Friday, October 31, 2014

The Gnaw VA Hoe Cliques

November 3rd of this Year at 2014 A.D. Mr. James Hillier Blout is releasing a Wonder called,
'When I Find Love Again I'll Have a Plan' that being Sung said and Recorded via Horse dyed,
the Pink Section of the Chronicles globe entry latest Post on Column Spiral introduces a Piece.

Peace Out Man it's Mirror lead a Sign hold your Hand as in the idea of a soaping Lope rides,
gently bring the First finger to Attention with the friendly Second finger digit a Fag,
as The Blunt will be only Air brain turn your Hand to stand Straight Up and say Won of to things,
Vendetta or Vasectomy in which Hand Speak shall the Sign be Framed.

For as the 60's brought the Signal purse by the Symbol of That same sign hear the Clue,
a Circle with a Y enclosed joint letter I or Number 1 as the kickstand than Somebody was dialing Up or Beaming to that well known much watch Film 'The Fifth Element' blockbuster Rings,
as the Decal of every sandal bearings being at the Human rifle,
daisy to that chain and bought wisdom the Reasonable logic of where did Why fie go,
well gosh darn putting it frankly it was Apple in the Haight on computer to the Knowledge.

Troop the decade to the previous War at Science of religion to Marching touch CBS late News,
scope of magnify brought money to the table as well as the Fact of peoples still being paid under,
moved those people to unsaid locales the Menu of dinners to a roast on Community in busted.

Groovy at the Temple of growing to the search of dna burps genetic modification by done designs,
say hello the resulting bar question of homeward bounders talking Baby Boomers,
wall street with an avenue to clones on donation lighting lamps before After interims Now,
the kindle of block in the mouth of a Rocker at bell Hotel perks the Code breakers also Indian.

The White Buffalo namely Singer is sending Smoke Signals to Breath with Working it Out,
bam through down Sum sole into that stage of Odyssey the Flight space Ships to Serenity boom,
crawl fish with morse digital prompt a Cause to World Laws the Speak is a horses Ass,
that transliteral on the Cyclone of the Big Printer stamps a passport to The Hookah Room!!

Involve that thrown hand speak to a kid born without a dad on a strange bother grasping Mooned,
spoon the shovel with the Man on that Satellite what do you have other that one Hell of a Tale,
singing a Trail of Broken Hearts all tightly wrapped in the Compactor of LIVE!!

Going to the Science Fiction walking on the wild side backing into reality rubbing elbows wit,
the thread of Goods & Plenty and the storage of Whom never was familiar the dropping of Bologna,
slab the swell with Que Tip gel the cucumber of the garden in Poland grenades to a Plug Head,
as the lightbulb the screw in How many have greeted the joke of pea Tree dishes while it was a pod.

Tick those bands to RNA strands the Pharaoh the sphinx a barrel mix of Pyramid ring sky,
jar done dirt with a bit of bones and earth jump about the Fire it is rather Elemental by plyer,
in the wrench of the naked proposal the balance of the Feather to the scale of the Leather,
junks by travel are insiders Trait to or Either either both Too as If could Would machine Produce!!

The Push & Pole

School of Mi Mi Mi with music in my sleep,
a Line to a Circle met Infinity,
the 108 flip coined 801,

The Bye Owe Metrics

Touch matter of the hot in the swim of slowly to the simmer on the grounds of the scene,
in balanced riding an action to the tumbler into the Type position of crunching read,
across the grand division on recording of the seat to a two timing rendition of the sole,
in less of the positive the shield of the negative is filming on the eye in a brow of shy.

Onwards with the Heeled acceptance as the horse of life,
in this arena of dashing price the human being in divides,
sense from dollars adding quarters to double the dime at Nickel,
gold on copper in pearls of sold it only green of Plaque.

Held to view the visa room of labels on the walls inscribed with bulging closed,
from delivered to the Pic. of the snapshot of equip. a perfect flavor of the board,
written on the phone of posed still a certain shows a chose to empty of the seen,
bouncing trade as balls to way the kick of said in guts of store.

