Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Chill In The Verse Of A Streaming Sage

Sizing You up to decide your worth,
You are eyed for all things Perverse.
The Monsters that You state are Clean,
I say, " The Christian Religion is really mean."
needing a Fall Guy for everything.

Looking at You to be the next source of  their Narcissistic Energy,
that drives the very next Question to be the Answer You need.
The debate I have witnessed as they read,
making you wish you had their Personalities. 

As this dance that turns to offer You the chance,
You never leave this Lurid Romance because You don't believe that this is an advance,
upon Your very living being,
to take Your Soul and all Your things.

You might believe this horror rehearsed.
Have Faith in what gives this thought:
It's worse.

Not only do these Monsters dress,
but they also often put to the test,
upon the offspring that does protest.
I only stand witness 'cause I'm not deaf.

My Life they did so often project,
these deeds of wretched abuse, a debt,
as I watched and You did witness,
turned your heads to leave instead,
I have come to believe that inside, You're dead.

A Question I Ask albeit "Of past,"
Who didn't get a piece of my ass?

It seems that my family, these Monsters You need,
are not shocked by these words that I express.
It makes me know that it's not Who Knew?,
but rather to come to believe, Who didn't?.

For I was the Daughter of Satan's birth,
made to bear a long and lasting curse.
The receptacle for all that is perverse,
this is what my life has nursed.

But in the end I'll do what's best,
I'll tell the truth and put that to test,
to be what You were not for me,
honest about this tragedy.