Saturday, January 16, 2016

What Is Base Jumping As Our Nation Applauds Weiss??

We the People of these United States are timed on our organization to stand,
the torn and the lost The balanced and the Albatross`d the egg for the spooning has ladled barf,
thus the throws have laughed out of hand the very being of structure to statue as constant quest,

To say the staff of polo and mallet has gone to the field of enter horror as accept cheese to notes,
these are the hours of the greatest threats to our land and in such score our truth has been crossed,
each Human Being in the entire World is on threads touching starvation,
the evacuation from Country to Country is increasing at rates of multiply the solars cost,
priced that priest`d by each Religion to this and that while the Media gloats chore as a breaded toast,
further on that Tunnel Vision is the chorus of bathing in the blood being shed at alarming license,
the argue for Arms to the basis of Steed is bringing a Core library no question,
the Constitution stands with decision no explanation junked.

The responsibility of bearing such Arm more is off the creation of what as a Settle,
for the provision of the News is to state of the earth on a Quake of a Tidal Waves draw to long shore,
where is the Mind that puts to Eyes the tremble of Accountability without the fight to withdrawn,
why are the people conversing to a state of topped to dismissal for another filing of nothing,
is that treble of the shaking Automobile the Feet that have forgotten the Wars past??,
did World War II and Vietnam not bring these History mats bled dry from fracture of body and sole,
do not the tears cry to cheeks of nature on the dripped beddings that have been to Soar the skies in Pride,
a Nation that no longer can discover that the common ground is the ground upon which they stand has divisive drivers,
the workings of Man against Man to achieve a coin for the Dollar on a Pennies prospecting,
is that then the Satellite Dish in the stream of spacial recognition as the passing is the said a meant??

Where for out thy pleasure to bring reason to the hysteria on these Political themes of screaming banshees,
as the ankle is pounding the foot to the stage do not the People of these United States stagger??,
these are not normal processions to a parades fleece of compass the syrups release,
it is as the Tap has found shoes to dance the rapid lanes to the Hollering Moon on a side of the stumped.

The seam of communication scenes on the global territories has grown to wrong than corrected on the 18th page of the print News,
tucked in quiet speak to announce that the Tweet fasted to the Face booking of the accusations thorn,
each of these berth a Harbor,
people are prancing lei's to real human beings on treble cleft,
music sheets Crescendo to a worry to say that you are a Score,
than called boring or ignorant to steep the cart farther on the Harness of their pea leased.

Tremble My Word As This Hours Of Charm.

Hear Loud my darling Country for this is The West Coast on the done for Battle is the Worlds War on strung,
in every fiber on the Ounce of this feather I flight you the bitter lies that National Media brinks coil,
each day on the stride the Channels Identify lie after lie after lie to lie yet a gain on Commercial,
what is that basis its the eyes blinking disbelief as this Worlds prep is to Storm our Shores,
this my gut saying that I have no desire to compass such desperate turmoil,
how ever this has no end to its Name nor its Frame.

Be the wimp and curl up and trudge the chains that are planned for your Necks to tide,
bean that family with the cast of raise to line on the file of chart,
should that be your fragment remembrance than I shall testify to your lives on dirt I believe that you kicked to scab,
in my Stead I proper my every Fiber to Work on state of being to be of not only Structure but prosperity,
to that is the best West turn to a country that has dismissed reality for convenient truths of compass`d dies.

With each Political fluster the flutter of exact language to not only my dear loved but the found day shin,
the bravado to not only kick the American from stand but to dig so heavily on your excitement to build a Wall I quarter and Draw you in caustic Human Beings of death and destruction on its Hems of a haas.

From the base of know to the privacy of my stat of the Human Mind as that is the louds of your constant banter,
in the privy or your televised and Radio broadcasts your voices in brain thick through to heavily chord,
the note to attentive spline and the chimney route of your delivery has brought to done my kindness of patience in this accord,
for stand I take no Issue for that is only a Politician on a tickle of the groins of each or your caper,
the simple swing of the bent knee in Mind has delivered with Out a doubt this hose as Merried.

Your fracture of the American of Contents to both Library and grow specials the stow on my Canoe,
as the Indigenous Indian to felt the burning smelt of your fish to the rot you family to span,
this is the California Stature that I breathe as a Choice vernacular to language you a bet,
gamble with the dice and poker the bridge a coin to believe that religion is not the factor on this exhibition.

