Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Dally Of Dilly

Expressing concerned,
the Hour is Fear,
delivery gives,
the eyes of 'know live'

A blight of,
Knew fight,
the scene pre-deemed,
the When no wait,
delivered Full-State.

The Sword is knot Blunt,
sharp and full bore,
the Shield a lore,
 to sing a Store!

Eye turn,
to torn,
the Think,
is a drink,
the thought of a 'lot'
I find I'm still fraught.

The dark enters life,
a hello is so nice,
the hand of such known,
provides station to throned.

Reality goes,
comes with a show.

Knotted Variety,
of a hosted society,
the gallop of titled,
delivering Bridled.

The collection of frame,
a musical score,
a bit to know more,
with Reign of adored.

The mount is a knight,
the torch is a flame,
the girth is knot tight,
the stirrup is Might.

The Seat is not lost,
the independence of steal,
brings on so much leather,
it only gets better.


In lyrics of verse,
a Sonnet two Letter,
know words are the Settlers,
no sentence or debtors.

The World so big,
in time of just live,
the worry not If,
it is a Win in a Jiff.