As names are the frank of truth a spice basis of planets tooth,
shook to scrabble no not Reality for the stature spoke of Shined,
as age goes to silver grey a simple note to Whom is shade,
greater exports of the train have prepared to theme adore.

Creative design does excuse the fallen shoulder for a score,
in honest of the Rails Time passing lands did formal Clan,
the thump of hear to staff of say gave directions in the clay,
method of the travel on the Out is indicative of this I spout.

Continents with the parks of Wild on the plains of ream,
partly due to arid weather really more to Means,
the shape of each this lands that treat to sand on every beach,
a Wave is soaring to the height of hello that Welcomes Rite!!

Blue to brown to grits of brim talking Crown at gem,
digs tough jars filled to limb sure of Tells that graph a been,
carvings on caves in send bearing letters by describing sings,
drums of vase a painted case Scrolls of roles providing Shoal,
in ventures on the Babylon hanging gardens that are all gone,
present now chilly loud tongues to like the range Tree.

Example of Ecclesiastes drinking down the Psalms,
doping signatures with dancing strong words of worn in barrel form,
shanks in chain a cuff for brain Cups serving liquid blood,
heritage unexclaimed by acception of societies reign.

Fear mongers drowning Plateaus in sounding horns of Cattle slain,
the honey of the marrow brought a thirsty warriors same,
without the destruction of oblivion thoughts growth would be a rein,
the rise the fall the crawl the walk the run the jog the Jugs,
temples on Horizons with compass's of love,
not these present particles of Religious dogma that plates you with the smash,
crushing any All in fact that wish for difference to Come back.

The gaining of the read to Trued is chaining Genesis to this croupe a letter with ackwards,
the spoke and spell drug Speech and Tell as if the collar lifted measure,
dunk that week with broader deep in that the journal of a Pre in stopping whats INSANE,
it's not IF rather ................

Trust the rolling scale seen as The End goes mark of seen in changing explanation point to symbol @
the sign of what does complete The Question Air of dimple lease a body & A dare!!

Brainstorm Got A Stick!!

The latest volcanic molten lava is not exploding to Air in shock but it is,
in the slow moving constant of Consistence the load is pressing down,
on the path of the creek NOT a flash flowing however it is on FIRE,
so the suggestion of the AMISH would come TO mind in COMMUNITY of WORK.

As the TOWN ship is on the threat of division in LITERAL crawling of the stream,
the round about to Hour is the increase of CENTS to the plodding expansion of settlements,
as in the USA a country that IS in CONSTANT of RUNNING to AIDS the hence of Y,
at the intersection of know NEWS the stupid Broadcasters only sell Commercials.

It is a shame there is not an Advertisement available to RUN sense in place of CHAOS,
so as to Technique in the balance of Brain WHY are the Homes not being Wheeled,
with the national guard or Countries afar a locomotive to the day could in literal,
set Foot to treasure of the Path and bring the Town some laugh.

Lets see and breakfast n Hawaii as the Venue would lend an Opportunity examples,
the Amish would in deed advise the Move to Horse Carriage of barn raising,
at stall is Society in the Watch oh WOW it's burning,
these are the responsibilities being missed by frame by frame and bye house!!

Troops can blow drones remotely from Chairs on possible behaviour in a Minute,
than Mars is the Satellite that says don't land on planets as Earth is moving ever so gently,
bring wisdom with Reason to the Money on the backs of loss,
picture all the Memories in only Won.

The Fetch


Compression of space to the text in Kenning a grid to the grasp that Emergence defining,
as the plains of Continent to the prison held hands bars of land in the rein of a scanned,
place to putting forward the past to ancients creed Walls in testimony to the grasp at Span.

To Oracles in Vessel an the Rock of curl tend pen to write a value & step a foot trace plan,
rote by rasp in file on chisel to the awl scope to eyesight caving in blankets of the spool,
threads now speaking Cob in the origin of The Fell portraits of a fashion in deed of the jay.

