Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Pork Of Appealing...

I Vile yell to the Shot of Rod,
barf my Mind to the Tour of Dodd,
the Payne of dish grossed to Circulate,
a crowd of noised to fuck you straight,
to the tidal of cum run from strung.

The spiked fry to the leave of a speak,
treachery framed fronts plaud of dike,
a cast to thee scape the brackish pratt,
'tis the scope of a laud in reconciled.

Stun sum to obliterate spite,
vail that produce whilst I scout out scaling,
stride guttural speak too central spread,
crock fact spacial skit in spermal She!!

Froth full scrape 'It's' cocked shack,
taste a throttle kissed childs clap,
sport to the tin bort spake to scum,
discipled skate to lefting lead!!

I'll breathe your brain in thrushed pour,
too the spike of the devils shied,
cup your keep divide to the spilting skype,
sync frisked hi whilst revealing blinds!!

Skork no chase the return is skilled,
Satan deaks Priest in Collared Speak,
seal bye wax crest piked a keel,
the stridal Vorts bite it best in Come!!

Screech quark regress withers cusp,
neck it choke gasp ball of lung,
craft didst throw a tattered steal,
Sepia cloud its Real be Veal!!

Surround Thou Shadow sprung Tiff small,
snail banana to slimmy in Rail,
Cake proud bake to Ovened pot shot,
the profiled Reaps whilst You our Whale!!

Pretty shreds to real in Filming,
the exorcised by drums pinging Reds,
Wake not Four Sleep is craved,
the details to Permanence in nailed!!

Cross your share to pounding Reverse,
kiln a Hoof to Shoes in starts,
a bridge to blackest dead of darks,
stew Quilts difference to Crochet!!

Needle point to an Who awl snake,
threat this 'cause lost is Plate,
shaft a Chute in Violates shpeal,
leader carves Marks in cutting darts!!

Braid broads city the slicker fakes,
spur scabs with a Rory shared,
hammer kits flint by teached in lot,
flick crate barrels with Oil Shrike!!

Fod to flop the Knickers bleed,
down around ankled the Toilets blown,
trough fur Vee the Frig unto beat,
belt Kip Tongue to Buckle Undone!!

Corpse my body to shale is Cape,
the Cloak decieves to Brig the Tool,
stiff to Spore Changelings Cores,
look my Friend you're on the Floor!!

Stoop back to bent Afloat creep Board,
kept deepened truth Krilled Meal,
boned to 'morrrow the Day Nights spell,
tranced to see the eyes of tell!!

Glance out seek to flight the spill,
realized Glass to Body spats,
fringed to Heard the Cell phone Rings,
photo shop of Sharpening teeth!!

Fangs of Long in Sabered due,
sunken deeply inside of spoof,
watch the Echo of Shadows spook,
Key this Lock to Looped for Dock!!

Bridle Snare

The Shank in the double Loop of the Bred,
'Justly' sees only a Mere Gelding to breeze,
a good hand to strain in a picture of speed,
since to the Talent the Thorough of Stead!!

A girth to atop for the Ankled to brought,
simply a Walk past the foddered of Thought,
to think in Sum difference Wow what a Taught,
took to the Length its the extents thru the Fed!!

Chess to the Powder the Value of Creed,
the deed in such measure shows Crowds to the knee,
bend in for Audience to squeak to a Bow,
the Halter has speaking in broke all the Way!!

Track to the Rail of Treasures in Stowed,
memory doors chest Vallanced to Prey,
the Shades of the Multi width Life in the Day,
Time is a Total of Nothing in Kay!!

Rouge to this batter for the Whip is a Crop,
mauled Vest in Challenge the Race in a Gamed,
running the Planes or Islands in Stakes,
skill cheered the Tack but Saddles are chores!!

Haunch it off in the Bend shot a Wrought,
did the Mind of the Man feel anything bought,
like that stiff in the Genes or the shift in the being,
zippered to type of the classical plights??

As if this served to Place a Master in Skate,
product the Wild to never broke Child,
growth to the backs which turned for the Pride,
the ending beginnings to start blocks of stride!!

Mounted for Pleasures I'm sure James Blunt Posed,
the Tall to the Shorts of the Verbal approached,
kept close to Fella's whom Dungeons support?,
due credit to dollars of Morse in first Code!!

Dangerous by for Stables of Prized,
the rhetoric resembles the Force in a High,
to increased of a Stature in Never could Ride,
I buck to the Fingered that Hikes in this Wide!!


The ride too the Castle Hearst for spake did speck of dust,
the Post of say to Ferry Trays three-coins to keep the pursed,
two for the eyes a third in lid to blind the scape of trades,
a treat to spry the Sprites of Played the Value Upped to Blood!!

