Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Rise To Know Fall

A different approach to a final understanding,
may lie in the breath it takes to live,
not Die!!

Respecting Your verse for Your coming Curse,
do not belittle Whom wish to stay,
not rise to a fall.

To scatter seeds,
thoughts of deeds,
that must come into light,
this End-of-Days fight,
requires little from the follower.

A disturbing message to have cast out,
grown with intent.

A critical loss in such a preached gain,
is the loneliness of such aim.

No mention of calm or peace as resolve,
You just leave to avoid the burn,
as if it is your turn.

To be so pointedly clear,
saying those left will suffer greatly,
is merely pointing the finger,
assuming authority in this control.

In a place lacking subject,
lost in translation,
echoes of a past calling,
I yearn to stretch thought.

Has a subjective mind,
only found life in sign?

Long before breath was mist,
the Universe had light,
a bubbling fire,
an explosive rest.

As Suns burst with growth,
and colors reigned the sky,
the expansion of such wealth,
still shows itself.

Should example not demonstrate change,
than a fading light will steer,
a star so near ~ just to miss.

Such amazement surrounds Us here,
the vast history of voice,
a tone of best,
rings-in as a test.

Future sights of past measures,
increase 'Might'
lending purpose to this fight,
not to argue,
just to be in plain sight.

A venture in my mind,
the engagement of,
"Where We are"
must disappoint the Ancients.

To dismiss an incredible value,
a written record of,
"How to do"
what comes from You,
is a saddened state affair.

The balance to lost is found,
the difference shows with a persistent note.

Is it Claim or is it Proof,
that across the stage,
past 'Tells' show this Age?

An Act or Providential fact?

Can We search Our-Selves,
to know that We are sleeping,
in Mind-Less Cells?

The Prison of a Keep,
Enhanced or a Cheat?

A Teeter-Totter so to speak!!

The most I see,
a waffling to me,
Accusations, Defamation,
a Character flaw,
with no meat to claw.

The 'Proof' needed,
seems far stretching,
real resolve.

A "Real End" would include,
the evidence and could not be moved.

Certainty in such an act,
would not deprive, 
but revive a set-life.

In such a 'Grand Plan'
the tangible would be explained,
not blamed, not away,
but an Ace in Whole,
a dealing to full.

Completion to determine a station,
confidence in this appeal,
would deliver a flesh & blood reveal.

Concreting all that's bleeding,
a touch of reality,
in such a long stay,
to provide more than a day,
but a life.

Proving regardless of impending strife,
the Work to Know, 
to Do,
is the reward for All to pursue.

An Everlasting You

In a World so condemning,
breaks Universal Rule,
to advance selfish acts,
and worse,
explains that 'It's for You'

I quietly stand aside,
to witness this strange ride,
of nothing more than,
you lied.

The 'Cover' of all sins,
is not the Lid to hide,
what has happened to this try.

Belief in what I See!!

Awakening does not happen gently,
it is an abrupt jolt,
to shock souls,
out of slumber and into the cold.

The Reality that resides within Your Being,
speaks privately, silently, eloquently,
to remind to engage,
and with no mistake,
to Wake the sleeping Play.

To deny Yourself of reality,
than the 'Actual' on occurrence,
will not save or change,
you are already deranged.

Knowingly ignoring Your very D.N.A.,
a timely reminder,
of a directive to be selective.

Take the vastness of emptiness,
a void in which You drown,
and be found wanting,
leaves no-one to receive.

Surely what circulates naturally,
does not destroy the inhabitants,
but waters the thirst for happiness.

To strive for a greater self,
must in any end improve what is dealt,
creating a Full-House,
or maybe just,
so that not One is left behind,
or sacrificed as 'On High'
as in past dies.