Magpies on the system in pigeon by the beast messages blinking the Neon of the land,
well reams to depth of carriage a cart be for the Horse leather of the tack to a Jump Course,
standards are the Four by Four poles the ten-foot paint a showing in the practice at Arena's pour.

In dressage of the Tails a coat to breach of scope magnify the Test at said it's on the curl folk,
fence to interruption copper shale strips tangled are the people in wires of the lamp,
hidden in the picks of Applications envy descriptions come to sudden in the Goods and plenty.

Former grapple clams with grit from all the stands inside the operation a curtails crib to can,
in would the lather sweat to bathing on the rack A sober in a that shoers job is forged to hammers ran,
nail on the print of etch to drawing of the steel cool Steaming is the sign to burn the calloused pan.

Triggers in the arctic of Glacial sheets to polar steeps filling onto a pulling that Naturals are band,
in the judge of lots to pack a back~loader in the tractor sews plowing not with pat,
the rake the disc a turning straw with fertilized by Horse of small produces fodder for Them All.

Worms with air to rabbit spare an eagle on the flight to soar the country stare,
cattle with manure pigs to Oink at us for in the great recycle Sows do have a gear,
vultures on the groundings Nesting of the egg Chickens with no Rooster do just less & chest.

For as the story travels with Warnings of the speech A Crow to sail future the trance of beveled crest,
lanes that fly of Tell the shape of How it's Zest the ride at foot to the Saddle & girth in belting best,
coach with steady Handle on islands of verb Ness adjective in Proverb a riddle coming est.

Search the Tar of oils stacks in changing Names or something Stat. shorter pants to rising seas,
the simple of extreme is being while kept Up.

0 70330 60006 5

The discuss of problematic scores the weird did occur to show,
the evening of the last in name came to the t.v. on my screen,
'The Blob' rolled onto the target as this was a Creatures Feature,
in last of seen I was a kid and fell asleep while it did roar!!

The only part remembered for was the Theater piece,
a Cinema in ages screamed as The Audience did leave,
in part by memory the foyay filled with the organism,
but in truth the cookie dunk was more like this in truth.

My older brother loved that 11:30 Hour,
he'd wake me to sit in room so that he'd not be scared,
in usual form I'd fall asleep in the actual film,
seeing only bits & frames the rest was mostly snore.

Well in this short of story tell as I mentioned showed,
laughing hard I stayed the Watch to see about the rock,
to my surprise it had been remade so accuracy is I don't know,
but as the story spun away the plot was in the Fold.

In shot to small Town on exclaim & of course the Corn,
yet as the Thing began to come the section of the strong,
marrow to touchdown on bones was in the end of long,
there in suits of space like brought the idea of Bong.

Clash went Mi the sing a Tribe as intel was the Mirror of side,
a satellite no it was a definite 50's grip,
weapon used in sample form to test the strength of done,
those famous lines of decades that had under dwellings built.

This weapon of the Central Intelligence would Agent like 'Contagion',
just imagine now the Country has the ultimate bee's Inn,
the kicker was the doctors blow of magnitude in spread,
saying that should this not stop now our country would be dead.

To the sewers from the sky the fire ball did swarm,
 with each It's Mass of bulk did grow the blimp ate Humans storm,
going with the gobbling the phones behaved to sync in Form,
payphone slots hard line calls the static disconnect,
people in the Files named being marched to net.

The town cut-off not entry said that A Cyclone hit in Head,
planned a Party on the let to select the greater threat,
from Hand to mouth of 'Spread' melting shall the left be Read,
the digest of the manual was The Guide bin Bred.