The burst of Tennis in know shoes a Shoring due I Pier,
to dock a breed of brooding Kates to sample in the Cup,
a brink to closely written photographed for spinning in the Blind,
a cat in aspects sayed to streaks that challenge is a Mug!!

Clipty clop to the Four Horsed knock a Bridle or a Dare,
the speed at which the Ship must Lair is bet to Lakes that only scare a way to brew the Booth.

Hardily bitten in the Reins of Wares the better does no Scare to spooked,
the Cause begets the Wise in Lets prepare for the Overboard in Views!!

Tramps to Skits the Cartoon lipped the Spaghetti of the Squirl,
a howling Moves to echo do's the beastly are abrupts!!

A Squire or a Lord at Lance the Darkest Fare in Wilds of Vance,
groating is the Oats of Graining strength to product prance!!

The Waltz ballet to Sigil Stay a Venture is a Quest today that Man did not trace Scooped,
of Icing to the Caking breaks to bind the Rogue in Rues.

Gallop to the Banks of Knew where Cliffs were shown to jump the Bone,
bigger the grander to the Oceans of Solar to flight across the barrowed broth,
the boiling of extra, extra, extra knots that tie the Loop to-Boot!!

Transiliteral Cost to Passing Moths the Butterflies reverbs,
a reverse in gear produces mere for Set at Zero is ready Veer!!

As What's Been Printed IN Lands THAT Minted the Letters of the RING MISSING,
to prove the slip of sliding longs a twist-of- Fated Spruce the Mated to Questions of the Clear!!

Now to Factual Reasonable Asks for Wiser Tack to Bear,
a grizzly appearance in the brine of lacks does evident the Pact as Mirrored!!

The Churn of Style in Been Awhile a Milennia or Billioneth Turn,
likens much to know mistake that presently is Australia's spake,
for Volley this to James Blunts Hist' and Coiling enters Hosed!!

The growth of base in Jeans and dazed the brainy waves of knooky lays,
is immediate to Wares of Scrolling Hows the Breast of Chilling Iced.

The Bets Too The Ballet Of An Operatic Stets

The Louvre brained back to a Photograph in trap a disciplined in Spin,
simple spy to click a Vie produced a Mind that went,
in still the spun the picture wrung my synapse is a tongue,
to speak on Matters in the Satter an obvious Portrait done!!

To clap the Madder upon the badder I speak to no Regret,
for in the Sake of impatience pate the clamber of a shelling lakes,
the Mister of the Deed in place a Face to Tell the speak!!

Travel abroad to the Creek of shod Wares of Gentle Send Preaks,
the Race no Contest a Vend to Abundance Cousins up to Neats,
for in the abstract of a Subject it's Training that Completes!!

An Education obvious in Strong a Gardened Passing Tong,
the bestest of the batter strummed a weapon of the younger wrung,
to truer facts of calculative knacked a breeze to Windy Tacking!!

Sew Saddled-Upped to See the Tuk brought another Curb to Ducked,
the squat of Round About the Nouns to spy a captured Rook,
the shoulder bring to bareback fling no stirrups do the bucks!!

The length in Lines or lunging rhymes with nothing odd to Lucky knods,
a Keeper of the Timing Cods bursts Cropped in Art of Trucked.

Dish a Count to Facebooks Mount the Profile of a Manning Band the Closet is a Broom,
sweeping showers of goldened hours the Trigger of the Silver Nower said Mr. Ed what's Duffed?

Training Grades

Creosote is an Aspic Royce did teach this Barn,
in nights at Schooled these moves were Three,
in totaling it's Done bye the Paddock Arena.

Jack did build a Stanchion skilled to hold the Horses Vet,
in such a place Wares of U the Core of how to Step,
the door slung wide in Two of Vied the third was true to Board.

The sprigs in Task a Wired Hot to Boxed a Frigg in barreling Mids,
the Shelter in know Storm has been the Trees of Spruced to Clears,
the Trails shown not in boned the Path reframed to Spear.

To Cuts that were on Paper Herd to clip a clopping Pier,
acrossed the Nursery the Old's did grove the Houses of a Seeding spoke,
Salt & Pepper verbed the show a Bunny Hopped in Minatures go.

Treats to Paint the Curbs of Taint to spew the Mouths that Chew,
the would of Rides in Mountains Lied a Path to Worn in Coulds,
to quick the Ponies a galloping speed the fall was not the faulted caught.

To pride Oneself as Krabs that brag it's Johno in known Peer,
Names that say to Wise a Day than Evils brought a Sprawling lay.

