Saturday, January 25, 2014

Well Trained Horses, a Horse Rescue ~ Icssoma Farm

With dignity I voice reality,
the discipline of the write,
the pic's that show all over site,
the trend in friend does fight!! 


Dreams destroyed,
a human ploy,
this benefactor moves,
 a handsome boy.

The need to heal,
from abusive real,
found in a plight,
a similar trite.

Left for dead,
a slaughtered life,
it is Race, feel the fright.

The dual appeal,
the voice within,
the same trend,
the sound too know a friend. 


The words in verse express the hurt,
the hope, the pain, the devastating claim,
when used becomes a day,
or love just goes a way.

This quiet ride that is provide,
will need to home anew,
as Axl can Show too.

Developing strength,
to try not die,
in-spite of a tragic life.

One that loves to be with truth,
kindness is the way he moves,
the balance is a treasured proof,
that heartbeats sooth.

As I can walk and even talk,
the common theme is seen,
a voice to speak, lives are meek,
and trust is hard to gain.

Giving a 'Gift' or supporting makes cents,
with pennies on the dollar,
not on the hoof.

'Click' don't Hit!!