Monday, October 13, 2014

Pronunciation Is Like Lacquer

It's funny how these nursery times come to gift & Speech,
the tremble in the Vocal Chords are screeching onto Teach,
that in the Bath of no Contest the water is the Reach,
an Island with a stone abroad is like the sit and leach.

Lice the concrete to the Hair in growth of earth to a Pair,
in doubled Up on sending ruff the palace has a Crown of tough,
talk a small in buckles Wall the band of Pigeon Feet,
a wire in the bite of Call the Telephone thats on the ball.

Ringing Sings that fort the Fist to hang atop the sound,
yet on the dial of the truth a purchase is by route,
party Lines with know in shrine have carried in the fall,
tusk the Mountain to the booth than Payphones seem so small.

Drop the coin of Quarter moon a counting brings to Beal,
the factor of the written Tooth beneath the pillow squeal,
frosty are the Chicken bars that eat without the deal,
from older to the youth of saw the cards are Menu`d par.

Cable T.V. with remote for see a cord that hooks the say,
as if the test was Emergence of fret to bicker all away,
but from the sent to Perfume spent a skunk does Cat on paint,
stripe the letter with the dove a Crow was black in White of Cud.

Bank the fudge to ole sow plug the dinner table on the door,
boiled Onions with a plate and the conversation Roar,
pixel in with Pie on math the ticket for an after cast,
the saying is that fruit is give but Apples are the brain.

To Whom It May Concern on lane the Vista is not strain,
for liquids in the Wine barrel are liquor on the Year,
wanton groups that fear the Croup have not been in the steam,
a good sound Cough to check the dock is much to an extreme.

Boards of sounding simple life have called to know the Cream,
as being of the logic Bud than parks would Ax a theme,
to drives that came in Mid of night to teaching how to live,
an accent with the brittle list must be of great deep knee.

I Like Read Meet

Macramé In The Home Of Macabre Translation Ask X-Ray

Stand strong to whom may caliber this show for in the truth of magnitude the lessons start real slow,
for on the channel of T.V. in days of black & white the signs were not so graphic but of light,
the Teacher came on early in the days of Morn to Night,
on saturday the Cartoons displayed these bitter troubling Fights.

Gross in nature of Human binds that do not flavor Clean,
for on the torture of the life sadistic got best Means.

A Video of rub it out on singing for the cruise about,
just to tangle in with shout as Screaming sheds the spin.

On gruel the introduction comes with pick the Temper found,
hot to touch the spoon is bus and tongue does test the sound,
steam that burns to degree will leave the oats to paste,
from Bowl of skull to ride of Type the dance is in the Fold.

Origami is a paper, Mache is a thought,
concord on the Aero state than Swan the chord to Talk,
create a tester to the Case that words are in the soup,
strike a Note with written soak the bouncer is a Balk.

Little measures add to Treasure for breathing lungs still burn with done,
but in the state of live not bake the channel can go Come,
down the road of path a Stow in rubble has been gum,
chew the stomach of the line for in the Crib there is a Sign,
the Mobile that does now just send to Receive the menu Fee,
a work for open in Surprise is the dance of Christening tribe.

Adult the fashion to the closed than does the Thought remain,
for pictures in the Mind ore brain to etch the scar as Bar,
kindle for the freak appear than toss the dial task,
for quicker ways to point the Fear is showing on the blast.

This Is How It Felt To Many More Than I Growing-up Within The Lie

Don't any worry for death is a station of knowing direction,
on the guides in breathing the grid is deadly from Tossed,
graph an Understanding to the mental ability to show the Wrench,
for there in the midst of Reality humanity has allowed the providence of deathly Tolls,
in a personal witness to Life Itself there will be a balance in my control,
for the shift of Gears is to lay Testimony to the Proper that has casted out a symptom plague,
on the pill of indiscriminate the Script does prove the Space of Grimm in Tale.

So for the crowd that had a Tank in the water the flow has be crumbed the Filter,
for upon the Scene it is the production of Ick that is a Scent on the verbose of a strong,
arm the Counter with a cure for ick is the product of sickly fed Fleet,
as work begets the better stet the Math is in Arithmetic not the slashing Wrist of it.