This is straight Up the Reclamation of Title to The bright future of our Hour on this Executive detail,
this file may be of what hath brought to this country more than a cracked liberty bell on sealed,
this not a museum with stuffed bones,
this is not the century of the dead to be of stoned,
this is life allowing you the polite notecard to be delivered via word of sprung!!

Like A Fine Machine!!

On Treat Occasion the magically will provide the amazing on Tremendous,
marvel of the foundation of the Marvelous surprise to the task of the Drive,
a calendar of a Known to the beauty of An owe Lick the diamond on the ruff,
well that is the base of the guitar warming up on the sand.

Dial the Poetry a riddle on the place of just a breeze to be speak easy as the sip,
touch the game,
it is on the flute of a Symphony,
opera coming in on the dimes,
trumpets peppering the case,
oh for the Library of Working for the Grands,
I love the Thunder on the Cue score of a Chord to taste the Hi Notes!!

Grasp this as the hour of no minute as that passed a brass long ago,
the thermal regard to cubs and milk at the front stoop of 815 in literal,
this the every other last thought on yesteryear Times lots of Times,
chart of the license,
stars on Orion the galaxy of Universe to know that the Solar System is barely a breadth of sheen.

Glossy pic's to enjoy the Good ole Coffee,
a cup of Tee for the balance,
a berth to the My Harbor of what I have had to witness on People tearing lives a Part,
down from the go to the Monopoly playing chess,
it is those crabs that Pearl to this string along of the grit to Oyster at Diamond gone Song!!

In the theme of Hay to the Alfalfa Fields,
the growing of the first bales to the twist in between,
than from the Know where a trust to say the second two brought Peru a magnificent Homer on fleet Future,
for it is the Hugs on the Reality that Nouns remind Remembered to the Avenue Street of classic shown,
a Cadillac to the Ole`s Mobile its those treasures that shall be familiar with this simple statement,
just love 'cause in that shoulder it always was the peace of footing to being decomposed granite rising a chin,
for the best of The Blues to knowing that Dawn granted my Personal a system to grown.


Hear in Tiburon California at the vast of beauty on the trim of her Town a historic lesson on Plan,
the Trout of the Signs that gone made evident the stolen,
the detail of the ask to return to the put as what became no look to beget,
with each pass I measure the hurt be winced by the path of those in Sausalito,
for the cycling has brought to this shore a tunnel of Wind to the Ferry board.

In this the effect on this grand station of a known in that of this Inch to Mile a File of library hence,
the true over the beast bellows with no regard to Belvedere hour neighbor of ankle a torque,
sad days have driven to sea,
the sweats and that Blackie's Pasture to remind the years of the stare,
hereby the virtue Of I to say to these Compass brawns that Traffic does go both directions to the tongue.

In certain the Downtown San Francisco be Sword for I am City raised Born and bread,
the Sourdough Trade to the 10th Avenue Original locale to the Work of the Show a Donut stow,
for on Clement the corner of great Core drove to I as a youth what has chore`d my lightening bolt to Thor,
how ever this Projects bench the Template for growth is in the Community of nigh Time,
for next door to CVS Proper in the small frame of a gorgeous location a First Square to Key,
the place of Stature to enjoy the Brand new Introduction to this body of fragile shoulder,
Nugget the home grown fact that I too am a certain of the Origin of the Original beef to Staff health,
to be of granduer with Family raised says that Dehner is a tremendous balance of a Beam to memorized more sole,
these are the Braves of Brian & Lisa Sabo in marvelous Mention of their Parents and Paso Robles,
that on course speaks Park Road and Cardiff STUD Farm Copper Roofs and pastures of Clover.

With cadence of a Lions Roar I honor in grasp My Brother the King of this Earth on Note,
for the cliff of society has breath to familiars on each door of the Tenderloin my Heart of hand,
in case to study of Saddlery, Bridles and Braid`d leather I bright the Shells to entry Jewels,
the River of Tides to the joggers smile which I truthfully have only One to brag upon,
I know of the tight shoulder craft of notation Noise for this I say get thorough a Lens.

