Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Long Fell Owe

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Polo Wraps Verses Track Bandages

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Time Stamped : 6.11 PM

Figure Eight Knows Band

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Time Stamped : 7.12 pm

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Cable Cars like Rice-a-Roni the song that Bing sang its Christmas on knew Years from the base of a Sloat.  Presidio describes the fax to the tombs, in that it is known that bodies can boot.  Fighting for worthy to show of a note what is on the fact ores be float.  No foe needed as society does trak, so fast is the assumptions a variable tracked back.

Speak with a merry aptitude in Night.  Tess is the private discovery of laugh.  The moon of dust shaped ice impact, carriage invitation to coat.  Asking the sun is the bright on a reflective bearing, such a Quest is shining to remind the hearth of the Won.

Once a Pawn a story the book guarded course to be of the pleasant and not off the port.  As Vlad is of natural the dracula too, I love the stories that show us the clued.  Such as the horse shoes that nape to be tame, the forge is a sayer and the hammer is plain.

Time Stamped : 3.22 pm

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Sew Nine Teen Seven Tee 3rd
Grade the curve at not Thrown for those bearings Hour Fold the Bones at Duked,in that Ace Hi to the Talker of a James Blunt Terd the the ship Sale`d long a go,for that the Mass is at chapel with no Hand rather the quick Sand of Papas,on that Truth bares the Port of Cherry to Pop goes the Blunt as markered stunters!!Scry that feeble James Blunt report to the Marked Landing of Mars on dished Chord,f
Add A^KA
As Brett is so blunt the small cap is At A Major of the choral Stigmata,the vocals are the Whine the body fills the Zipper with Music on the Sign,smokin' are is the Tale of the White Horse on an Island for ink Note Napoleon,a Short hater to the Tall Teller of Churchill design in spreading on the dime!!Moppy cruise to the Actual Crew of bet in the gamblers desire,throw downs at the okay Core^All fo
James Blunt Does Not Rhyme With Named Stunt
The gallant of the best at read is the opportune to say the Fleet by extra deeds that make all compass,for on the point of magnet rest the earth does spin a Vest on the triangle of the Square a shoulder is the best,from basic on the hem of give to each receipt of Nest the preparation of the score is to deepen less,a thrifty type of gift that saves to spell the on adventure,the true of whom does ta
The Horizons Aunt Llŷr
Difference to the Clock on mechanics in the thought of travel in the arms of shale,earth is a shiver in the experience of reality to the touch stand in the brief caused,Creation bearings brought forward per destruction for the first breadth is of express,pawnee in the creeds from thorough card have carved a shelter bye was body hello language.The statues in stone carvings are introductions to Mass

NOV 28 2014

The Eight Track Ka^Set
Let me Introduce a fact we all come in from the stars on a Plan in that it is a brand,for on the Outer Realm the trip is grand with the touch of the dust that parts the stay,for on the great Impact of the landing film the eyes blink in the Play oh watt a Day!!Fromer from the hugging breezed as the took is a chance a The Fates,by the Alarm in the Team timers it is the factor of the problem solving
The Broncs
Tiger the fact to the bull born it back to the rate of the doubled Up jump from A Rail on tribal,to cost of that clam on the muscle at land the grit in the fiber is streaming a stand withheld in Chaos,on the sperm sail sand to the oracle ran a dragon for breakfast at dinner in gland,the traveling coarse to the detail brush is the vocal embellish that sings like a Thrush,for the copper tone put is
Croquette Gone Cricket
As there are Ten Men standing while the 11th opinion holds to agreement of the Ninth a held,for as the 9 hits the Eleven with fraction of the gree it is the told of the angle that sets The Tenth degree,on the ripe in the Vine of the grape to the fact it is not the Hold to wrath but a path touched Objection,for on the Falls in the calendar to the daze On the Sun not all sneeze at the light but sum
The Gain Shows Gamed
A Title History of the say this Concern of a personal witness to the Comp grout at the Scene,in the mass of the collect it was The Anonymous charciture that ballasted my self to branch,in the know reach I parked the state of Stand by the fact that A Cult is a cult in score,should the Tablet fit the calculation of the Summation on first contact than the Chair sits to Spurn,on subject Otalgia the CB
For The Love Of Big Brothers Torture
So should 'The Blob' ascribe to the self which Movie shall 'Ewe' helpa theater at Hand to vice the tremendous on decision,now you see me now you 'Can' on the reel of the Slam,a dunker for the Spoiler on the futures of Know,for that is greatest gift of the Hollywood bold in a Show.Take it blue Screen go to Home in the Box of officer grown,there is about a certain Flout that Violins the reason Now,b
Sciences Knot Theory: How Not To Build A Future Society
Science fiction films have many warnings for us – not least, how the road to a perfect future society is fraught with peril. Quentin Cooper loads up the DVD player to see what lessons we can learn.Science-fiction films sometimes offer us a future so bright we’ve got to wear shades. But mostly we’re deluged with visions of tomorrows far bleaker than today, from wildly unlikely “what if?” disaster s
A Showns Throw
While in a deeper sleep that usual I woke to Mind in thought of condition,no longer was I bothered by the reality of my situation of growth to cut,the Upside Down reversal of Mohawk to jagged edge in appearance of state,a kinder side of my accepting came to a poignant explanation of humors reality,in touchstone of reflective carnal I had been just cause to the gum in my Hair.To scissor the stuck p

