Saturday, May 7, 2016

War Is A Give^In To The Days Of Thunder However Light^Kneeing Is the Know^Wing A Fact By The Sign or A Signature Piece load^did By Only One Words let: Civil In^Jinn^Near^Ring. . . .

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the nail or the small video games of tread to show the cadence of a cantering lapse,
these processions of cell phones and Tesla pea gee and E! owe the story Boards of fir^thurs.,
is the week of that day on the horse pulled Up a stinger of the bow??,
did the in Jury quarry to a mist stir read or the quest of why the blinkers??

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this lie cents pen^knees to highest dollar or the latest brochure,
to that is the Oh Limb Pick Games in that is the Tennis Shoed,
ask the cleat is the bumper on the grid,
did the suit clear an apron of the sting??

Should the Sad^dull girth to a Person or the Venue,
is the establish meant to scramble the mess age,
swirling of magnetics to the Hi Tech Nickel,
heads or Tales??,
which craft Sells the Mind Craft to drill Lean??

Measure a Goods on the Pour Shun to the A^Mount of the Knew is't SAM pull,
is abbreviations touch a Cog or the stud??,
did the plight of the sting bounce or travel to the bridle by brain,
a jaw^key would be the lyrics to a First Responder to the saw^deed of Ancient Less^Syn,
according to Bryant Gumbel the players on the Field are doing a Cheat Sheet.

Therefore by the Path of buy Ways laned,
the act shin would con DISH Shin an actual Heeling,
the Reality of the Games is a type Set in Worlds life,
to be a civil describe to Country and Hem!!

This is the barrier on the Pier a Mids,
from the Word to the War^Ring of People and their Crowds,
for the deaf^a^Niche^shin of that civil^it^Tee sites??,
there are actual Fields of drains that mad the case of Muds come to stride the color of the Mawn^Soons.

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to be of rather than to be of said,
remember that the Games are the Sets that Country Pride or rum^bowl to as chucked. 

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the altitude of proud Flesh is the working Out the bugs??,
know that a measure is as gruel is to the Rule of the for Inch mile!!!

Called An uh^Track^Shin "Laughing Sal" And San Francisco Icon At The Infamous 'Playland' Locate^Shun Oh^Shin Beach The Wares Of 'Fun For All, All For Fun!!!

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what would copper line strain should the Fill^Tour slate to Gore Rill LAW Viewed??

Lead time

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
lead time is the latency between the initiation and execution of a process. For example, the lead time between the placement of an order and delivery of a new car from a manufacturer may be anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months. In industry, lead time reduction is an important part of lean manufacturing.


Lead time in publishing describes the amount of time that a journalist has between receiving a writing assignment and submitting the completed piece. Depending on the publication, lead times can be anything from a couple of hours to many months.

Supply chain management[edit]

A more conventional definition of lead time in the supply chain management realm is the time from the moment the customer places an order (the moment you learn of the requirement) to the moment it is ready for delivery. In the absence of finished goods or intermediate (work in progress) inventory, it is the time it takes to actually manufacture the order without any inventory other than raw materials.