Performers that respond with touch the loss of lunge regarded nothing of the done,
as audience to Tours in the grands of Complete drop a bisque of salmonella to Trip,
for in the diary of Montezuma the Singer has creed to do a liquid in the brew of it,
floral in arrangement hath dew in the design as Mornings are for broken Blunt is in the Hind.

The hand of discipline to great a taste of Shine is not in leading illness but stating how Hulls die,
a bit of voice to stain a choice with list before the face,
in Height fork on the blade for victims grain the Brisk,
roast a quarter of the cram for release does not go Jam,
in only parks the Feat to start a pickle on the Come of start.

Stat me a cable with a phone line to greet,
the hearth of the Mead in the drink of a pea,
for clams are in Muscles that tummy of the gut,
a cramp for the Stomach makes digest on the fudge,
juggernauts are Classic tunes that provide a Look at guise,
with Only weapon on the Ink the Watch must Real Eyes.


Have You Ever Scene Assign

My eldest sister went to School in Chinatown it's true,
but as the years came to know the Venture was the seek&Show,
for on the letter of the go Acceptation had a rule,
should you Talent in a gift than Size becomes the gruel.

Like Oliver in Movie learn singing is the Stew,
brew with leaves in every Ring than a Warbler I must Cree,
for in the luck of Charmed at place the city of my State,
had a barn in the Park of Golden Gate at Mind Full grace.

Stow was lake the Rose was garden the Museum had a Gate,
cross the court to over dough the Aquarium cost a Farthing,
round the bout to more that pout for I did go to Caroling,
in this Song of sixpence the sticker in the star lean.

There in the paddocks my sister left a big enormous guy,
his Name was of consequence as now the sheet can't buy,
for in this plate of extreme to Fold the Horse was made of Told,
'Jet to Frisco' claimed the Fame of a World on the Pi,
entire Countries came to be the San Francisco sigh,
for in Exhale of the signs not everybody Cried,
sum of wares some of few did enjoy the Jokers louvre,
as Water is under creek the City has those too.

My pony in the scene of things was Freckles at a Seat,
for on the arm of give Complete the boots did Wild me,
I was the part of that which is the Arrows on the live,
aimed in riding for the Best the sound has come to Test,
for in the arena of the world the fence is all but dressed,
paint the Coat of apples Toss the bitten has an Egg.

At the Stables eggs are well never really useful,
for as the saddle does the work so does the Bridle Able,
a sit return to type of burn that gets between the Craw,
like on the Beach I heard that reach is a little bit in Raw,
the get a quick in Miles that sip a dainty clue to Whom,
should know that with a kindle start the fire goes a Way.

I'm not so down on empties sound from Watch the Flocker joe,
a mug suites of teacups in the China slow,
a shoppe in Many Mentions does warm the pot so slow,
that water is the Testify on the Falls of Code,
like Morse had the helping hands in the War of II,
click Clique operator do you Have a Clue,
pop went the Corn on file to a digit in the dial,
off to the Zoo Time smile it's Keyed to Copper sill.

As Penny was a trooper on the page of Lost in Space,
showing all the strong Arm was robotic in it's pace,
danger Danger will Robin stun for Batmans on Parade,
in the list of gee Haw~haw the straights began to Shake,
shivering with the giggle twist my eyes have a twinkle,
like wading in the Shallow scent of perfume in the Bottle.

Mug Wark

Fresh Baked Crisp

I spy with my little eye a blessing in the Tweety line,
a Bird on the Wire from instance of a Lover,
in the brought of on the bought buy a line for truth,
on the Parcel in the rent don't worry you will Flu,
for in the ill of bark a clue to Puzzle on the rube,
a list in park of on the Tarp an Airplane just for Tooth.

Place the stamp of foot rubbed ramp the climber on a Toss,
in that dice be at the dance to Waltz the steeps to trance,
in the maze of gifts and traits don't reply for Sail,
as on the tit of Nurse in kit the singer gots a fail,
in that Safe of box in Cased the brain goes clippty clop,
four Ours are the Minutes notes to speak Too no A Bail.