NOV 27 2014

Pilgrims Progress On Thanks^Giving Ewe Know
At the basic in understood the Discovery Channel plays away about the actual in Post of at Rome,on the Pope for the faction has been determined by History to be at the last of the arson to burning,his said in the scribes of the letters in recored on done listed the Papacy for a Centuries summed,with the caliber of write to the text of the sight an interest does rankle the subject at Table,can the
An Ore Awe
Shake the views to gaining as the letters change to Toast the temper in the Ages at the timely of a coast,in on signs to breathe the grinds as coffee has a filter with the drink that adds with cream,for with the sugar on the lips it is a taste of phish and sipped,the sweeter of the biscuit on the role of done gone wild,know factor gates to art a rate that shows the simple smiled.In youth at Elemen
Head Strongs
As The Turkey is now in the bake One Leg & One Wing with the matches in The Freezer for total flight,as the balance is the obvious missing the complete stuffing for that is Topper to the toasted delight,parking on the letter for a moment of retreat I dash to the saver as the milk of all compete,tough said the bird on the fires of dirt as lasting is the found for that Tables earth,a best stand
The Con^Go Stocked A Jag^War
I got a Refrigerator for the best bonus in Held for the freezer doubles on the still,for a meet in the front of named by store it was the scene of Hard Wares a Painter & Design,the thrifty caught a job a lean the learning lab for even The Bones became Heroic at stopped,to busy the task at avoiding the path for the best way to professional is being a draft,the well of calculation to the conveni
Websters Board
I love the candor of detailed reminders of Post Hits that prequel my given in Life On'ers,forward mach on a faster taste of the gift that raced to Talk a storm to the twister of gut,that deep responder on the foundered at the brisk of chills on the Goose in the gander,foremost to Tack on that Horse of a wrap is the stall that held the Vice to a ball,the hanging apple tied to the Raft tore at the S
The Con^Dough^Mints
Wow to the marvel of this day the 27th of November Two-thousand and Fourteen A.D.,the marker to The Path to redemptive post on the heels of the abusers ask the Abused it's a toast,on the flip of the posture to the down on the Rite from the Flame of Eternal on the Fire in a Site,so talkers are the Variable that Sky the flats to library the lats as Shingles have a girth to Shaft,on the swallow of th
Oh Sugar Lips
The Ticket of the ride to the strife of no lie is reality on the Taster in the Fast of the land,on the impact of the reason to the wisdom of the seed in that there is a muster to the feed,eat well my dark New World on the global Shew for the instance of Tomorrow ran the deed to hand,with the Key at a stroke of the pen to the Tablet on the board of the Wall is a speaking public,free is the come of
Not All Change Their Names For The Back To Basic Has The Greatest Of Fames & It Counts
There are stories of landings that came to the place of repairing by Mining,in the Ancient History shown by and throughout descriptions these molds,the explanation of birth to the travels of work by creating the lives for score,with a Cactus approach to that clone cycle for nothing more certainly tremendous gain to the Parkers,in that application of gold to the scrape the balance left a grand summ