In the manufacturing environment, lead time has the same definition as that of Supply Chain Management, but it includes the time required to ship the parts from the supplier. The shipping time is included because the manufacturing company needs to know when the parts will be available for material requirements planning. It is also possible for lead time to include the time it takes for a company to process and have the part ready for manufacturing once it has been received. The time it takes a company to unload a product from a truck, inspect it, and move it into storage is non-trivial. With tight manufacturing constraints or when a company is using Just In Time manufacturing it is important for supply chain to know how long their own internal processes take.
Lead time is made of:[1]
  • Preprocessing Lead Time (also known as "planning time" or "paperwork"): It represents the time required to release a purchase order (if you buy an item) or create a job (if you manufacture an item) from the time you learn of the requirement.
  • Processing Lead Time: It is the time required to procure or manufacture an item.
  • Postprocessing Lead Time: It represents the time to make a purchased item available in inventory from the time you receive it (including quarantine, inspection, etc.)
Company A needs a part that can be manufactured in two days once Company B has received an order. It takes three days for company A to receive the part once shipped, and one additional day before the part is ready to go into manufacturing.
  • If Company A's Supply Chain calls Company B they will be quoted a lead time of 2 days for the part.
  • If Company A's Manufacturing division asks the Supply Chain division what the lead time is, they will be quoted 5 days since shipping will be included.
  • If a line worker asks the Manufacturing Division boss what the lead time is before the part is ready to be used, it will be 6 days because setup time will be included.
In more detail
Lead Time terminology has been defined in greater detail.[2] The Supply Chain from customer order received to the moment the order is delivered is divided into five lead times.
  • Order Lead Time - Time from customer order received to customer order delivered.
  • Order Handling Time - Time from customer order received to sales order created.
  • Manufacturing Lead Time - Time from sales order created to production finished (ready for delivery).
  • Production Lead Time - Time from start of physical production of first submodule/part to production finished (ready for delivery).
  • Delivery Lead Time - Time from production finished to customer order delivered.
A restaurant opens up and a customer walks in. A waiter guides him to a table, gives him the menu and asks what he would like to order. The customer selects a dish and the waiter writes it in his notepad. At that moment the customer has made an order which the restaurant has accepted – Order Lead Time and Order Handling Time have begun. Now the waiter marks the order in the cash register, rips the paper from the notepad, takes it into the kitchen and puts into the order queue. The order has been handled and is waiting in the factory (kitchen) for manufacturing. As there are no other customers, the waiter decides to stand outside the kitchen, by the door, waiting for the dish to be prepared and begins calculating Manufacturing Lead Time.
Meanwhile, the chef finishes what he was doing, takes the order from the queue, starts his clock as a mark for the start of Production Lead Time and begins cooking. The chef chops the vegetables, fries the meat and boils the pasta. When the dish is ready, the chef rings a bell and stops his clock. At the same time the waiter stops calculating Manufacturing Lead Time and rushes through the kitchen door to get the food while it is hot.
When he picks it up, begins counting of Delivery Lead Time that ends when the dish is served to the customer, who can now happily say that the Order Lead Time was shorter than he had expected.

The Order Lead Time[edit]

When talking about Order Lead Time (OLT) it is important to differentiate the definitions that may exist around this concept. Although they look similar there are differences between them that help the industry to model the order behavior of their customers. The four definitions are :
  • The Actual Order Lead Time (OLTActual)[3] The order lead-time, refers to the time which elapses between the receipt of the customer's order (Order Entry Date) and thedelivery of the goods."[4]
  • The Requested Order Lead Time (OLTRequested) represents the time between the Order Entry Date and the customer requested delivery date; this measurement could help the company to understand the order behavior of the customers and help to design profitable models to fulfill customer needs.[5][6]
  • The Quote Order Lead Time (OLTQuote) is the agreed time between the Order Entry Date and the supplier’s committed deliver date of goods as stipulated in a supply chain contract.[6]
  • The Confirmed Order Lead Time (OLTConfirmed) represents the time between the Order Entry Date and the by the supplier confirmed delivery date of goods.[6]
OLT Definitions[6]

OLT Formulas[edit]

  • OLTRequested = Wish Date – Order Entry Date
The OLTRequested will be determined by the difference between the date the customer wants the material in his facilities (wish date) and the date when they provided its order to the supplier.
  • OLTQuote = Quote Date – Order Entry Date
The OLTQuote will be determined by the difference between the date the customer agree to receive the material in their facilities (Quote date) and the date when the order is provided to the supplier.
  • OLTActual = Delivery Date – Order Entry Date
The OLTActual will be determined by the difference between the day the provider deliver the material (Delivery date) and the date when they enter the order in the system.
  • OLTConfirmed = Confirmed Date – Order Entry Date
The OLTConfirmed will be determined by the difference between the date the confirmed date by the provider to deliver the material in the customer facilities (Confirmed date) and the date when they provide the order to the supplier.

