Monday, June 2, 2014

Developing Scenes

Finally the Wind is blowing Outside,
the still Air has been indicative of life,
the care to speak release on breezes,
a walk over the key stroking leads.

Breasting the Storm of will I door,
the deck of approach a vibrant adore,
the sound of all these window be's,
the brings that will never cease.

Like the Whether of a Cause,
this World dires Hoorays,
using talents 'til their death,
even the Paparazzi shelves to bets.

Tire the film actors Hollywood seen,
capturing shots of absolute means,
photo alterations to enhance the brings,
the abandon of sense by crafting offense.

Get your Latter skip to chatter,
the flip of frame to envelope the brain,
movements of sordid activities screw,
the handle to the batter of due.

Magazines loaded to total the shoot,
know permission needed to even produce,
the worry inhabits those Persons abused,
similar to a Tunnel of News!!

The Facts that Attrack the Skunk to a drag,
the scent of the blasters seek what in it's brag,
not value is placed to write of displaced,
just another Sale to knock talk the Rag.

In most of the Racks my head aches from pass,
much like the listings is Porno on trax,
as the Television Voices of same exact,
to excite disaster and than stroke it's smack.

Know treasures that must be tried with a bust,
the pop of the cycling constantly cusp,
the shrill of the Host to upping the dust,
whatever happened to taste in a musk.

Oh wait it replied with were preying on tugs,
if the Public didn't purchase than their audience shall shrug,
the laughter of the Mute thats me in rebuke,
twist all those facts 'cause you will die too.

Regarding the Collective that Provide of the Mass,
try thinking about this in the bath,
don't take a Mirror for that is a trap,
No take the Camera and Photograph daft.

To Imp off the Yelp, a Tweet or a Blog,
the better of deeper are the words you can't log,
all caps to @ spat the drool from you're tongue,
it switched up the send to bend in the stung.

Never does mention advised in before,
tick tack bitter brack is shingled in for,
repeat the offense a script to the board,
now you are Profiled by the Rules of the Scored.  

The Voice Of A Toggling

This word of next is biting as the worth is the signal,
in a moment the Comet, Meteor or quite possibly Star,
shot by my Home in supportive truth,
the Universe is the Speak and the Cosmic is the Crow.

Cleave trusting the broach,
the Ray sings Tights,
incoming rockets that no World can strong,
the Arms of Impact the hugging is a Mong.

Select to this primary shown,
conquesting know Mental pools,
short you're disaster,
the Chemical Fire of the Birth to No Man!!

Creation bigs this Bang,
the yets our the Lots of the steer,
the Wheel of the Pearling,
Base to the Clam,
Ships on the Voracious,
Nature Calls Lung!!

Coughing up the belched of a Treasure of Sprung,
the sparks of my come,
a Fire in the Elemental verse,
a Sentence spoke to the Prevarications as the charge of Humanity,
not the discipline of the Original Bore in the Tempertress of scored.

Millenia, Billions, Wattage to Use,
tombs, pyramids, Mounts of justs prove,
that the speck of dust in the dirt on the floors Moon,
came from some Wares the Sun is in Blooms.

Bursts of sharps in the murky Marsh,
stones to Tall no explaining the Maul,
rifts in the wrinkle or the galaxy in shawl,
the kicker to the breaking warned us in sprawls.

No matter the vibe or the verse changed for coin,
the beacon that writes with bursts of deplore,
surely the hint must up to a spore,
some hidden Sheet that reveals this snore.

The heaviest of Matter the bringer of Hadder,
a topping to Coach theirs is a stoush,
to sprite one another not join as a brother.

The Primary Evolve remains with the Scrawl,
an Oceanus Pave inviting us All,
not to convert or put down whom for what,
rather seize opportunity with respecting the Falls.

To have seen what I witnessed at very the moment,
the speechless were words that poured from my bones,
the eyes of the bright said wow look it's me,
the most vibrant of callings in showing I bleed.  


To have gone to War than Sang of more,
to be attentive to the damage done,
to bring the World a Country View,
of death and burning the smell of true,
children running homes not only destroyed,
but Parents that never return.

The Crisis of than the break of an Order lend,
the credence to once again,
stand for the Call to Mend,
for no lessons have been learned,
people still burn and Nations are still picking Lots.

Standing for New Friends to represent Lost Friends,
enemies of complications the act of discord brings this Roar.