NOV 26 2014

The Rolling Stones A Dusk Jacket For Blunts James
Alas the big bang came to Ancient held Hand in that the list of dragons on span,for as the subbed line to the temper of stay a Status relief for the spoon has a tray,service with tempo of controlling the brae in the pass of eight to the Nine on the 11th of chap Stick it say,for belief had been lost and Innocent Tribed with ever in lasting from 'The Continue' on Mind,each touched a thought as the F
The Irony Of A Singers Surf
The connection of the World will not worry The Flame for as the flicker is a gentle breezed lead,the Worlds fall into a deep slumber beneath the spear of the dead on their plunder acts seed,in the ripe of the pickings at the garden of prose a tree will supply the apply of at sigh,the branches shall swing free of the curse as the Animals saunter to specially nursed,a stone tablet appears to written
As the importance of growth is paramount to the deduction of the solution life,describe a nature by path to the actual i...
As the importance of growth is paramount to the deduction of the solution life,describe a nature by path to the actual in that already happened done on Masquerade Singers deep,in the first of the compaction to the Back to Bedlam serial it speaks specifics of travel bells,talk a Shaman trough a droplet to the tongue drunk swallowed by the Halo James Blunt reached,in tall of the nothing for the boun
James Blunts Hell Meant
Since this worth is of character on a B.D.S.M. tack than the book sounds disappointing so Movie,not at the base of what Said was the rat but to 'The Game' that Michael Douglas starred wrap,it's a Thriller on exact of the B.D.S.M. know for in the farther it's all about Throat,whom is that factor on the Theme of the Play like a Con Artist paying to simple the Say.In experience of add My Mind to the
James Blunt A Sexual Polar Roid
It as if I was raised In a Galaxy of lives that walked to the Tumblers sound,in acoustically driven the Big Bang would be the explosive return to Win,on the trade of Standing with correct active display the Sky was the City by the Bay,the charge to receipt was my life with a tune and it began with San Francisco the 60's I land.In the breadth of delivery learning was stealth for The Watch did beget
James Blunt & The Am Way Tradition
This Tabs itself to the early morning rise a good old fashioned stretch & a yawn to work,for on the real of the life and that Life would be Mind a thought to character a day,the service is of free flow write to the creek I wake by from on the knight that spot,in the action of the Singer a steady rein does counter clock to know of vice that Play.As simple is as Simple shade touch the Tree it br
James Blunt On Fermentation
You can type the click to tell sound of caustic at the Hill for religion is the smell,on timing to the Bigger Ben that Clock will bang to a begin from door exposure dawn,the lid of Moon in weekday sludge a muddy cover forms the suds whisk the Wash,in a sudden impact of the Real on the life of love a hug with Truth will evolve to nudge,as the dog will nip the Herd a Cattleman on horse is shirt that
Grooming Trails While James Blunt Buried Mails
Touch talent at the base of a shore the gift is the height of a Mountainous roar,the echo of the concert to the Outdoor before is the Concert of the stout tasking responsibility phone,as the Caller of I.D. is the fact of the Track speaking James Blunt is as deep at a core,for in the wade on beach to Ocean The Top still is a view of eternity by from the Infinity at breeze!!The World can do the guar
Don't Tell
The constance of a letter from the formation of a word-in to create itself with tasks at marrow,watched as a child the act of the sentence structured to the action of the result,in the scene of my mothers dining room I saw as not my mother but another responder in as Hitter,that shaft coming from what cannot be connected to the phrase wound out towards the victim,as the hose unraveled to strike th

