Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Slaughtered Because...

Two more lives could not be saved this week,
the phone call just revealed.

The slaughtered lives that could have been redeemed,
grows only one thing,
the reality that people bring to Earth,
this type of death is absurd,
for animals we could have saved.

In an effort to bring awareness,
I brought myself to the brink,
reality is the bitter chill,
and slaughter is the sink.

The Framed

Shoot Straight

The wonder of life,
no longer in why,
the umbrella goes up,
the walk to abrupt.

The Mind of Track,
the notes in passed,
reminds me of a puzzling path.

The shadows of memory,
the haunt of thought,
the brick of core-learning,
the eloquence boxed.

To count on the innocence,
the certain or must,
the approach of the message,
the hello or the brush.

Backing made lyrics,
more easily heard,
stages the venue,
the World in blur!!

So fast and so quick,
it looks like a trip,
resembles the years of classical prints.

The landing of skip,
the whole of descent,
a path to remove,
obligation from spun.

The least of the value,
a measurement grade,
repeating the same or very mistake,
is only a lesson, 
if repeat pushes play.

The Tally of the Day,
is the sum of varied life expenses.

The Piet

the Ice Cream melts,
the chocolate soup,
a coffee cup in thoughts:
A Coup!!

the bowl is tell,
the spoon is left,
cream and sugar:

the express,
to relate,
the image:
Know Respite!!

a journey hear,
a quest to they're,
the bedtime of my Night-in-Gale:
So Their!!

the broken stare,
an empty bin,
the trash of void,
in Life!!

A vacuum chord,
the painted prose,
rainbow colors bleed,

Volley thought,
to noise in spout,
seconds shoveled:
Minutes Shroud!!

a graduate degree,
filed part,
a glass half cold;
Not empty!!

a loaded life,
well-known scroll,
is it the cut or the role?

Snapshots drop the Dime!!