The Cold Snap

Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Scene Familiar

Is everyone with blue eyes related? How was that trait passed on?
-An undergraduate from California
August 9, 2013
Surprisingly it does appear that most Europeans with blue eyes are pretty closely related.  Scientists can tell this by looking at their DNA.
One piece of evidence is that most blue eyed Europeans share the exact same DNA difference that causes their blue eyes.  Given that there are lots of ways to get blue eyes, this suggests that the people who share this DNA difference all came from the same original ancestor (or founder).  By studying the DNA in a bit more detail, scientists have concluded that this original blue-eyed ancestor probably lived around 6,000-10,000 years ago.
It is important to note here that not everyone with the same trait is necessarily so closely related.  For example, red haired Europeans get their red hair from a variety of DNA differences.  Not all redheads can trace their history back to an original red haired ancestor.
Now the fact that blue eyes appeared out of nowhere isn’t that weird…our DNA is much less stable than a lot of people think.  Changes in DNA (or mutations) can and do happen all the time so it isn’t surprising that occasionally one will happen in just the right place to cause blue eyes.  This probably happened a number of times throughout human history.
No the weird part is that the blue eye mutation from that original ancestor took hold and spread through Europe.  Usually this means that the mutation had to have an advantage.  If it didn’t, then like most neutral mutations, it would stay at some low level or disappear entirely.  But it is obviously still around and going strong.
You may have noted that I said that mutations “usually” spread because of an advantage.  The reason I had to add that qualifier is that sometimes a trait spreads in a population for different reasons, often having to do with luck.
Imagine a mutation that leads to blue eyes appears in an ancestorThe blue eyes freak out everyone in the village so this person is banished to an island along with anyone else that villagers might be weirded out by.
Now something happens and everyone in the world is wiped out except the people on the island.  Blue eyes will have gone from very rare to very common.  And as these islanders repopulate the world, blue eyes will stay common.  This kind of thing is more common than you might think and there are many examples of this sort of founder effect.
And this isn’t the only way that chance might increase a trait.  Click here to learn about a few others.
While these are possible for other traits, it doesn’t look like this is what is going on for blue eyes.  By looking at the DNA around the blue eye mutation, scientists can see that blue eyes have been strongly selected for.  In other words, they had some sort of advantage. (This is another piece of evidence that blue eyes came from a single common ancestor.)
Now the tricky part is coming up with that advantage.  Scientists have proposed a couple of possibilities (neither proved). 
One is that blue eyes are so sexy that they are irresistible.  And the other is that blue eyes themselves aren’t that useful.  Instead, they are a side effect of something that was—lighter skin.
Peacock Feathers and Blue Eyes
In nature, individuals with the best traits go on to have more children than those without those traits.  The children who end up with these traits then go on to have more children and so on.  After a while, more people have these traits. 
This is one of the major ways that certain gene versions like blue eyes can spread through a population.  Blue eyed people have more kids and their blue eyed kids have more kids.  As blue eyes spread, so does the gene.
Usually when we think about an advantage of a trait, we think about something that makes an individual survive better.  Maybe lighter skin lets them deal better with weak sunlight or being able to drink milk lets them survive harsh winters better.  But not all advantages are like these.
Remember that the key to a trait becoming more common over time is that those with the trait have more kids.  Being a better survivor is one way to accomplish this.  But so is being sexy.
If you are more attractive to the opposite sex, chances are you’ll attract more mates.  This “sexual selection” is the idea behind a peacock’s ridiculous tail feathers.  And may be why blue eyes spread so rapidly. 
It may be that the people who spread across Europe thousands of years ago found blue eyes irresistible.  The blue-eyed Casanovas had lots of partners, many of whom ended up carrying their children (who all had at least one copy of the blue eye color gene).   And blue eyed women always had their pick of potential mates (and often chose the blue-eyed ones).
This is a fun theory but we really don’t have any proof.  We can’t go back in time and ask these folks if they prefer blue eyed mates to brown eyed ones. If this is why blue eyes spread, we may never have a way of proving it.
Light Skin Advantage with Bonus Blue Eyes
Another possibility is that blue eyes didn’t spread because they had any advantage.  Instead they spread because they were a side effect of something that was an advantage—fair skin.
When humans first ventured into northern Europe, most were in for a rude shock.  Their dark skin was causing them to develop an awful disease called rickets.
Back before fortified milk and vitamin supplements, we got most of our vitamin D from the sun.  In most parts of the world, sunlight is strong and frequent enough that people can get plenty of it even with dark skin.  In fact, given the dangers of the UV light from the sun, dark skin was actually selected for in these sunny places.
But then a few humans moved to Europe with its short, cold winter days.  They had to cover up to keep warm and the sun was hardly out much anyway.  The end result was that with dark skin, they simply could not get enough sun to get enough vitamin D.
There were a few lucky individuals who had the lighter skin they needed to get their vitamin D way up North.  They did better and had more kids.  Over time, fair skin became very common in northern Europeans.
One idea is that blue eyes and fair skin sometimes come from the same piece of DNA.  If this were the case, then blue eyes would just be a trait that hitchhiked along with the more useful light skin.
This is another good theory but so far scientists haven't been able to prove it.  The DNA difference that is the most common cause of blue eyes does make skin lighter but it isn’t the major reason some Europeans have such pale skin. 
So right now we don’t know why blue eyes spread so far and wide across Europe.  We have some good ideas but no proof yet.  And it may remain a mystery for a very long time.
By Dr. Barry Starr, Stanford University

