Wednesday, August 31, 2016

To Title Palairmie!!!!!

Loving the Egyptian Masque,
how peril is Humanity in Midst of such blinds is a fathom to Such plates.

In just mist on the fracking as drilling is only lead to Times,
mining is a fabric to what is on planet sound.

From that to dust as a Particle,
enjoy that Fax??,
chisel in handles message,
this now shortened note to vibe's ration.

In the far distance of this picture at-stop such history on walking bull by sain,
great X port to Y at Zee,
grace be staff of triumphant be gleEd!!!



This picture is as plain, as Day, to the Indigenous Indian of these United States are you able to see in just one picture the enormous lion at the Front of the picture above?? Shall the read invite Egyptian calendar to why the Sphinx.