To Claim the difference with Never mets did Halt a Shillings preyed,
for comfort found the disrupt was sound in Wilds of the Steer.

The Pony Clubbed to Rate the Subbed a Certificate does 'B' the Veer,
the writings on the gifts of prawn an Event the East Coast sneered.

As Results we're Bouned the Passed did look to Value in the Broader Book,
a Groom to Tails the Country Vale a Lipizzaners Rear.

A Trounce be stakes to Stabled Mate as Dog did spake to Meer,
the growl of not was often Thought the Willy seeked in Home.

To Wisdom Scene the Harriet Played the Thewell of the bookings sheer,
to rides that Call the Hare to Place a Win did make a Cheer.

In silent of the brash of swipe erasure made a disturbing fright,
for over plight the booth of Judge was the Radioed hear of Tonal beer.

A Tractor in the Tonka Bagged to Blocks of Cousins Queer,
excitement ran to Closet Scan the Games of Bored was never Plans.

The strut to Card the Gamble lards the bounce of tethered laughs,
opened slates of dooring backs to product in these funny packs.

As Time would State a World in Case the Apathy a very Plates,
it's never late to all ways skate for the top of stairs sealed takes.

A down trade made to quiet Kit so old the dresser Here,
as Mirror was stole Piano Mulled to address of I don't know.

Lies that say these were not Days that separate was Meet,
knot in passing for fear was tackling the Wilds with the Tear.  

As City Kid should be a Did the share was a Curious lay,
as time came by the Ocean hide a Mind peeks same to Nears.

To add this in subract whats been in rolling-width of Art,
Trucks to Trailers Bronco trades the Evened in a Part.

A Governed Past in Skipped the Rack it Stills the Frilling Clepes,
know discount to Heirs in Bound a God Father to God Mother reads!!

Que Speech done Squeak the Grate Ole' Breathe a Picture in a Proving streak,
that Rapture has a Tent like Fact to Calculate the Spree.

Curling Hats Oft

The grit to Sand a Wrinkled brand the Iron of the Hot,
does the fact heed to strapped to the Keep of en-soiling?

Trait via the Frozed choke of Flume,
as the per of Cuts in brooms a Swept to Volcano's Boom!!

Prept the burke in Vastly Scone aptly Clept to Guarded lepts,
dimple Life in Vary brights to template What is known.

The Comb of Facets a brig to Shipped brings Self to Interest laired,
grandest Verse in Seen a burst the Castle to the brack of Bare,
a Nude Appeal as Statues Real the Carve of Note-able Treed.

Eaching very in simple tarried to Scope out the bone,
trued to Nill a traveler Frill per Stilling of the Brew!!

The Glacier Locks of Jems in Stocks due brakes of broader tucked,
walk the Mile to Kilometer styled the Measurement flees to puc,
across the Nature of just Plains stuck in abstinence of Youth.

Crop coulds Mow the Grape in Capes to Truth a Kicker Blue,
Colored-Up's credit Buck the Antlers of the shed,
each Spring evolved the Buds of talls to spread an Original bred!!

Christ the Louds of Variable Shrouds the Cottoned of the Spoof,
to echo tracks in farther knacked a Road to Prove obtused.

Cross the T ate X Y Z thru Counting down to Zeros bound,
a decibel Speaked in Acoustics Beep the Stereo in a Cosmic been,
the Noise of Ill-Repuits!!

Challenge Chess to Checkered Crest a doubled-stack is Kinged in Tact,
to jump right over the Single Clover the bored in bothered dueced.

Re-Skeet the Shoot to Rifled leuds a Feudal beacon to Light House Deacon,
the Hat of Black & White in Ties of Tales that Ware Canes.

A Dancing Square to build the Lair in Dungeons to brink Mastered spare,
the kibble of the bittered leaks brings Pandora to compare,
Medusa Snakes the Coiling Lakes as Civil takes the battered Bake,
the Ice of freezing Melts inflate an Ocean will not bloat.

The Swells will Seep an increased Sheep the Cow of Milking props,
to understand that Reason Bands with Titles that announce the Tide,
in Ordered Labels creating Tabled the Chart of why it's Live.

The Roleing Stones to each a Sloan bye frothy balanced Cry,
the battle Four to Credit Thor the Step is Man Kinds Why!!

To left a Trace in blacker Maze a quibbling Treaty sky in Spry,
the Clouds of Seen Our Movements Being the Capable in Scenery.

Pards to Snarks the bricker backed Tarts to Jelly in the Fishing Cart,
a bread and buttered Peanut Lover Shells the Pearls brill,
a Scour stretches in the Spruce to Birch I prey the Beads of Deeds,
a Grandfathers Production Say,
and Nana is a Carry Shay.