What In Tell Do You Hold Onto ~ The Mane Frame Pockets Hell

Vegetation on the meet is Dinner Out or Making Plans,
in the consideration of Natures floor fertilized with holding Chores,
working with the Mind of mention grows the 'til a certain Vision,
with sight on The Ball for Field dance a Waltz in the rain as Chilly today.

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quick to fast could not describe the conversation or the Vibe.

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put the person Place to act increased Fornication's zap,
riddle now with shape and Size for the Text be waves of Hi,
yet on the blanket babbles die for the notch of belt to bye.

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cross the threshold of the quirk Commercial broadcasts at the burp,
bar stools Napkins matchbooks Strike little Black Books with next weeks last,
quality in know control for the Number says it's bowl.

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ladder with the tint of genes in the DNA of rings,
natural transmissions enter lean what does dilation mean,
exposure to the Sun in dark is the rainbow of the cart,
plant of cell phone to the start can the Earth be of a shark.

Grapes of wrath I know the Vine hanging branch in the sign,
short to taller picking shoe Berries in the barrel clue,
barefoot on the wine of made foot Touch of the Press invade,
mechanics on the Cooler shade is the Age of Whiskey save.

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reason wise or Survivals born each a Hand of woven torn,
in with out & out with in Rickets is the system send,
eating balanced Food with send is Causing plastic Molds to stint.

Vitamins with Mind in Thought believing hunger triggers Crop,
lettuce Tomatoes potatoes slop baking Carrots brown sugars lot,
turnips Lamb goat or Jam the sweets of Coco on the pram,
bottled Cow is milking sand Culture of the Cell Phones Tan.

The Pinch

Population controls 'will not solve environment issues'

Restricting population growth will not solve global issues of sustainability in the short term, new research says.
A worldwide one-child policy would mean the number of people in 2100 remained around current levels, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
Even a catastrophic event that killed billions of people would have little effect on the overall impact, it said.
There may be 12 billion humans on Earth by 2100, latest projections suggest.
Concerns about the impact of people on the planet's resources have been growing, especially if the population continues to increase.
'Can't stop it'
The authors of this new study said roughly 14% of all the people who ever existed were alive today.
These growing numbers mean a greater impact on the environment than ever, with worries about the conversion of forests for agriculture, the rise of urbanisation, the pressure on species, pollution, and climate change.

