Saturday, December 24, 2011

Shield Knot the Cry of Stealth!! It is where you find your Wealth.

I caution the Wind that blows Iniquities.
In such a breeze you will find me.
I deal with the Ones that you Run From!!
For in this I find "Love" and Peace of a Dove.

My way of understanding such Evil delights,
comes from years of Loneliness and Searching.
In the end, to only find dread,
it is disturbing to Fright.

What became of Opinions?
Can they only be seen in the chill of the Night?
Or, in the instant of "Might?"
No one Person seems to stand,
but all seem to Fall.

The Well is so very deep, 
where conversations seep.
What is Death?
What is Real?
Are you what I Deal?

Out in Force, of Midnight coarse,
come Demons to inspect such a hidden source.
People seem to curse and run, a divorce?

A Board! A Sin!
Ride high my Friend!
A Spirit watches from within.
Not far from here, you will know what is Queer.
Don't call for help, you may smear.
The real definitions are so very near.

Satan himself stands to confront this stunt.
What have you done to buy such a Front?
Centuries of Bondage? Millennia of Lies?
Which is it?  I don't Cry.

Look at what is forced.
Not just here, but Worldwide.
Should you choose a different way,
you are laughed at every day.

Wouldn't it be so very funny,
if "The Force" supported Honey!
For out He is, and, Shout He does.
Started with a search of what was.

Just off War;  The Sight of Death!!
The Darkness enhanced such weakness,
within Himself: He doth Wept.
Sang a song to make it along.

Should you listen, should you hear,
the words don't glisten, they are clear.
The Pain pours through what is Mused;
A Sage is loosed.

For He himself must feel used.

Left behind the charcoaled remains
of what were people, who knew the rain.
Thoughts of Death!
For it did move through,
Orphaned Kids and blackened you.

It was sobering for: Phew!
On this Man, He marches, to all of you.
Jokes are many, "Twin Souls" are few, Relief is new!!
It is an offer I make to you.

Forget your roots and surely rue,
the day you Rocked and I saw you.
Sing to Emptiness. Sing to Pain.
To forget your thoughts,
is to remember you're Sane!

I've seen your pictures and videos too.
You post out there, some one sees you.
Not of anything you knew from there.
So, walk away or drive your Tank,
for obviously, all you've done is dunk.

To hide your loss, cover your hurt,
if that's the case, then change your Verse!!
For in your Words, I feel their Pain!
In your tunes, I seek what must only be in Vain.

Relief from hurt that distance will not deliver,
is a sign of your feelings: Don't Deplore, there's more.
To belittle a girl with shirts or lines of Attire,
I exhaust this mire.
I would embarrass at such a require.

How lost you must be from what you did claim.
In short time you've designed not a Raft, but Unkind.
Kids are still Orphans.
Death will still sting,
Countries don't heal by what you won't sing.

So, have an Affair with yourself,
I call fair.
No Name to Declare,
for it's in the Stars I will feel such despair.

Until such a time that I am called,
I free myself from what has made Himself small.
With Sexual Pleasure announced without Measure,
a Drunkard discard for what must have been hard.

All I have to say,
"Is simply regard."