Friday, November 22, 2013

At First I Had Decided Not To Share This With Anyone, I was at a loss for words

When rumors and accusations are made behind your back you usually never know the source or the accuser by name.  In fact, in my case I just get a bad feeling and remove myself from the situation.  I guess hindsight being 20/20 I wondered why I was no longer needed as a Riding Instructor at Sun Valley Equestrian, but after reading this email that was forwarded to me as an F.Y.I., I don't need to wonder anymore.

I have left off the email addy's and last names of the people involved other than myself of course, as I do not wish for anyone to be able to contact any of the said parties.  I just believe that after the past few days I will feel better if I am honest about how much stress I have been under.  Until now I have been very quiet about the events in the past month or so.  However I feel that due to said events, my stress level became so high that it brought on these illnesses.

I was not really certain about what to do when I received this email as an F.Y.I., so I didn't do anything at all.  In truth, I was at loss for words, really I still am but maybe by posting what I was sent a month ago someone else can find the words that I have lost.

To: Karen Placek


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Juliette
Date: Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 11:12 AM
Subject: Re:
To: Diane

Karen never said anything negative to me about you. The decisions I made were based on my own experiences.

I wish you the best, good luck in the future.


On Tue, Oct 22, 2013 at 11:03 PM, wrote:

 Hi Juliette, sorry to bother you at work today.
I am not looking for you to get involved in anything or ever see me or be my friend.
I simply feel I need to defend myself against the ugly, disgusting lies Karen has made up about me. I have no idea of what she told you but after the last week I'm beginning to understand that we have been played, manipulated into believing that each other"somehow had sinister Motives  in our business dealings.
From the very beginning Karen did not like you for some reason.
she would say things like I am stupid for letting you be a part or the business, why am I giving you half etc. I replied that I needed a partner to be half responsible and that you were very good to me when everything went down with Laura. She would get angry with me saying I make to many excuses for you etc.  She had me come to her house to convince me of all your wrong and evil doings. Then you and I started having disagreements and she just made it intensified. She said you were always complaining  about me saying things about me like I didn't know a thing about the business, I don't deserve my husband, and more.
This really upset me as you had told me I had done an awesome job with the business so far and this is why you wanted to come in with me. I also was mad cause you clearly stressed you didn't want us talking about stuff to the employees.  It has finally made me realize that she was most likely saying stuff to you as well as she has been to people on the ranch, I might add not to the people that really know me but you the ones that really don't.
She has told jack and Nona that I accused them of intentionally hurting my horse, told people I drug my horses in the lesson program, that I don't call the vet.
That I leave sick horses alone to die, the list goes on. She has taking all the things that I value about myself or have integrity about and painted me as the opposite. The way you moved Belle confused me I couldn't understand why she couldn't stay in the barn, the night of the show
You were all trying to get my daughter go to dinner with out her mother that made me feel very uncomfortable.  I can't imagine what she has said to you regarding me, but if it is close to the other things she is saying about me then I'm not sure I blame you for running.  All I can say is I am not perfect, I make mistakes , but I am a good person. I run my business with the same integrity I have in every area of my life. I would never miss use or drug any animal. Shit I don't even eat meat.
Juliette she even went as far to say is you have evil beings coming out if your head and you were trying to suck the life out of me, and that it was her mission to get you out of the barn.   She even accused you of trying to hurt Julie and you were working with Laura to make a fool of me.

With this I can only conclude that we were both played by a very smart, manipulative, sick person whom we both cared for.

It truly disturbs me to think that you thought  I would harm your horse or anyone's horse for that matter.   I have dedicated much of my life to care for these horses
And love them like my own..
I know I can not change how you feel about me, but it does hurt to think you are feeling victimize by me and my family, as I'm sure you must have been hurt by whatever she said about me.
Juliette I need to know if you think Johnoh was in on all of this
I am worried that Julie is being played. I just don't know anymore. It seems as if my internal compass has failed me once again.  Please if you could do one thing for me and answer this because I am really worried for my daughter.
I am now starting to believe everything about Karen Is a lie,
I think she points the finger at people for stuff she is guilty of and quite  frankly she scares me!
It is really unfortunate this turned out the way it did but I do want you to know, I do not think anymore that you were trying hurt me or do anything sinister, I must say  I never  tried to hurt you and you did not misjudge my character nor did I misjudge yours.  I am sorry I didn't come to you in the first place. Im not exactly sure what Karen wanted or why she hates me us so much that she came to help and decided to wreak Havoc
Between us and our barn. I'm not sure what she thought she would gain and with her accusations marked with your behavior towards me it began to paint an ugly picture. Especially when I was facing a difficult time bringing my Mom here. I was looking for a bit of support from my friends and felt I was kicked in the face an thus my reaction to that wasn't pretty.  I don't know what to say and I don't need you to believe what I say for I know what happened now its all very clear

I thank you for all the times you extended yourself to me and i will always remember the very generous trip to Hawaii  where i got to rest for the first time in years. I hope you take care of yourself and someday know me for the person I truly am.

I wish you an Belle all the best.


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I was not admitted to the Hospital today because the regime of drugs that I was put on by Marin County General originally on Wednesday afternoon is working.

I am taking the following;

Cephalexin 500mg
Sulfamethoxazole TMP DS
Hydrocodon-Acetaminophen 5-500
Ibuprofen 600 mg

So if you should be feeling ill and know that you have had contact with me or my son, Johno, than you may want this information before you go to your doctor today.

My diagnosis on Wednesday was the following, I have MRSA, Cellulitis, Staph and a Sore Throat.

Post Script:

I am feeling much better today and I am so sorry if you are not.

Diagnosis from Marin County General Hospital on Thursday 11-21-2013: