Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Exhaustion Blinds You!!

Fire upon the Worlds view of Religious belief
and you will find no relief.
Only excuses and caveats that justify their rot.

Should you levy an account of this,
beware of the Bee Hives nest.

The reaction to creative thought,
new idea's or imaginative sought,
will bring down upon your head
a hammering of absolute Deadly lead.

In such an attempt to be not unkempt,
rather express just a different view.
This will cost you both life and limb,
no matter what the hymn.

Judgement from the Christian,
will be an Ever-After end.

Should you drop from view,
it will be said, "Oh, you disappeared."

Know these words full well,
for many are dead and buried
with no marker or name,
to show that this is their plot of fame.

Acceptance of such in our History is our shame.
I will carry not this knowledge of such resist that is the persisting point of view.
I will protest the standards or the moralistic reasoning
supporting such behavior.

Ready your Sword!
For the Knight is young,
and the Lady is bored.
Honor will breed the Love we need,
and the call of the Midnight Lore
 shall be heard as we soar through the gentle breeze
of Mother Nature's door.