Sunday, April 27, 2014


Sync the Flint in Midnight,
sight the dye to a sky,
in the midst of a symbol,
the coyote speaks to signal.

The Lark in a Scare Crows day,
marsh to the leak,
the Granite beneath the Feat,
plenty in the palatable beak.

Hum is the birding,
clause to a shirt,
the I diddy dandy
equals in the soiling breathe.

In hauled the seam rips,
ink quicks to each a setter,
kiln to bricking skeet,
be leaders to questing Swallow.

Fit with table to scepters,
ratchet gamble in Finching flight,
the Bison to bully pepper,
the lavender colored people.

Tripe the Corn in eaten,
drank in thickness spooned,
a Clever butchers witness,
Society tissued spoils.

The block to infected ripe,
the cusp gives Wye to blight,
the Henge forwards vibe,
to measure Stones in flight.