NOV 25 2014

Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out Defined At The Counter Era of World Cultured
The Headlines of attention Today are on what has already been done,the brace to prepare is for the aspect of happening again based on repeats,for that a board is the Master of protection or the Wall of hope,to show that the intent if not considered will burn a fire into the standing built.Shells that form to a Fossil status have shown that formation of the term life,in Human Beings is it the credi
Short Warp
I'll drop a dime on 1998 for the Speak at 'Enemy of The State' great fate,but I will Won up on Fact to tracks that Computers will double at exacts,Nature will provision 'The Signs' at the most incredible basic Law @Time Warner,Web Bot is a program that only does one thing,it's a Nostradamus in the Modern Era of Calculating the Futures based on words written Now,given only mention by the applicatio
James Blunts Is Missing A Piece On Original Deeds ~ The Hooters Hour
Park the pavement of National Forest in the lots I see the Trees,on the branch there is a Halt that asks the Question of the pass,on the Entry pay the Fees for that is at the base of Reads,in the map that Hoover grabbed did the concrete ever flow,was the Men in basket Hem on the lines that blocks the slab.Does that Water at rain fall for the Country on the Mall,in the drain to Mechanics Room is th
Win The Numbers Fit James Blunt It's A Jig Saw Puzzling Wholes Picture Completions Tactiled
True to words the passing of information on tact is not the slam dinger of the Ring,in that saying of being played out and upon it is then the state of mind that deep sides,from tunnel aspect of social denial at the abdominal grasp with the gut junking a fuck,for the worth of measure is in the control of whom will wild the Trigger at pole.Shall the World wobble on it's Axis for the moon on it's ho
What I Hear Singing Is WAR
So ask the World of Modern War it is in the Family of torn by Won another,in select to venue behind closed doors The Outed are thrown touch Streets,on the avenue of Plain Sight the eyes and worth is trashed to the been of dens,mothers on sisters continuing the processed by games played at hands of bombs,the nudge tells the Edge that the cliff is a Walk to the bridge of connection via jumped,sewn g
A Reply To James Blunts Inquiry To A Meet
No challenge to the CBS News this A.M. of lost at transfer Once upon A Riot to diet,the blast of shake to the temper of food Onward anchors to the freeze of any countenance at Needs,for Cost the Price a serving Rice at the Mustard Seeds to planters peanuts with Know Knees,bent on chairs with excused for Lines as the Script is letters signed "It's just a Job" at Bile,for throwing UP the a
The Part^Trudge Family
Law in Force meant that War was bombs thrown to Crowds my ways of smoke,the gagging Human Beings were smeared to The Grounds for crowds did sounds,with The Music in my ears walking Watched the audience Shroud,quick the Police became the spear firing shelled and road blocks Peered,for From the done to the Touching suns Moons would bring the jeans to Punned by Tears.Width the decades in between sew
The Contractors
In the eve of A.M. rise on Horizon speak that Tribe at the switch being strict,from a hug bring the Hands love to hold the shoulders lands,the worth of Chill at now so planned realize that warmth is Sand,a walk to action steeps The Dunes that Watch to meet,branch the Rollers on the beach with a Continent in the Breach!!Wake the sea with Kelp by sleep for the pulp is over Sow,piggies on the digits
One Generations Head
In the eve of A.M. rise on Horizon speak that Tribe at the switch being strict,from a hug bring the Hands love to hold the shoulders lands,the worth of Chill at now so planned realize that warmth is Sand,a walk to action steeps The Dunes that Watch to meet,branch the Rollers on the beach with a Continent in the Breach!!Wake the sea with Kelp by sleep for the pulp is over Sow,piggies on the digits

NOV 24 2014

Free Ride
Check it Out the simple lark now it says a difference row,Matthew mark Luke and John for the bathroom had a song,in the push a Pull to long quiet sit to walk the strong.Down the Flush of cheeks to want Post the words for Worlds taunt on Release feed the beast at-Will,for temple off The Brain exist on the thought of troubled list not Aye for that is know the Risk,in the rake of Humanity broom for t
Mnemonics^At^Zapped Set^Rite Track`^On Single^Sound {of} Fly^Boy
To my youth I scout what did happen Happened it was the Sixties A Decade of what was Said done,in the bottle of my nurse drop by drop I saw the phone that siblings did make mix on stone,for in the wake of life in far the system of operation became the automatic as point Survival,on theme in doing what was just a little tot that drank the given Years did come to go in thought,what was the Drop bye
James Blunt ~ The Extraction On The Current Snake Oils
Dear Ed,As life is learning and our youth is turning to the pages of The Witness knowing movie plug on serial of 'Fire Fly' otherwise base 'Serenity' I only speak to THREE DROPs would have, 'may' have been better than WHAT WAS IT; seven, eight maybe Nine that will keep her from remembering Tam!!Must love little sister at squel dot COM!!UTOPIAN PHARMACOLOGYMental Health in the Third MillenniumMDMA
The Cockney Language Sang Soak
A revolving Wall is on the earth at the call of constant for The Apocalypse of revealing,in the eveloping wall humanity is moved with being wrapped as nothing is belief of that,while the arm of hold still frames the applications of location of the day in grind by swipe,imagine that screen with eyes on flipping creams the Thoughts that would naturally warn the shoes,as the intersection of long in d
Air Ports
The paints on Cans made To Show the vale of the cross at Held of the X in the sky is the grid of dear,on the branch of lullaby a Nursery Rhyme on Cheers, from in the rolling on the Walls envelopes will Halt dialed Pier,force to piles has brought the Forth with fifth in a degree, as in The Sense of sixth on lens a swimmer on A Gree.Strength will prove to come at last by paving Goaters path,for on t
Change on the Year at scope is mere to a tree of the route on Map a curling,across the ice sheets that thin societies luster a brilliance shines to melt,in quiet storms a film of negativity has thickened the nature of humanity,with collar on the hands and sense on erasing value, Mankind treats horror,the vernal glance at spilt on cruels has regarded a sale more gallant than mortality,know principl

