Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Did Begin

The breaking in Half,
a Solar System grab,
the shattering of save,
delivers what you have!!

Noise of Deaf!!!,
heard the Life,
expansion made,
a Trench a Day!!

In Moments take,
the light went red,
the Black lit-up,
a minutes second of Erupt!!

The Galaxy lost,
a universe cost,
to the Matter of Grave,
a dimensional save.

Too say Today,
was tomorrow,
long in heard,
I listen to dear,
as if the time between became a mark,
to start!!

The War so Long,
the battle stayed,
the fight for drums,
the Trumpets soar,
the Instrument,
a simple door!!

The Open Vein,
bled to drain,
the water drank,
the Chalice fight!!

Felt so deeply seated Ride!!,
this is the Day!,
a time to Rise!!

The medal Gold,
Rings Complete,
the circular sight,
of a Spherical might!!

The charted mapped out a Plan,
it was how the volunteer did land,
the search for death,
the 'Why' began,
the reason becomes,
the lies at hand.

Clarity will Verse as it Learns,
the education of,
an earlier love,
sought and outed,
Stunned and Shouted!!

Rolled complete!!,
in Full-Accord,
the simple stream to see there's more!!

A 'Collective' lane,
to drive not tame,
the 'Wild' romance,
of Space, a Dance!!

The Planets echo,
the calling star,
out - so - far,
'Here' is Marred!!

What it is,
remains in list,
History speaks,
Humanity resists!!

Ask the Questions,
sum the answer,
within the dynamic Creations structure,
the Cellular find in this Time,
it is the DAY of D.N.A.!!

Stand to Run,
the spirit dear,
the human being will go from cheer,
to working hard,
finding die,
to rise again,
to battle sin!!

A Romance In The Dawn of..... long ago.

I heard this tone,
deep and low,
the Music played,
an Orchestra plane.

The Universe,
viola known,
deeper sound,
a piano slowed.

The Full-Notes,
carried weight,
as if the Planets felt the take.

Movements tempo,
metric chord,
a feeling of,
I've been before.

The stereo of an echoed cry,
made me state;
"I know you....Why?"

So old this call,
from when I saw,
the galaxy in a stall.

The planets next,
the shift complete,
as if the change,
developed feet.

The scroll rolled on,
a Fellow songed,
the Lyrics words,
the Sentence versed.

Like a Story,
being told,
in Life be bold.

The loss was felt,
a palpable Tell,
the longing seemed to say,
that pains the measure and guides the way.

Misery, lonely, searching in seek,
made me wonder,
producing Feat.

Truth so Told,
in simple souls,
all were lost and we're not home.

Discouraged by Fate,
the looming day,
I felt the pinch,
the Spark entrenched.