Start Quote

Even if we had a third world war in the middle of this century, you would barely make a dent in the trajectory over the next 100 years”
Prof Corey BradshawUniversity of Adelaide
The picture is complicated by the fact that while the overall figures have been growing, the world's per-capita fertility has been declining for several decades.
The impact on the environment has increased substantially, however, because of rising affluence and consumption rates.
Many experts have argued the best way of tackling this impact is to facilitate a rapid transition to much lower fertility rates.
To work out the impact on population, the team constructed nine different scenarios for population change up to the year 2100, using data from the World Health Organization, and the US Census Bureau's international database.
They also used "catastrophe scenarios" to simulate the impacts of climate disruption, wars or global pandemics on population trends.
According to the study, attempts to curb our population as a short-term fix will not work.
If China's much criticised one-child policy was implemented worldwide, the Earth's population in 2100 would still be between five and 10 billion, it says.
"We've gone past the point where we can do it easily, just by the sheer magnitude of the population, what we call the demographic momentum. We just can't stop it fast enough," said Prof Corey Bradshaw from the University of Adelaide.
"Even draconian measures for fertility control still won't arrest that growth rate - we're talking century-scale reductions rather than decadal scale, because of the magnitude."
In their paper, the researchers also look at the impact on numbers of a global catastrophe in the middle of this century. They found that even an event that wiped out two billion people would still leave about eight and a half billion in 2100.
"Even if we had a third world war in the middle of this century, you would barely make a dent in the trajectory over the next 100 years," said Prof Bradshaw, something he described as "sobering".
'Difficult to tackle'
The scientists said the issue of population and its impact on global consumption was often described as the "elephant in the room" - a problem that the world ignores as it is politically and ethically difficult to tackle.
But the research shows that curbing numbers will not deal with environmental challenges in the short term.
"Our work reveals that effective family planning and reproduction education worldwide have great potential to constrain the size of the human population and alleviate pressure on resource availability over the longer term," said Prof Barry Brook from the University of Tasmania.
"Our great-great-great-great grandchildren might ultimately benefit from such planning, but people alive today will not."
As a result of this long-term impact, the world should focus on curbing consumption and designing ways to conserve species and ecosystems.
"Society's efforts towards sustainability would be directed more productively towards reducing our impact as much as possible through technological and social innovation," says Prof Bradshaw.

Bridle Path

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like it or ignore it the Answer is on the Hoof Wall.

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the phew that know the power of the flowing shows at breathe.

Don't get caught in The Pinch!!

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lid the Cause to at Flex a complicated Fear.

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iodine of poison food or curing for the wound,
hydro peroxide bubbles Up when touching the insect bite,
which way does The Tick unscrew if Nail Polish moved.

The Pitch Of TOUCHDOWN!!

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Pull Tabs

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steady goes the bursting prose yet it is the sky of steer,
to basic understanding bean flip the coin upon a seam,
suit the Horse to graze a shill the Waggin' e'er will Medicine bowl.

Shall the arsenic in the bite of the Venom sight a list on Fall,
seasons of the circle spell in beating Drums of oven bell,
the paintings on the Walls of gel a follicle of Hair,
did the crate that hold of plate control the arm of Sun.

Can gravity to float fear in Feelings vibrations,
no click to disconnect the screen for the Screen is You,
move that skill on route of kill A drones discovery,
let loose the bomb of Fuming beam the laser anchors green.

The Floats ~ Root Bier

a.k.a. pill owes

Natural satellites invitational Labor of delivery to earthly sings that cry on,
the Improv of streams to the read labels both wrist & ankle to record bore,
a Certificate with Name Identifications lineage on line crew in Cell of given,
standing Signature of time spent not always with body in lay of led,
former to address the product press may indeed become the Be Haved.

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strange idea of movement rows the space of numbering dials joe,
coffee on the book Tablet decade with a View three dot letters represent ka chew,
sneeze to the presence of the Sun in the light bulbs of rewarding are signals in flight,
Head as the conduct Watts are the crown Circling the sphere Global on the pound.