The Gates of Trend unspoken lends that Vacancy is Full to Dens,
the tendency of scaping doved destruction of the screaming shove,
is know more than the sit above to wing upon a breeze,
the Ticker of the Tape in Veal a Meet of Gentiled Creeds.

The '05 Enigma Spoofed a Stride Telling

This all began in A Time when time was Timeless.  Time was not known to Anyone.  This Story took place before Time was Time!! "Time was Nothing."  To All that knew of this, They enjoyed everything.  For you see, when nothing is what you know to be, well then it is simple, don't you Think?  Why, You ask?  Well because if time is nothing then all else you know would be everything.

Now at the time, everything was unaware that nothing existed and this is what brought us here today.  This is why we are lost in time, now you know how old this story is, because Time is no longer nothing and everything measures itself against Time.  For instance,

1.) How old am I?
2.) How long have I been doing?
3.) How old is my Family?
4.) What year did that happen?

Imagine for a moment living in a Place where you knew everything and knew nothing.  A Land where tomorrow is today, Today is now, Now is this very moment and this Moment is everything you know to be.  Now what?  You are asking about Yesterday?  Well in a land on not time, then Yesterday is today, Today is now and at this very I am talking to you.  You would have to admit that this is a pretty cool place to live and how lucky am I that you have joined me!!

Shall I tell you more about where I started or, would like to got to sleep?  You make the decision, remember, a Story is only a moment.  But each moment is still yours to determine what is the best thing to do Now.  

For those that have chosen to continue to read then a wild story of a Land of everything that became nothing will unfold in front of you today.

A little girl named Anastasia was skipping to the Store with her best friend, James.  For years they were not separated from one another, James was sure of that.  James was older than Anastasia and deep in his heart he knew he would forever be with her.  She was his Soul Mate.  Needless to say Anastasia was adventurous and always getting into trouble with her Father.  So, James' father and Anastasia' father were very bust watching over nothing and paying attention to Everything but they did not see anything wrong until...........the Day that Time Began to Tell the story that Anything can happen in the Land of Everything that was Nothing.

Skipping down the Path, hand in hand, the two children did not have a Care in the world, at least Anastasia's World of nothing.  However, in a sudden and erupt stop, Anastasia saw a path leading down a steep Hill.  "A shortcut" she thought.  'I love shortcuts' come on James lets go this way.

James, always being the practical one, said "No, We always get in trouble when we take your Shortcuts."  Already skipping towards the newly found path, "Oh, James, we cannot get in trouble if we go now because by doing Nothing we will only know how to do Everything, instead of knowing we can do Anything."  Anastasia smiled and James was deep in thought about what she had said.  He decided that this was the moment of 'No Return'

In an Instant he lost grip of Anastasia's hand as they slid down the steep hill covered in a slippery dew, unfamiliar was the next words he heard echoing in the Air.  "James don't loose me, I will see you in Time."

TIME!! what is that, he panicked and pushed himself to go faster down the hill, frantically looking for Anastasia.  Plop! the bottom of the Hill. Terror struck Him!! He count see or feel Anastasia anywhere.

She was Gone!
Clang! Clang!
"What's that exclaimed James"
Clang! Clang!
Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock!

Silence had a strange ticking sound.  James listened carefully ....
tick, tick, tick, tock, tick as it kept going into nothing.

Suddenly James was Somewhere!! But Where?  He had come from Everything but had never seen Somewhere like here!!  This was undesirable, never seen before, what so you imagine Jimmy saw?

He looked around but did not see Annie.  He screamed her Name in a panicking Voice 

This the Twin Third Age,
tomorrow Five to Seven,
the twenty-fourth body sentence,
brought on the two month mind bends.

A small relief in this World of Crime,
most get Minus Mind to sentence,
well, they don't generally survive,
a week to most.

Known as death by proxied,
natural caused to them,
not to natural if you asked me,
the beat of the read in a frothy Keep!!

The 'Big Bang' Created Me,
delivered Me into the Mouth of an Ancient Dragon.
This is What I know to be,
This is me, always Was and Always will Be.

I am Only a child in a World not known,
a World lost to All who knew of such things.

My father created Me,
he called upon His Father's Father and Father's Father,
He called upon an Ancient Line of Ancestors.
A Linear View of What he knew and Thus He broke the Rules,
for in his death He gave me Life and Death is what I know life to be.

For He himself told me that I would never be without him,
for he created me and that makes Three.
In the Three you will find Tow which is made Up of Me and You.

He gave Me my Soul Match too!!