I grew to not be fa la la la,
I chored the raise of a Godmother form the Heart of Wealth to the actual address of West Clay Park,
as the stadium of Training seems to IM press the brief I shore this chew as Trieme trots to Tort,
Motor Loaf lady Baltimore Cake and that Shop of Talytara Tack & Tweed at 16 years old I Clyde,
My grandfather taught see and that Name of fellow Ship hoarses in California if of Priory,
the Industry of My Carriage shall Harness to the Collar and the Hames of that Ferry,
for this traffic effect on this Town has shutters on Close and Spiders to Height,
the creek shall rise to the Sea and sides know already of my bath to Strawberry field,
attention to the Mark Hopkins a buffet and a Harpist,
John Senior days of done will remind that Fountain of the deals and the Corn of dial,
for at the Top of that cator is a Hi Rise to no View at the trace,
buried by the rush of those ousted to thimble but a Needle,
but I know the thread.

The Ferry Building a Might Tack,
the classic specialty that introduces a cruise to the boardwalk of both Pier 39 and Treasure Islands lease,
this is not Alcatraz this is the remember of why the swimmers claimed best store,
it is the Fishermens Wharf with a better bet to bring Opera of ghirardelli a delight,
as dg worked the docks of crowded sidewalks Singing The Blues to stumble the thoughts,
pick in that brass to harp the tunes,
our country has chimney to what is a Knowledge to What is a Team of Symphony,
its the Trombone a Saxophone the Cable Car director,
the berth of a Museum to say its a Walk to Ross Lane in Chinatown,
this is a speak From Northbeach to gather more than a singular tub,
as the Tides in the Bay are of great height and silk,
the Movement is tremendous and Yet the travel has become the most Stifle for this Haunch,
because Marin City is Unknown to Marin County but not not Known by Me,
therefore the Toll on the Golden Gate Bridge is ready Niagara for this is Minute Taller,
a basic fast track to sweep slow and find that sway for the breeze of gin Tiles state,
Inn the Drink its a Cats Meow to humbly say its all about that Choice to be or do!!

Contact the local garage in Tiburon California as he is the only perk of a person that knows what gasoline tanks are fore,
his Hymn is of character and I am sure that the Library will follow with a Study,
Titanic is Men whom decide to Whistle a Train Stations yacht of Capability on the Hi Sees,
for that is the raft of been in this community through the Fare Oh's belief and a gentlemans skeet,
to wrench from lift the Mechanic on the light Bulb has pictures of Full Service and a Coke Machine to boot,
what better Cabrillo than that of the Signs talking all by themselves to see what was Family in group,
a bright thanks for your attention to detail as that is the Factor of finally found kindness without a price to Wall it,
this is the beauty of my hurt to express the pain of knowing what it is like to be so alone.


Was it not exciting to Witness Al Gore on Bill Maher 'Real Time' last yesterday,
ask John Oliver should the next week Tomorrow be of a bridge to Knews,
loving the Live on the Wonder Love the answer My Friend is on what used to be called Readers Digest!!

These pardon states are now found on the Local sat a Light dish Executive order of or Care of  e!,
no need to Have to Had to call fox I mean Wool`f,
the composure for negative is fun knee when exposed by real timely from Painted.

Just imagine the Hound on the cent of a sum Kind of known Trouble to Working it Out,
the pear Owe dee is rather Applicable to date Figure EANs for that purchase to description WoW,
doe A deer a wonderful glee with a spot of letter Sun etc. short to Show its loud far a way to say its done!!

Bill is loved for the honesty and Tack of broad Voice`d to no tunnel effect,
the Thunder of Vernacular to that should poise,
hint, hint.

Its like a Book Cover sew Exact but Said to be of Complete difference on the Mean while,
being of rather a dawn a Hue to fill it Up with lots and lots and lots of stunning placed with Peter,
doubting Tom us is over the IM possible to Miss Shin of the Bravodo to Sing Ware ever Wii go!,
smiles and grins to what is a spin on the recording of lets do it Live with a good ole fashioned reminder,
for My local Radio Armstrong & Getty proof Positive the Monday thorough Friday with Ed Mic Man,
entry feeds to a Medley of choice products to be the guise on tuck Tucks to real Tux see doughs,
as that is a real dime on the dollar to add Up to a true 50 cent Coffee to immediately advertise supported 7-11.

Now to the basis of the Tale lights to Know that Kindness is Truth,
no fiction.