Peak the Charts with a New start,
the Media and their Constant disrespect for the Presence of Man,
creates wrath within the Hearts of the never resting strong,
looking to the Sky and asking what has gone wrong.

To insult in a continual stream of negativity and spit,
the facts of life width of strife memories not nice,
speak through the act of saying,
the impact provision in a total decision,
strips the Haters to the barrel of spun.

Remove this Race from destroying at a Pace,
that none can heal from the bombs in real,
the scars upon the Minds of the Youth,
the lost sweet hearts and the smashed souls in the blue.

Impact the Earth with Natural gifts charged,
to engage not the future but the temper of today,
for when all is lost at such past costs,
Civilizations Sun the Churn!!

The spoken Verb of tonal vibrations,
the grain of sand on movement in longs,
the Solar System Cries to belong,
the hand of the bring grips these rings,
the bell of the biggest storming strings.


On the Rote again,
song that spun a funeral lend,
mistaken for a funny send,
weddings are spool.

On the Rote again,
strumming like a real fem,
filling Audit forums when,
know person did the watchful lend.

On the Rote again,
frustration in the Main Stream friend,
drinking till the varied send,
the brink of the clift Note been.

On the Road again,
the Bookings now the Blue in trend,
accountability often befriends,
lied to the Engagement bend.

On the Rope again,
hanging from the very thin,
wires of the lies that stint,
weddings to the Year!!

On the Month to come,
were you even in the time of bump,
a lengthy wrought of all You spot,
will you carry too.

To the Day of Spent,
I feel as theirs is a sense,
that locked-Up in the Al contend,
the music is the booth.

On the Moment of,
truth delivered only love,
letters that did explain the dove,
birthing something New!!

The Ages Of Streams Sounds Worths

Truth be told People bed,
the lies of an inconvenient brew in Media fed,
the broth of the slow heat to the already being hot,
the toads felt the pot.

The lesson in passing not the buck,
the allowance for the experience,
must weigh heavily upon the mind of a brush,
within the worth of the Sentence stuck.

To have painted the horse Red,
the saddle would have simple said,
that is what pads are for,
it keeps the whole entire steed clean.

A Riser is often used with a Close-Contact jumper,
a course in a global arena knows the closed captions our board.

The level of the Real in the Field of Cross,
the Event in the done is the Being of the Ross,
a liter to a gallon is a fist to a plug,
the finger to the hand is counted in shrugged.

Discounting the Teacher beyonds the bleach,
for should be seen as on outlay of breached.

The gate that does clever the hinged in the swing,
the ribbon tied around the Ole' Oak tree,
the pictures that capture not freedom know time,
it's liberty to see the beauty of a Kind!!

The driveway of swept many a day,
the rake to the Tomato that Cucumbers did say,
you're favorite to whom worths the push active,
below the deck I was sent to Ivy a spent.

The Birchs in the signal of the Blackberry shrubs,
the pickings of the fruit to the eats and the grubs,
canning was central to learning the Jar,
the lids of the sealing with waxed in the par.

The trips to the Woodpile I always did love,
never exactly knew but the trued did those tows,
the smell of the buried that rose to the lives,
made sure that I to was aware of the rye.

Familiarize due smtp E a proof,
letters to vowels in Nouns that are jurist,
know compliment is a sliding screen door,
so as quick is to fast the action does pop,
right out of the tracks my experience was.

The fright that I felt my Grandfather melt,
just to explain thats why we watch glass,
not that accidents don't still happen to fact,
the car hitched to trailer in simply the back.

Squished in the twist can bring a high tax,
the stress or the evidence that some things bounce knack.

Often the say is just to the spread,
the empty of things just struck in the lead,
my Mind albeit complexly read,
the law of the litter is guidance past bred.  

What Was So Blatantly Done Made Waffle Irons Lung

I use to live in such said Terrors,
the horrors that would come,
came in through doors,
that locked only ways for me to abort.

Now I reside in a peaceful Home,
wares our the feet that show me the zone,
to be not afraid rather wise to the brae,
the calls are not empty but filled with the pray,

Clasp not to the Venture it's out of Control,
the reams of the written act like a pole,
to flag the pictured the real is know,
to see that it happens in the base of the Crow.

Character props strength through the thin in the Meets,
drives to the Way in Gates that do close,
the Safety of Lets be not afraid,
breathes in the Value of measured per day.

Chirps to the Wind no silence will bend,
for voiced in the air makes workings to share,
muffled opinions to betterment stairs,
nothings believed until it is bare.