Average OLT based on Volume[edit]

The Average OLT based on Volume (OLTV) is the addition of all the multiplications between the volume of product we deliver (quantity) and the OLT divided by the total quantity delivered in the period of time we are studying for that specific facility.
OLTV= \frac{\sum_{j}{Quantity_j \cdot OLT_j}}{_{Total Quantity Deliver}} \,
By doing this the company will be able to find a relation of volume weighted between the quantities of material required for an order and the time requested to accomplish it. The volume metric could be applied to the 4 types of OLT.
The figure obtained from this calculation will be the average time (e.g. in days) between order placing and the requested delivery date of a specific customer under consideration of the average quantities ordered during that particular time.

Potential Application Areas for Order Lead Time Measurement[edit]

The correct analysis of OLT will give the company:
  • Better understanding of the market behavior making it able to develop more profitable schemas that fit better with customer needs (Revenue Management).
  • Increases company ability to detect and correct any behavior that is not within terms agreed in the contract (by penalization or different contract schema).
  • The OLT measurement creates an opportunity area to improve the customer relations by increasing the level of communication with them.

Project management[edit]

In project management lead time is the time it takes to complete a task or a set of interdependent tasks. The lead of the entire project would be the overall duration of the critical path for the project.
Lead time is also the saved time by starting an activity before its predecessor is completed.
According to the PMI (2008), lead is a dependency between two activities (p. 140).[7] An example would be scheduling the start of a 2-week activity dependent with the finish of the successor activity with a lead of 2 weeks so they will finish at the same time.

Honor Or Duty, The Craft of An Artist Is the Draw^Wings Of The Pass^Singers A Couple of Numbers?? Know It's The Stitch In Time that Delivers 'The Press'!!!!!

KGO Radio did the best of show on the Introduction of New Air Stream,
however did you know that the Bay Bridge was Called not that??,
it originally was named .. . . . . 

the station played a) the funniest loop that I have heard in years,
knowing from tradition that the sheering was do a news on the whistle,
so great to have seen??,
it was nicer that Neet on the Rocks going clear!!

To not say that make a stand,
to actually do the black out??

Just turned KGO on my Transistor in home radio connect,
the Station is Up and doing the Talk,
to you I say thanks for the steep bank,
many may say it was a risk,
I say it was a choice to say tender love not some continuation of mushy dubbed.

The gain is the lust,
frustration will air-on their facts as venting,
that is sooooooooo healthy,
good to the people to know that in an instant things can be lost,
in case particular your lane remained,
in pass sings people have just been blown to the bee.

Great X Port to be familiar with a full alphabet,
not the pea soup that splits rein for ratings for the worry of the lost,
grain the oat with groves,
redwood example the house,
it is the learn and the teach that increases the bit,
bridle Up Saddle on ,
now the Cinch or the girth will be the leg to ride?? a Mount?? or, the grounds??,
so, will it harness the hoarse or the view??,
cliff notes,
owe for The Blues.

Reminding myself of dg,
the foot bridge to Pier 39,
memory doors to tears,
yet the cheek key is the smile that I know I cannot lose,
for dg is the truth of decomposed granite???,
it is the marble that statute on the slate to carve the vernacular by lyrics that have grown.

As dg was an old cowboy telling the trues,
I love the brine of the salty lead stair,
go to the flight of the skies and the tell,
each picture of love is the face that does speak in simplicity of clouds on a fair.

Now on the giggle or that storm coming set,
I can say to the beauty of the Ocean of grit,
how is the whether on the style of release,
than in that dream of the wind on  its feat,
a whisper of a drawing the laughter of an elephants trumpet,
for in the silents of a stay the form of a cloud,
a cue mew lust or those bars that still write,
is it that candle in the Wind??