NOV 23 2014

Write Riding
Trace the Flame on the Elemental of dock in this the Age of Honest delivery a Footstep on Rock,to tell of the values that The Universe is true with the Thought a blessing of the The Face Outer looed,in the Realms of my Understanding the hand delivered the Line to Circle that Infinity produced,not only the Number of 108 on the Return of comprehending Alpha Omega at Loved,the day that this dream gai
James Blunts Sole Triggered A Safety To Released
Life is the opportunity to be the Cause of change in the reality of lies,the counter of the body on the Tell of the stolen is the truth of Told,to yet again have my song be sung by a Man that names none as his base origin,in this rate of value of the Take I gasp at the World and the denial of flour.Butter basics go to milking cows on the lots in the grain fed Veal,for on the goat trails the narrow
James Blunt Trending Now At Who Dare
Cattle edition touch the Lust of release on The Come of Stride,for that Saddle of Complete is the Whole foundation of Lives,on the Rails of From the Age before the Dawn,the sun a shape of the raising explosion of a Gone!!The Palace of doom on the skate of the Traveler by Profit,for in each of the life living on the Shaking Shadows of the deaths,in the screaming contenders I say Ancient by design i
James Blunt Pictured With An Original Not A Look The Like
Banker the name account on LIVE grease of the Graeae on the disposed of the Crackers,in whipping response to the Blue Doors of apply to location on the Rockets ignition,channel at the swimmers on The Bath of greek tubs Steaming to the chortle of the Cockney in the Vibe,a Teller of sings on the time in the shale for the change on the Charge is according to Sound.Bus James Blunt to the A Bout on thi
James Blunt Hit Ore Missed
Sofa these easy touch seats on the couch of the shore that reads on completes,for with each Post on the Publish here are the reads that establish the Links,as to state that obvious is to measure know rate for the purchase is of knowledge & Plate!!Task to the always recording in Mind the release is of venture that would be mine,felt on the pharaohs the Sphinx says "Hello" from the bas
~ James Blunt Has 'Working It Out' Down To An Artists Detail ~
Probability of coincidence verses just happens on the facts that back to person by done,so on the songs of just released by James Blunt on the Apollo edition of Moon Landing I scribe,to truth and Accuracy for this is the impossible that has become the not only possible but Cast,so now all the parts are filled-in, it is only the deep sided trip of whom is boozed from streets,that avenue had already
James Blunt In Decision The Amount On Time Spent
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James Blunt Grabbed Every American Icon To Amplified Universality
About James Blunt...   This English singer-songwriter burst onto the world stage with his 2005 debut album Back to Bedlamwhich was propelled commercially by the hit singles You’re Beautiful andWhere is My Mind. James earned five Grammy Award nominations for the album of acoustic-tinged pop rock. He won two BRIT Awards and released a follow-up recording, All The Lost Souls, in 2007. His most recent
James Blunt Todays Moon In America is Satellite Zero Eight Eighteen Hours Operation Date Filed 23/11/2014
UTC Time NowNoon UTC8:17 UTC8:19 UTC8:15 UTC8:30 UTC08:18 UTC is 0:18 in your local timeUTCMy TimeTime difference between your local time and UTC is: -8 hour(s) (-480 minutes).ClockTimeSpoken24-hourclock08:18eight eighteen, eighteen minutes past eight, fourty-two minutes to nine12-hourclock8:18 AMeight eighteen am, eighteen minutes past eight am, fourty-two minutes to nine amMilitary0818Zzero-eigh
James Blunt At Zero-Eight-Zero-Two Hours Date Filed 23/11/14
So hear we find Our turn again another life down by suicide at bend,the list will bring the Name tomorrow for in the leans the blood still running,as it spills into the bath of tubbed as the wrist has been cut by love,the ooze of the thick red drippings sludge all down the skin and into the bugged.There on the floor another chair fell above on the rafter a rope hanging after,the head is bobbling a
James Blunt Live @Nineteen Twenty-Nine Hours Operation Date Time Scaled On File 23/11/14
        : Military Time / 24 Hour Time Conversion ChartSo as the Spiders Crawl to the Web of task a Label is of no consequence for the Text of the Tweet,in the Mass is so fast that News gains trash for the Fix on the Suicide in the Minuet time bash,for in Instant to moment of same in a Dash the salts are not peppering at the Quick & The Fast!!Of interest is discernment that Class of Logic to l
Google James Blunt ~Time Stamped Zero Six Thirty-Six Hours
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Google James Blunt
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Current Stats November 23rd The Year of Two Thousand Fourteen Suicide Station I.D. Photo to Empty By Done In Less Than Twelve Hours
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Canned Laughter Pops The Question ~ When Did You Last Hear A Real Person Laugh Out Loud Naturally Without Prompters
Last middle of the night as Mouse woke me to cuddle we set the T.V. to surf,on the shows in the States it is always those ones coming to play after the Sun shelves,the Movie that decided are Watch conversely named 'Dark City' wow great thunder,especially to the tally at the great ending of not American for it was still stuck.As my country is either into the Romance of death after the Finals of mee