The practice of patience know Theory of rare,
reins to the bit full-cheek to the Brit,
an Accent to Speech the growth of the Keep,
towards out in the Band in Viced to the brand.

Hard have been Blows of Cities that Know,
liken to wrangled throttled for bow,
the bullets that fly are kept to the prows,
for barges say Tugs had guidance to tows.

Amidst the beats of the already lows,
the float of the Pi lawn is a symmetrical Mow,
pushed to the brink brought grates to the links,
the Webs of just Done makes Men no the bung.

The waffeling marks upon facial stung,
the laser spot felt like over in lung,
the burns were so bad that the skin peeled back,
no sunburn could ever be evidence to the score of the black,
the char was in real and the sign was exact.

In The Flip Of A Switch It Happened In Spite ~ In The Dead Of The Night ~ Valley Of Mills Produced These Burns In Real Lights

The Frig sat to break the cap chutes to throat,
the digs to the mail in the envelope stroke,
eyes speak to beatings down with the spites,
bury her leftings to anatomize skrite.

Echo the smight width of the scourge,
clearing the favorites a tidy wipe purge,
craft to the central built by a ship,
off whilst the cargo is tanked for the R.I.P.

Know guilt to be known by skipping the Stone,
the land of the barreled is pistons in strobed,
the reap to the Rigger the Wrath of the Sail,
ropes to the Pulley the wheeled is Quale.

Product the Press in Media Messed,
tails with stories delivery lest,
ignoring the impact of Comets at best,
the strike kissed the value of cheeking a blessed.

Creature Features a Half an Hour Show,
came on in the 11's the 30 of stroke,
the Voice was the Keeper in Various boats,
the oaring of littles maid hydrogen stokes.

Dialing for Dollars another City soak,
wait bye the phone it's Ed McMann in the bone,
the doorbell rings the shock of the land,
Certificate checks it's Money in Hand!!

The Post Office Show near Fillmore and Beau,
Venued a Perfect in Audienced row,
political supports to positives load,
the verbal reproached by packing the Stow.

Away whilst the Butcher worked at the Store,
woke to the morning his family was core,
all in one Evening gone with a stir,
so quiet it is when people disturb.

The government sent Airplanes and Kent,
to observe?,or to ask?, what the Fuck is the Rent?,
balance the budget screaming to deep Lot,
ended with Twinke defense it was brought.

City Haul to the Rooms of Courting a Prop,
districts in flagging the broth is go Hot,
dragons to showing the China Town lent,
treasure hunts maiden the voyage of sent.

Roust Up the Drown in spoon of the Nose,
I still remember that Willy was hose.

Calls to the Darby rings to the Shrill,
a pence fulled the pockets lining the deed,
no sorry or apology would ever be breathe,
the damage is run to empty the shunned.

While I may be lonely of this I admit,
my home is filled with more than words in a spit,
photo's keep wise to reason for lit,
examples of how to not fight but beat writ.

Recite all these ties to yellow ribbons on dies,
the Tree of the Cross of the Freeway in loss,
the petal of the flower in the base of the cut,
says I am a bulbous the Roots are the kit.

Foxy the stages to many have Hit,
readdress the scale to the pitch of the Yelp,
reviews are so often for persons a tensed,
the stiff of the matter is the triggering Fence.

The Taunt is not Welcomed with more than ablib,
'cause I have no one to the nobody bridge,
a walk or a talk to iron this rage,
inhabits not I for I am of Sage,
in require of the Seer in rinks to the Wired.

New Age Gargoyle Oweing

Why should We Fall rather Ride to Rotation,
the stride of the Vocals speaks task to location,
the Spear of Destiny a Stratasphere  brights,
allowance envelopes the worth to Invites!!

Gargantuan Stars to Sons being Mights,
the Armor of Girls to Introductions of Kites,
the string of not along but the grasp to the Song,
a Victor in Shouting We all streak the Sprites.

Lady of Eve repeals of Cleats,
flecking the Sparkles to flinting a Fire,
burning desire scraping the dire,
fill the spoke upping the broke,
legs are for balance,
life is a stroke,
to luck it must See the broth of the Mead,
gulps will due drowns,
Swallows provide Sounds!!

Stouts to the Upton of the Brewing at Bushwood,
the Hall of the Father my Mother did could,
boils to cups to warm blackened Beer,
the Head of the State said,
here have some dear!!

The Moat was the high light,
the Walks of the talk,
over the Hill a Chapel was stuck,
passing a Gosling grey fluff did they where,
to think that the Swans grow to sleek in such dawns,
makes you appreciate the creek of the longs.