Ask yourself that Question sell does the operator smell or scratch the pop-Up book,
ask the skull on Stitch to scroll does the application Mole taking blindly by the sole,
ask the arm with Elbow bent does the Finger arson rent through given Take a wrench,
ask the leg of Walk about does the foot in Feat tell loud or are the ear phones plugs,
ask the body of the Ship does the I land sync the sip of thirsty by the Verse in whip.

Trace a simmer on the steam you will find Volcanics ream in bubbling over talk,
should the bubble not be steam that Vapor is the speak of rock,
inch by slate to mountains top the lid is blowing with the flock,
for birds will sway a way to path and Animals will spook at touch the Fact,
in explosion the Motion grabs at the guts of Whom it lags the fire of a molten pad.

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according to McGauglin the silver is in the Trade of One Hundred Miles to gree,
that corn is returned by booking of the Nero learn as title goes to reason.

What Did You Say!! 

The Grocer

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the eyes of the text scrambles a limit on the testing of identifications to pulse rattlers,
in depth on New coming done handed in the Vision of the print on/by Printable Screens,
thump goes the zap on the sting in the cat of Nine Tales touching the exam of the rest Mongers.

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no emergence in the Halt at X for the Implanted wrist less as Society carries the ream pocket,
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sparkling lemons Forklift squeeze with a bit of pallet on the Barrel reads,
ship the bagpipes to the Organs means sounds of mosaic Ears in the shrill of Screens!!

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tapping the line with grub remotes replacing the care by quicker Faster broader waves,
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or sun.

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carton milk Jugs with delivery bulk an Eve on the mail of Collections,
glasses blinking lens sharpees with a indelible marker to the stream of the begins And yet aye can't ....
awe but ewe Have!!

The Odd Couple

Sticks and Stones can beat your bones but Words can bury you,
in the number 10 release the sport Olympic Rings of gold,
take that touch the 'th' degree than what you Tales hot,
in speech & Say the proverb Gray mirror of reflections Tray.

Step on a crack the sidewalks trace a several on the Curb,
event of Fest in mid of 'Rest' will stop the over Herd,
ink on Print the island meant that Plane in sky arrivals,
balanced seats riding Week from base to Top Gear shift.

Shadows do win the shade as there is Echo of the pave,
dirt on handle bars do show that falling is for knees,
scab the Sign with bloody chime Goods of plenty page,
flip the Penny to a coin the Head or Tails play.

Center court with Ball of sound the straight-up designs,
not to plot but rather knock a doorbell in the shrine.

Wood in saw Glue in hand Painters save the brush,
color on a Crayon Song with real in the blush,
garbage with the Working Man is trucking No Mistake,
its mechanics on the move bringing health to Home of sooth.

Classic chalk on Nail boards dry erase created,
a swipe of silence made of same but left the trace in Violets,
talk on walls Etching stained the Glass of Templar's mile,
a Gargoyle atop the decor Crop is shifting eyes of Crane.

Seals in the bay of sharks An orca on the beach,
stepping per the land of reach Adults with purchase rave,
shoulders square not slump from scare for each Idea believes,
that Innocence is putting one step forward to Being. 

Shrink the cause to affect than observations clean,
barter Thought of children's Taught than Dragons great the Means,
a bring to lather in the Bath soap of scrubbing All the grass the dirt between the Tows,
know bubbles in the empty Fast do airwaves in the boast.

Proud is the 'pride' of language ride as set to piece a Riddle,
answer shot by scribble lot the 'Cross' words fly to Jock,
steeple Hands enlaced with fingers is it Peoples Roof or Sitters,
inside the Palm of certain long a Fella or The Social Throng.


Olivers Olive

Long Verse short grass Tell mow choppers grow within the said of Funny,
with humor on the bone of Words in the parable of a return balance is it's charm.

Speak a style relative with source of All that deer,
in the voice of carriage broke the countenance over song,
for singing lines with Gentiles is offer of the loot,
in versions scratching groovy a label on the Feat.

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passing on the double sit Our wheels in the score,
speedometer the tongue of whip a tonsil or a throat,
petals are the trade of Cents to Market is to Vice.

