Friday, March 7, 2014

The Posts On Google Are Apple Bites : A Square Life in a 'round Whole!!

Find your Voice....write on Google,
begin a blog and speak,
no one will listen as it is read,
remember silence is gold until you go platinum.

Lost your self in this World of...'oh well'
write a Google Blog,
tell your story,
google does not edit nor erase,
'the cloud' is a perfect dynamic to perfect what needs to be addressed.

Do you have P.T.S.D.?
Are you suffering Flashbacks?

Write until you have enough to read,
each post is the story that will be a road map back,
back to where you may ground yourself in the present,
not be swallowed by our past.

Even if you write the word 'bleep',
it is a start to begin this process,
not called healing,
called "GO."

The path to conquering P.T.S.D. is knowing that there is a road to be traveled,
it is up and down,
you go 'round and 'round,
stop yourself today and say,
I would like to build a granite road,
and I can because I am the rubble that the rock is made from.

Think of Cobblestone,
than a Quarry,
remind yourself of what is and remember what isn't.

Bring your hurt to the table,
ink in hand....write don't worry,
that is the one that tortured me,
or worry, worry, worry than blink.

Open your eyes and say....whatever you may,
let it flow with the keystrokes as your road,
hit spell check (I have often forgotten)
find a picture (if you want) it helps me in the connect,
hit publish....walk away.

Panic, worry, look,
if you are brave enough,
if not let it ride and know that this is one story at a time,
one Post uninterrupted,
the only person that needs to make sense of it,
is You.

The map?.....Your very own Google Blog,
do it today!!