Saturday, October 28, 2017

Just for a Cop on the Paradise Drive in a park and measuring the road of the why would that be empathy for a spring in the mid-summer of hot August Knights!!

I got my mind on a burn that I drove by with a wave in the counter of oh yea,
for I that is the memory of the funny knee of a Cheetah,
as the sex with a stream on that is the vista of humanity to dust a brain,
ousted are the stupid to the great foundation of the best of life to say hello.

Once upon a story Kathleen would be in the venture of an explain,
as that Rebecca would simply say oh know,
and Lauren would say it's not my fault in an excited version of cheetah cubs about!!

Johno of the venue is in the Watch,
owe in the pen to throw that morning with that's a man,
I know the clatter went to the burn and I said I guess that is what the crocodile said to hippo too.

From that drive just the other fling of a hand to that man on the mechanic of a streamed,
fun stun to this is that man does not remember a life with Africa as elephant in common ground,
the thunder and the feed.

Out to the field without him not to this family as progression did find exploration in evolutions sigh'd,
round to the rinse of the flower and the rein bare role,
cheese to that is the wheat on the sway of so much that the rhino is a laughing jingle today,
the wind is in a breeze to sing the songs of this verse as a wonderful melody,
for we are all on this side of the earth sounding the tones of whales and dolphins neigh't,
to grasp anything other than that same mistake I keep to the truth of navigated,
I floor that man to what he is as a badge is a badge to I the kid of Janis Joplin,
knowing the wing.

I don't partake however forever are the digs on the ground of coffee sparkling kind,
the needle in the haystack to the bale that marks the shirt,
slanted to the trousers that strip to a making,
fire in the bellow!!

First to the fern of read would grove a Forest for this tile of chortle,
stagger that man for the uniform is the honest Kathleen,
she must breathe a harness of a rest as she changed the birth order to obscure his bridle of reed,
it worked to the trust,
the womb of now one at a time makes that wild shirt to bones and faxed.

Heave this to never being shared with any of this World now as Plato missed the Fossil Stone,
in the common cold people feel it is the sniffles when it's just that blast of iced freeze,
the dirt goes to below and the temperature now is at a cooling he would scrub us to find,
in that to the mountain of his serious but wise he was as look at us we are in the Times,
Ages in the Clocks to Universe on Solar of Cosmos,
he would be proud and it is good to know goodbye's in this quiet nature of compass.

May the bright wealth marry another to his friendly nut of nature,
might the hand of Sun give a warmth of more than a bedroom of covered,
in the blankets of sheets might the staff of ready be of truth not of lie,
for from the too is the cause and that is just I saying thanks said, it's been a stream.

Birch Ice

This is Wraith

Wraith is the result of constant reinvention. The desire to push for more. To go beyond the expected. This is your chance to experience ultimate Grand Touring in a motor car born to the role. This is Wraith. This is Power. Style. Drama.

World full of people that tribe to Tribute,
the Cosmic round of what is your Tree may not be your Osiris,
you are not technology,
for before the automotive it was just the bowl of dust.

Shed not that to your understanding as you lie in denial of River in inch of Streamed,
you change no word you just make the language to your new stab of humanities rib,
with all the gods on no sky of your shallow shaved,
leg in thigh to the turkey of key.

Animals stride with clouds to Ancient Trails with exitement?,
you have killed the earth and the Planets screamed,
go to Mars while Pluto left,
people of Earth you have troubled nothing notable,
you use users used.

Shift on to gears that virus the computer why's the Brain,
in every station to identification the Solar System remained?,
Big Bang is what to the shadow of go black?,
is it the shade to you and your family?,

Grave hard's to Moons that have the carve of Melon's,
cantelope with dreams and which is real to your connection of sin naps?,
is it the dial of a soap,
does Myth challenge your Bible or your Oral tale of fittings?


Once anxious now be Fried by the burning of the Eternal fires in libraries you can no-longer reach,
that is the score of the chapter review in what is The End of which Proverb of Psalms,
washing your hands in New York knew York,
Darwin danced while Da Vinci painted drew to Vase of Lean?

My the good Nest,
comfort for the third rock,
all while the three had told.

Deep in Inch to Mileage of your Footprint,
wild is the card that Poker gave 21 an ounce of that Cup of measured,
then even at odd the numbers divide,
to tacks the cork is Wine with the Water being duh Vine.

Grape of Rath or is it Wraith,
you change with Spelling,
at Times it is Ages.

Wall to build to Chisel a Nine is as the Math said a nut in an,
that crib,
kits and electric to Tesla first noun Nikola for the country of Strip,
the morn kneeing.

