speak because I know from Dr. Zacharias that you cannot cold-turkey opiates or you'll die of the flu.

San Francisco 'Summer of Love'
New York 'Woodstock'
U.K. bounced to James Blunt 1973??

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The Abortion Act 1967 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom legalising abortions by registered practitioners, and regulating the tax-paid provision of ...
Amended by‎: ‎The Human Fertilisation and Em... Citation‎: ‎1967 c. 87
Introduced by‎: ‎David Steel Royal assent‎: ‎27 October 1967
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Abortion Act 1967 is up to date with all changes known to be in force on or before 19 October 2017. There are changes that may be brought into force at a future ...
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