Sunday, September 21, 2014


Like a white hot coal in the hand of Sheol,

sang of 'Heroes' on the C.D. Know,

the lyricist not I for I am Able,

to be a breeze in the Wind of Trees.

A Plant each 'Versed' in Blunt read curse,

the stolen work to listen`d first,

in 'each' a linger,

that Flirt of nurse,

than thee 'Ball' to bounce a hurst.

The Vista Tanks that Viewing Shank,

a smell so pungent the list in line`d,

a gut pork pull,

to burrito Wrapped,

the tipsy Cry while Wine`ing Track,

All dure Clapped.

Reek is Chiel in World Bale,

strung to burn the Lope will learn,

that with Every cords a String with gore.

Admission trades to Ore in sigil,

a Warm to Spite,

too released on sheathe,

a Burial with the pastier Cheese,

a little cream with beguile Jam,

a peanut Buttered trice in lambed.

Sort Try shock of LOUDS in Płock,

a History Visa,

Passport from talk,

crowds that loo do inn addition shoe,

the lace that Lipped to written tit,

an easy speak to the Byrnie steep,

but whom is counting the Faces Mound,

The Answer my Skin is lamping Allin. 

"O" Chord~Antic

Prior to the ringing door,
the Year to Date Two-Thousand Four,
a blister popped with interest lore,
a Man whom Married to Get-back-At me.

As life repeats these strange in Chores,
this Man stole much,
money & More,
in 'The Left' a system phone,
Answer Machine vs Cell Calls Pour`n.

Thereby as the Man quick called,
error`d on party-line in laugh,
the click-to-cycle bounced the loop,
wrapped around the Tape on shew.

Thus the Speaker loudly played,
the hang-up on the Core,
for clique to call on Staples roar,
did not disconnect/release as hardlines fore.

In this Heard I stunned One other,
as "we" stared at words on store,
silence came for this had been,
a whining Man trying to get back shin.

Trade for trait at present Nape,
told that Marriage was a reined Make,
at the task of listen Well,
I said "good-luck" & know Good Will.

Listen To The Silence In The Raise

Breezing a horse Track on the feel of Wind,
the relax of stirrups @ comfort to the Saddle on a Tack,
this Understand,
is not a Runaway,
fore in Training the gallop is Atone!!

Power-Rising with each Hoof drum,
the sand on beaches that last of loan,
the wash a wave to ride a stay,
girth to rhythm a life to Cry,
all in the Barn of a Stall to Life!!

Stable aisle Swept by rake,
d.g. is the finest clay,
spans the rock as drainage sake,
rolled with weight the shoulders stone.

Life a lead with bridge on grown,
cause and Effect is rare to bone,
most Install of cell on phone the Echo of a tunnel shown.

In add Venture take quest to See,
feet will know the trail creed,
circle long a lasters' read,
Marsh to log release the deed,
these Our 'The' stories of Real-al-At-tea,
the Convo talk And table Chalk.

Erase Thee book of Mind-Full Seed,
than Wisdom creeps to little feed,
anew to Shock the Bit of lock,
will challenge nothing but Eclectic Rock.

Too the plates that Move with jail,
unleash your Snap to bitter honey,
cube Crust sugar the box of Keep,
C&H can Ask Reap!!

Clem-Min Tine Taught.See

As a Youth a child born & Raised in S.F.,
the block was built true North,
also in addition the grid Muni,
with Street to Street Avenue blvd One-Way Through,
namely number to Alphabet First,
the tilly talk`d Tally on the Union of Garage,
Park on Stall, 
elevator consider last look to the Pillar dash Locale.

On a Tricycle Red in a childhood stead,
the Crosswalks held as Stop Signs Rock,
with round & round the pass-bye Home 'til exhaust shacked leg phone.

Crossing shown to Tone,
plausible Teach a Real feat,
now the Corner-store a lone.

Fifty - Cent nickle quarter purse,
two for the One adds much dime a Perch,
candy for the dollar change asked the land,
clapping Twice was like Whistle of a Pan.

At the lesson of my Blue Schwinn,
ride on the sidewalk as You have been,
now at the Corner section this To thought,
dismount the Cycle walk across the loch,
at the taste of Store Lean A causal side,
remove the chain bikes' are stole a Lot.

Combo on the Thinking,
remind yourself of Cost,
not only are you riding,
you've Established at a walk Character is Watch fold,
the thief does Case his plot,
to know that a Purse can Match the Magazine. 

Restroom in the grocery on the part of Spot,
money in a Wad or Cash that was a Pot.

In the simple less the Pain a journal Of the wrought,
brains Can teach Professor By guilds that Train to Shot.

A plaster log in slop-Mud,
the spatula to din-din,
a Tea-Cup with a chip is Coffee on the tip,
the filter of the Color on Porcelain in Hue,
how Ever are these glues That meld the Mind a Ware.

Trident Hum S.T.M.

I am the Flame an Origin of Life~Itself,
Elemental Source of Breath,
a Fire on the Shank,
shore the lap with showering,
charge the Coals in Chlorous form Touch ember Human Nature,
Core trunk Branch to Bough of dance,
to walk with Foot of shall we change the choice Decide in All lived Lives.

Clam of oyster,
muscle Pearl,
shine the polish True to Choral,
with the Knot String a World.

Silk the Girth of spider Earth,
Net in tabs build the line,
Teach of Spin speak the reach,
from Time to Portal tracer Mind,
stretch don't snap the Crine,
tongue memory thick my phone.

I am the Flame an Origin of Life Itself,
element Mortar speak chaise,
stitch the Harness with Needle Lead,
an Awl with Whole to File Tree,
bring the Paper Live with seed.

Dark per Vade slow the Pace,
a rate for Mi hey dice For sea,
whilst work Sands to filter be,
change the Bet of Apathy,

Construct start the count of Cork,
ply the boarding Shingle sport,
along to skip Jump than Run,
Know the Opportunity Tongue,
a Role`rs list with Check to hip,
the swing that legs Attach,
the Feat on More than Tacking,


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