Thursday, December 22, 2016

Walk to the place that the sphere is in that bench graced by the venture of these earthly sleeves,
as the portion of what was beautified sure that scene to who is a hug and not that human dream,
stride dancing to know that the moon's are not needed in the sky,
for width the Sun as clouds shown are only a space of greater Means!!

Rivers bank to sounding so far that a path of memory will speak a gentle breeze,
each path true touch ground at that floors ride not the why, 
disappointed too,
well earth and people have stopped meeting,
no more twin flames to shine in a shore that stands a beach to wave to a read!!

Vikings at the Egyptian I memory,
from here to ears more than corn or bisque cheers,
happiness is hold to a greater fact,
these are the days of death in black,
more in calm,
a love that begun!!

Grief might in slate to a chalk outline,
yes indeed,
slabs of marble to the Granite tea,
chiseled Wells how deep is the Clyde,
a weight toes!!

Knives and splitters yet that is the lumber of kind,
nature grants such perfection,
lives on a fly`d,
across the fathom is a dimension of patience and a can,
slow lead,
no loneliness to Tide!!

On the Watch is I,
the coal the ember the fight,
fire is eternal to infinity be side!!

Harbors are not soles kept to growing only Exits and Moles,
green sleeves with the harp at strings song,
horns on the fulled.

Sounds no Echo,
truth and honor forest redwoods in sway,
how beautiful is life,
each every,
individual the sight.

The Product, Murder!

The education of the body and the soul of the human being is a very important part to state of what the Catholic Church portrays to the public and the World at-large.  Many have died during exorcisms and at that price the Catholic Church speaks little on the subject, but has in text said many things on the fact that as part of their work they are saving the soul and not the body during the possession.  Should this happen and has it has many people have died from this exact clatter and the Catholic Church still does these at practices in with many a exorcisms still on their book of biblical took, I put forward the following as evidence to be so frank that the proof will bring the Catholic's and Christians to term, as they are murderers.

Should the reincarnation of a person be of ancient matter, and as the Church is 2000 Years on the span of their behavior, than you can now imagine that the possession would indeed produce latin or aramaic speaking person's, and as many Catholic's state proof of possession through means of the language, often recorded for their proof to the public spat I statute to that same public, and I base that statute on only one word, life is speaking, it is old and often tortured from thousands of turns on the humans lunge.  Saying that the words and the language are unexplained to the Times, modern or not is how the Churches prove that the person is truly possessed, this has been their major evidence to produce to the public as their evidence. Now should the person be reincarnated would not these languages be part of the vocab as that would also prove a reincarnated life and also prove the origin or source point.  As most of the Catholic exorcisms bring the spoken tongue of Latin and/or Arabic in as evidence, and as that was the spoken language in Europe during even more tumultuous times, than the obvious would in fact be resident as one in the same, no demon needed just a reincarnated person that is still in disagreement with the church and its practices.

The Catholic and the Christian has for many thousands of years done such things that even today the average people believe anything that is said and certainly is entertained by more, however I bring Emily Rose in as self-evident and not as an enticement.  The story is available in a theater performance to explain in quick-study of review, it is simple to watch and understand so that opinion may bring envelope and questions to who decides to reach a posture of growth and not just the stall of reservation.  As most people wish the drama to provide the shop of horrors that makes dinner conversation a text, this will provide the text for dinner conversation.  Should the Church in fashionable address want to trap a soul than reinvent the wheel for what is control, yet that cannot be the entire subject, as should a reincarnated soul return to the world in natural birth than so would the memories of their long or lasting lives.  Should the ghostbusters bump grit to a shore in the jar of an Egyptian, than the release and capture would grain to the oats of the Times at the bridge of be tangle. Reserve explanation in detail, for most of humanity has left for Brunch leaving only those that would stand for all the lives left and not only the ones that are good enough to have stepped.  Therefore should to many people testify to reincarnation, and than a bundle of those set speak as I do, than the Churches would be or would have been held accountable long ago for many million murdered at such a time that the proof would have become overwhelming and by such the church would have been closed.

The common ground for exorcisms is reliant on the same venture of the priest or pastor or minister of the church at-hand, to save the soul not the body.  Proof is evident again, through in-common study done to history and search on subject to subject as there have been many recorded cases that remain unsolved as the church is never held accountable.  Where is in some cases the Priest may be held to task, the Church itself denies the action and inasmuch goes free for the murder.

The basic proof of activity in the words on-line found in describe for your convenience to read below and in quotes is indeed included, however as many people turn their heads don't feel bad, this has been happening and in turn happened for thousands of years, and, the church has always won, no appeal needed.  Their cast of characters to the support of congregation has made murder a book by numbers and can be purchased, read and followed by any that go to such places to buy the information, or you may even be educated by your Pastor or Priest and not even have to leave the fold (certain sarcasm is needed to provide I with the countenance not to cry or scream that because of people and their application to only ignorance many fell murdered and still remain to be unsolved cases in filed).  Now this is the fifth find to their five count Ton (see link below) however it is applicable to the above and provides just statement and not the five, four, three, two, one which just builds the excitement of the public and congregated to believe that this is awe so cool and not a written paragraph including step by step instructions on how to get away with murder.

      "Finally we come to the fifth and worst, but rarest of all kinds of demonic activity and that is full-blown bodily possession.  There are two kinds of bodily possession: the first is involuntary possession, where the demon enters without permission of the person’s will, and the second is integration, where the person accepts the demon.  It is important to note, though, that even though a demon may possess a person’s body, it cannot possess a person’s soul or free will.  So they can corrupt the body, but they cannot corrupt the soul or will.  If a person dies during an exorcism (which according to the exorcist who gave the talk has never happened to him personally), the soul would go to judgement before God just like any other soul would.  It is not necessarily damned just because a demon had taken control of its body.  Consequently if a person dies then the demon has to evacuate the body immediately.  It cannot reanimate the body and use it if the “host soul” (if you will) has already passed.  So rest easy, because no zombie demons are walking around out there right now — thanks be to God!" in quotes.