Enter the Ancient it seemed like to me,
the Artistry floored for the Ceiling was neat,
what shocked the most was the Walls that did Host,
for put in upright their Bodies were tight,
the standing were dead but stood in their Stead,
how odd I did think as the Priest never said!!

The piering of wood in the benched rows of done,
the carve of engraved showed gifts are so old,
no alter stole attention the Front was just stowed,
a tad bit in elevated to best here a vote.

I wondered back to the Swanning trades know,
does grace speak appeal or ante the Moe,
is the ship of the casting exampling roads,
'cause their were Two parents guiding those Goslings to poe. 

Question to sculptures on the Outer of Built,
never offensive to me I speak coat,
protective in gearing a visible wrote,
imagine the Men whom carved all the pulp.

Griffins, the Sphinx, a Pyramid pope,
not used for Tombs but shots of light hopes?,
the fracture of Sun in the Moon of a bite,
Clouds to the every shown a dim tight,
not to condemn more over to Hem,
the Stitch in a Time providing Views in a Line!!

A Chiseled approach with the Mind of a loach,
teeth to show Sharps as Minors in harps,
the Anvil of Hammering the Bout of these larks,
Nature Announcing Life had a Start!! 

Forge Arms Of Fiery Darns

The spark of such Feat the flash of the why,
the heat is explosive to this I cheers Hi,
the grasp of the Wares is the Fire to Night,
the burst in the brilliance of the sight in the Sky!!

Shall we Toot to the Trumpets the Seal of strides,
the counter the cosmic roar of abides,
with each and or every person denies,
that laughter and wonder is held to the grasp,
of knotted in handled instead of the Math.

It all begins to add to the Win,
of raptures, Continues, apocalypse by's,
Creation, Evolution, Science must Ride,
great to the bitter in the sweetest of lights,
a Mid-Summer breezes in the dead of the bright,
left is the message of the biggest in Flight.

Chapping to spelling to words of mass steer,
grip to the barrow it takes Two to be clear,
a Cusp in  the Sprite sheer in the stripe,
whom Wills the difference realize Shrite.

A besting of Tale in the bed of the Knight,
a Sword or a Dagger in a simple of plight,
the Granite, the Stone, the broke of the Bone,
the Marrow to Liver in the Kidney of Splines.

Charge with the Lance a Victrola Record,
the Needle in Hey stacks we're in the Crest smites,
the Call of Coyotes in just last Eve,
it had to have been not 80 foot breathe.

The Red Ball in Bouncing the Verse in a Keep,
the skin has these properties making goose bumps akin,
the blood of the veins boiling with live,
circulation is primary to News of this Come!!

Ride in the Mind of the Head still the Fear,
frozen to lead by the Galatical Sphere,
such dynamics are shown through the melt of the grown,
Glaciers that are pouring into the Sea Oceans throne.

Microphones blaring Sirens in slugging,
the prowess of Nature is all Ways in loving,
the hug from the Star flashbulbs to Candid,
the Eyes of the Camera in the Brain of the Told,
release your Compulsions to Sin and know Krill,
the filter of All repeats with a Call.


WOW!! It is 2:55 A.M. Mouse woke me,
I was having strange scenes playing out in my Mind,
so rising was the best choice at the time,
12 or so Minutes ago!!

I strolled outside for a breath of deep air,
discussing understandings of life in a 'rounds,
the pickle of the jar my brain in exact,
just running scenario's of how we all rack.

The blast from my thought was equally wrought,
as I believe that we've stopped innocent knods,
the fact in the Math gets halts from these tracks,
not considering the wealth of the lacks.

Held to such laws of only whats saw,
the confirmation just blew me away,
the moment before this streak of the door,
I said that I am Universally forged.

In splits of the second more than a tip from the Sky,
a meteor streaked across in front of this nigh,
like right there not 100 miles off,
it was so close it go me,
jumped up!!

What was that an audible vocal declare,
the excitement I felt was more than the air,
the light was so silent the brilliance was streak,
and it all made sense to confirm this strange lend.

Expecting a boom or a big giant sound,
but as not expected nothing did hit ground,
possibly the contact made farther in star,
the leave so incredible I know it was Lar.

The belongings of such creates Sonic blooms,
the Universal Skeet shot in a tune,
the musical forum an Outdoor describe,
my home is Elemental and the Cosmos my ride.