Sunday, November 25, 2012

Guess It Is Time To Remind, It Will End!!

The World is not for You,
should your Internal Wars come into Knew.

The Pouring of Doubt and Negativity,
spills from your Mouths and are the only words I see.

Find your clarity within the confines of your own mind,
don't bleed all over Mine!!

To spread Eternal Views of  Ecclesiastical Tales,
of Do or Die.
Is only the Repetitious Noise made by followers of Ploy's,
handing an opportunity to all of us girls and boys.

Thank you.

As you misrepresent what is left,
 to guide your morality into a lit room,
so we may witness,
 what has become so hideous,
Don't stop yourself on the account of,
 you are found out or "Why."
Just do.

The lies that You perpetrate on Sunday,
and practice on Monday,
to Act upon on Tuesday,
Perform on Wednesday,
Repent on Thursday,
to Ready Yourself for the Lie you'll tell to cover Yourself on Friday,
as You live a life of Perversity on Saturday,
to end your week on ......

...exactly when does your week end or begin?

Seemingly it is in a great cycle of blend,
one day into the next and then with eventual tricks,
covering nothing but the Tracks you have left.

I'm so bored.

A Change is not the same as Begin Again,
a Tribal Sin.

Because they never found one,
it just ends, sadly for everyone.

At least that has been our past,
and since it seems to be repeating itself again,
why not just rejoice and no that there will be,

for you, not me.

For this is all about your Religion,
and I am stuck in no decision.


He will WIN again!!

The Sum Of A Deed In Hell's Humanity

When the Red Sea's blow over-head,
you are now Long-Dead!

The Noise that will Counter the Moon-less Sky,
can be seen in the Men of Ayes,
you shall not be Dead but are not Alive!!

The Fruitless Bloom of the Spring in Winter,
is the Solstice on No-One, but Few!!

A Wretched End to No Begin,
is the bloodless marriage of just when.

A Continuum is What Will BE,
only Once in History.

For after that.....Destruction Rules,
as Creations Tool to Heal from Humanity.

An Endless Drool.

To Look back Once,
is Twice you see,
but Blind you are to that.

In Fact,
in that which argue's this mere thing,
is where you'll hear the words to sing..

"God Damn"
"Fuck That!!"

As ground is the wet bog that saturates the unfaithful sod,
so shall you be the Sponge to clean the Deed Owed to,
Mother Earth and her Prodigy.

This Pain, Its Knew!!

As an Independent begins to Stand,
fall not upon your ignorance to plan or plot.

Simple Presence,
 forces out of the Locked-Up Religious Minds of the time,
contemptuous actions for blatant pleasures.

Be not scarce,
hide not amongst your Peers,
for "It" states with a strong tongue,

"you shall be judged."

I rage for sake,
a healthy reaction to your mistake
by stealing my kids,
can't replace the Years you take.

Lied to friends,
who are they in the end?

Enablers to this alienation,
a Curse could not have been worse.

Loneliness is a new....


Inside of my hurt,
there is disdain,
there is pain,
 but there is no You!!

A small and favorable point of view to share,
because you knew and never cared.

The Truth Of Consequences

The Belief of Yesterday was in Tomorrow.

Speaking of your past can Foretell your Future.

To be in a place when friends become bait,
hit delete, not erase,
for it is only a Fool's mate that would call for your end.

Keep close the Liar.
Keep closer the Lie.
For in the Playing Field of endgame,
I declare Check-Mate.

Haul the Aim in upon the Fool,
that thought to make,
what was only a Fake move,
or a Blind Call.

A Loser's Game of,
"Know End."

King's Pen,!