What Is Difference Between A Vending Machine And A Game Console??

I will not play the game of how is the for to example a card from the book of stature,
should the verse go to a soar than the proverb is to ship,
in never is the inch as the measure is the ink.

As lend is the file to word off the keen is the wild mirrored or the key note,
dip Well with a stuck to bucket owned,
bigger than shore is the land or that sand that river of sift?

Rise to a rib at the Riddle,
type skeet,
arm to elbow is a bend at the wrist,
did then pail more too?

Handle of a connection as the swing is it's pivot,
ground did more to mud as the floor,
tile is the crockery that plates Oil to drill's screw,
which is the path that bricks is it forge?

Heave rock to Salt,
gear that with a water called Ocean or bay,
vocal language echoes at what to a wave,
with clay.

Bubble dot is a pencil frame,
puzzle is a lane,
pieces are the usage,
yet what of the grave.

Sim aye coal lens Mark,
a capital changes with Len and yet plural is only glasses?,
place the knows?

What's black and white and read all over.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Sensorama, from U.S. Patent #3050870

The Sensorama machine (
The Sensorama was a machine that is one of the earliest known examples of immersive, multi-sensory (now known as multimodal) technology. Morton Heilig, who today would be thought of as a "multimedia" specialist, in the 1950s saw theater as an activity that could encompass all the senses in an effective manner, thus drawing the viewer into the onscreen activity. He dubbed it "Experience Theater", and detailed his vision of multi-sensory theater in his 1955 paper entitled "The Cinema of the Future" (Robinett 1994). In 1962 he built a prototype of his vision, dubbed the Sensorama, along with five short films for it to display. The Sensorama was a mechanical device, which still functions today.
Howard Rheingold (in his 1991 book Virtual Reality) spoke of his trial of the Sensorama using a short film piece that detailed a bicycle ride through Brooklyn, created in the 1950s, and still seemed quite impressed by what it could do more than 40 years later. The Sensorama was able to display stereoscopic 3-D images in a wide-angle view, provide body tilting, supply stereo sound, and also had tracks for wind and aromas to be triggered during the film. Oddly enough in hindsight, Heilig was simply unable to obtain financial backing for his visions and patents, and so the Sensorama work was halted.

Surely practicing law is not a pass from the State Bar of California to part what was my family.  This cannot be the true fast of what my mother said and yet here in black and white and read all over seems somehow complete and only applicable to the years that have been removed bringing envelope to nothing more than and nothing less than this notation for my two youngest to real eyes and say to only themselves.

For I it is not and this will not be an address to Steven L. Wessels of Sacramento, California in any manner other than this finally explains in plain newsprint the why Mr. Steven L. Wessels, attorney at-law in Sacramento, California was able to maintain only a post office box and not only brag about it but in process bring my court case to such a horror that today his client, the father of my two youngest children may be full to brim of pride.  May all the guilt be by conviction.


I was raised on a farm in East Central Illinois with six siblings, and enlisted in the Army for four years in late 1966 to avoid the draft. I was trained as a North Vietnamese Linguist, and spent a year in Viet Nam, with a year in Japan and a side-trip to Thailand for three months. After the service I worked for three years as a deputy sheriff in Northern California, which triggered my desire to become an attorney.

While I am no longer practicing law, I was involved in all aspects of family law litigation since early 1981, with the primary emphasis on custody cases, and I’ve helped a number of families with parental terminations / step-parent and private adoption issues. With the lack of legislative guidelines, I created on-demand drug testing standards for family law cases in 1986 and began suggesting them in several counties. I also hosted an hour-long weekly call-in talk show on a local Christian AM radio station from 1987 to 1994, and have occasionally testified in the legislature on varying issues. I’ve also hosted a number of parental rights seminars, and should have my first book on family law litigation in print by the end of 2015. It’s titled The Lighted Switch and should be available on my website shortly.

Professionally, I’ve been a member of the nationwide Christian Legal Society since 1976, and was the Sacramento area lead attorney in the 1994 statewide lawsuits against the California Department of Education to stop the wholesale invasion of parental and children’s rights with the California Learning Assessment Tests, known as the CLAS tests.
Personally, I’ve helped launch two children and three step-children, and began writing poetry in February of 1997. I learned the absolute necessity of surrendering my will to God in 1976 and currently attend a local Covenant church with my family. I’m currently working on four more books for strengthening marriages.

My second book to be titled Great Foundations should be in print before the end of 2016. My deepest desire is to show teens and young married couples the path to great marital relationships that thrive the way God intended for us to live.

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