NOV 22 2014

The Enter Junction
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A Picture Is Worth 1000 Years @Journey Dot Aye
Hear this Wise to the tattles of Twin Souls on Planet Dirt,the makings of sentence taught of the Learns & the Leans,as matter touching Facts to what People have written,look to the Watchers for it's Our Turn Too Days!!Stir the eyes if you want to it's Humanities Verse,just established in fixings on the Theme of the Certs.,try Ion or Aeon or any other Measure of Chime,it all Calls the Factor li
Just Fill In The Blanks
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Inspiring Puddles
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Awe^Be^Lo Lull A Bided
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No Wonder
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Cares In The Air Of Sense On The Slide
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NOV 21 2014

Hands On Waist
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Haul^Ewood Bull^A^Vard Read Flagged
Shake the bottle pop Champagne the glass that bubbles from the pouring Reign,why there it is plain as day James Blunt is singing My Life a Way,the beautiful plans to 'Continue' with such gallantry I must be True!!The lift to A Star is the Landing of the Moon in the best of the Space Apollo too,hear the Rockets read Fare it is blasting the dare As Hi how are You you're The Balance of Anew!!Spelling
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don't choke now
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NOV 20 2014

To be of taste to the Times of the days that acknowledge only the done is to recognize the real,in burned by the the fac...
To be of taste to the Times of the days that acknowledge only the done is to recognize the real,in burned by the the factor on the armpit of the find a Cause to the effort of being better for the sound,as all my life has been of decide than the process of brought is just another file to the chamber ,the cruise to yet a destination of the grid to the tunnel is in of itself the foundation of the bri
The Worlds Pulped
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Rubik's Cube By Solid Proved The Gametes Met In Moved
     Mr. James Blunt the The Wino singing Moon Landing on the editional stats has done a service like a rat,the cat & mouse game of the Matrix based on circumstance to Happened is proof of in itself a slap,to sing on the Ancient tactile belief of Plato The Flame of Unity to the Our Turn of Today,an Hour to the list in the staged of an Odyssey of yet Apollo on mission timed Bells in Classical M
Ka Ball Law
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In The Beginning Theirs Was Seats
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Liquefaction Based On Language States
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Home Stretch
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