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strike the match to Barrel that in Monkeys of the shine.

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is stroking on the lucky plate as food is dynamite.

Care in general is the gain should people took the time,
cart of grain is dialed pour^ridge should the patience Wine,
in barefoot at the Park of lane a staff of brain in like,
will comfort for the coat of Love is spelling with a Sight.

In land of the oceans blew the simmer of the sew,
moving seeds from Too than Fro as Planters slips in gruel,
butter on the Toast is best a bit of Jam & joke,
grace the meal with a Cup of coffee or Ole joe.

Dependent On the Pigeons

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Whip Imagine

Ask the scope of micro Matters in the voice of Commerce latter on the bump of Pumping,
in the bottle of the take Swallows art in bone of stay these Minds are in the called 'dead-Play'
burping is the flatulence sound of the smell that waters loud ask Niagara of the falls in Barrels.

Chain letter lights to boulders gripe the Garbage chores recycle site a wheel on the Can,
systematic mesmerized by the need to only ply keeps the corn to bunions thigh in Meet,
Board Rooms got the gallop Trot a hammer for the lead,
heads on turning in the chairs falling sleep in times of share a steam that makes it iron.

Dry the Cleaners with that crop of a jar of dirty Mop in thee oils of the hare oh wait it's a Hop,
skip and jump to waking square listen deeply to the stair round the bend to double dare,
oh the Guess in display makes the case of got a gave Lot of congestion for the cough in Arm,
strong Hold to these simple leaves ask the no of question trees from the hug of bake the cheese.

On the ripe of Rhine in Wheel is the wine of glass a Snail with the read of lip stick Nail,
punch the drink in Cool of aid as the Mission said in grave Poisons on the menu raved,
look it's burning with desire Wants meat more than aye can bye earn of the trace to Razors wire,
pens in Paddock asked the hatch does the chicken speak the greet a rooster on the roof in See.

Struck by xylophone to squeeze in the Ukulele moans size is the Captured shown by pooling,
swim the sea of primal lease as the bombs of grands in keys to the ball and chaining feeds,
set the Table salt the shoulder as the sidewalk is the Molder in the block after Noons,
hi to frozen bite Means with true is the Vista on the boom a Channel on the list of Schooners. 


LOOK!! Rocket Science

Down remember just like drink in the verse of look its sync 'The Advertisements' seal,
on the live in book of dive take that Fact be fast on track the commercial for the dam,
it was Hoover on the limb for The Depression great in plead the many to that phew,
as the work on blocks of pour in the boots of labor roar Machines to drill the stigma borne,
miners on the dynamite to Stick the flash with muscle light a Hardhat for the climb.

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lettuce to the mix of corn is the leaf of natural store on the vapor of the chord throttles,
choke of letter to the Script do the mental have a grip to the pre of Scribe in cribbed,
sucking soar to level lip as the Noise is in the trip look sea of the feathered pits,
it's all Tar to mi.

Thereby from the theme of gum to the teat of wiggle feet a pig Sow on the milk,
shore the cut to know the throat is the zone of All that dope touch Time on the rent,
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in type a typical nostril day Nostradamus gave the shade to the which of ball at pay,
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with the scent of perfumes song grow the length of burst to wrong ring the ladder lair,
with each a dowel to spindle thread in the lines of dirt the said strings on puppet dread,
from the Handle watch the Band as the Tunnel goes to strong purchase deodorants it's pong.

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guest in Visitor from the sky Satellites are on the pry with laser aims to burn the frames,
crosswalk with the blinking sign Neon was the count of grind notching belts on brain,
genes in further Levis pants Pocket fold of Rose a cant's freshly cut to bundle stance.

When the world goes romance left to puke the bile dance a bucket full of language brands,
tooth of pillow tennis shoe lace the buckle with the blew on that flag a rainbow clue,
pots with no ending turf will compile on this earth frying Cast societies girth in dangled.