Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Green Milk


Written May 28th, 2009
by Karen A. Placek

The beginning of every end will cause us to take pause, and realize we too are full of flaws.  It is not often that we actually stop and think of an end as a beginning.  This is a difficult mode of thought when you are pained by a fresh end and your hurt begins to outweigh your logic for the time being.

Really an ending can be a graceful way to study yourself, your thoughts, your motives and the like.  As I originally stated, 'take pause', is not something we often do in our lives.


I feel and/or believe for myself it may be for reasons of feeling like I am constantly hurried.  

To 'take pause', you must first react adversely to a situation, stop and think, what is a wise move for my life, my mind, and, my sole.  You must allow the presence of your mind to gracefully allow you the time to consider before your emotions take-over your every fiber, to your very being, in a reactive nature, to an unfitting end.

Unfitting, simply means that it does not fit.  You must really stop with all your might, and, decide, for your own self, in your own mind.


A thought is only a delayed reaction to the now.


Well, what happens around us stimulates what we are continually thinking.  It may be only one word, one body movement, the sight of one thing, a grunt, a groan or it may be only a glance that you yourself are not conscious of, but it sinks, or sank into your own very precious and gifted mind.

When this process happens, it is less offensive than an onslaught and/or responsibility of an entire conversation.  Your mind will allow an incredible beginning to occur, by directing you in the relaxation  of thought itself.  However, 'taking pause', allows you the small fortune to digest it all without words spoken.

The reason I believe this is important, would be for the sake of yourself, and those around you.  This way when you decide to speak on any given topic, your are now threaded with the design of patience, understanding and wisdom, as oppose to a quick reaction to a possible adverse action, which has now just continued into the forum of what may be considered to be an argument or a similar.

It's interesting, how quick we are to react, and, how slow we are to consider the reaction of our react.  It's not very comforting to know, that we are readily able to open our mouths, and speak words without thinking first.  The words seem to spill right on out of our mouths, as if we are only able to consider listening if we are vocally hearing ourselves speaking.

To be still for a period of time, that will remain forever, can actually be, and/or only take a fraction of a second.  Closing your mouth, while blurting out your emotional state of unrest in your own mind, seems to take a millenia, or two, and yet sometimes, will last a fraction of that same second.  Weird when you stop and think about it, but this certainly could be true, at least with me it is.

I enjoy the actual realization of many said and unsaid things.  I have found it to be educational to my sole and in turn to relieve my mind.  These are not the whys, but rather the possible hows.

* Our minds swirl in constant relief.

* Our thoughts are the road to our own Peace.

* Design is the construction of our reactions.

* Where do you lie when you could make way?

A question to ask yourself today, and, every other moment, in every other day, forever!!

Oh Shins Of Lox

Owe sigh wrist the agony of the anguish set at a crumb,
may a stream of mountain tiers maintain,
on valley of dust a bridge or the subbed be on can door to see of the grand,
it must be only a per fume that erupts tale off volcanic mail to deliver the attentive to the rein.

Lettered wealth to fern,
a fickle clatter of the rolling boom,
chance to this an address on stark light on the quest,
sharps on Notes to stick does word,
eternity sailing nouns to adjective verbs.

Horror Us With Greater Truth & Show Vine Night To Establish Why Dark Is Light

Pictures still Frame on my Desk to the avenue of smiling times the foundation of breath,
the garden of Wonder to enjoy on the pleats as the jewels of Nature on a day of said,
it has been a Name to Way the Nouns on present gift that Tasked my hug to placed,
for in the on for future to embrace the past I counter the tears to shape the Mapped.

Allow me to put to the plates of Seen as a feather on the Day of A camera Special,
should a perk to the form be of that Old Oak Tree the reminder is the additional,
from read in a please from be of the funny need now that particular day has comforted my chest,
in such a done the Photographs port has brought memory to detail grace.

Imagine for One belief that a Say can to speak,
in the truth of that Known on forward life with seeing the curtain of Coming king Tides,
there on the Roseburg driveway a certain safety delivered wealth,
on luck that day my kodak made Priceless memories captured trade.
for that I know that in such sound the hugs have crossed dimensions Ride.

There in the exact fort off the cuff my tears did cram,
streaming to choke my lonely state these are the facts that Albums press,
I strolled out to my Porch for clear a footstep that I comfort still,
what a said from flight of growth yet the sight of made my sank,
for love is true to formal came I know that Nature sings me steer.

My cheeks felt river of prepare for flood,
in that capture I drew my good,
great breathe enveloped life as dear dynamic fuse to type set steer.

Soaring grace flew to bough,
not 6ft staff that measured loud,
A Falcon calm to stead Breast to breast,
that beauty met my sorrow the dowry of loved.

How does such fortune sing to I these plays such strength a ring to Task,
breeze that sleek to landing limb this Incredible origin of beauty sword,
the strike I pause as it was the legs that gave to I the photograph of wow,
each feather held in perfect saw his foundation each the sill to leap.

To believe that being is thought of line As from to all sew sky in touched,
those beasts that counter sight tell heights the battle of no fields slide,
eyes to view Wings designed be assured his gentle stand signed my cry to speak a find,
the challenge only Hook that speech of Humans shook to Paint a beech,
 so blessed with let that Ever read a bean as is inside of a routed seed,
that this scout was Infinite on Being the Cries I know I sighed to Seer screaming Mirrors of panes in died.