Prison Talks on riding floss is Stringing Violin,
rosin Bow with only sew the Tempo is of Golden,
for on the Blunt of frank in Name the boss is grass and Chose,
to know that the tendency is to rip a Flame,
so flicker Well my deep kip tell the Lurid Mice will prove,
that even in the Cheese of Bight the tender is the Move,
on boring lives that said it Cry or release to Breathe,
the sacrifice is All but Nice to cool the Heals lead.

Scope the Nope to in the pea of Pods that City Vice,
on a Train in caboose lane the tendency is try,
so go ahead and burrow fed for digs that drain to lye,
in the clothes of beaching Nose the clip is ready Prose,
get back that plate of archetype to follicle of Hare,
in just a Flash of thistle lash the Brier has a Stair,
to paint your Face with brows of Haight & allow the Fillmore,
is To Theater on the pace that everything is Sum Wheres.

Kelp in seaweed is a Treat to add a rice with fish a keep,
in the dish of Spicy reap the green is on Wasabi leap,
dip the Soy of sauce in key what you'll have is soy lent beans,
now on the eats of goods and pete the ample is a berry Feat,
dunk the Tea at Japanese the Garden in the golden please,
for is the Cookie on the peek or broken for the Message seed,
tune yourself to City sell the San Francisco Treasure meet,
walk to Chinatown on true read go to Ross Alley in your deed,
there you'll find the coolest thing, A Wheel made of Iron.


Mental Arithmetic

Call mea culpa I have cruised the Glider time,
in verse and tone of Up the phone a glance to be a tune,
for from the Back to basic Watch a temples Touch on the Face,
for Smile I will and grin the Toast as Text is oh so Close.

Consider speak at speech a sake in the Mind of give a take,
in the snapshot of the verse on the grind of no rehearse,
a simple state of being.

Kind of harsh this Worlds march over Top on sail,
for the bridge of Natural live is living on in type,
a write for left in know Swan Song the liberty of spare,
for on the Tower of the tongue words are Solve the riddle spun!!

Inside the golden thread of struck a nerve in Spinal tap,
a jenson on the verbal Clap the beast or is it Thumb,
for in the Hand of grip to Fist a Tincture drop of Eye,
blink twice wit a pearl Crib than sanctions are the brae!!

Rink that skate with ankle Bake burning strong till dawn,
the hots with Night are dreaming Site to bring a post of gong.

Trouble nothing with a Squirrel 'A~Nut' is in the curl,
shoulder throng with gut to string than every Thing is Bean,
crinkle Foil pound the sword in digestion find a floor,
tissue lips with Blot a tip than Color is the stick of Trick.

As a youth in going Church these lessons came with Hards,
for as example slapped my Soar the flight is in the pour,
pitch a blackish brown to place than sweet sheet on the pane,
for all can stand in Side of Sun and burnings all the Same.

Teach a stipulations lace tied up to be Pretty,
fork the Y with yield taste than Salt & Pepper crispy,
knife the Light with half&half the 20th fore`th a day,
is it in the trireme of Hem or is it On display.

Tube that through the Over shoe is higher Heels height,
with belted Buckles for the kite do Strings just mirror the Flight,
in the dance of Wilds on chance can the Deck and run the pants,
zip a liner on the Once in that handle Creation pumps.

Five time bringers on the 4th of the whip in creaming Source,
is the Measure on the spoon of the Calculations broom,
sweeping Raking scratching Skin can the Scars be on the Send,
cork the bottle to the see popping with touch liberty.

Belling flowers with no be posed for Unique is all the clothes,
should your Lamp be bulb of grow than the wisdom Reasons poe,
extinguish Nasal blows away on the Path of gift&play,
instead of killing others rows be of certain that it's Prize,
for even the smallest Pebble rolls to the understanding of the Pose`d.

"Nourishment throughout our lifetime is required by our bodies to grow and then to maintain us in order to function at any level of activity. This is nourishment for our minds; Thinking, Believing, Imagining. I am only the mind that is delivering a message for other minds to have more specific stimulation that ignite the fire of compassion, understanding, forgiveness, belief, convictions and so on."

Faint Me A Crew

On the Wrote again,
just thought I'd share on the road a jinn,
for point of fact the Rode a been,
to simple in the track a send.

For better or the worse of friend,
a sticker in the Stamp of bin,
to read the Cycle of a Hymn,
in every Other rack.

On the Mag again,
just thought I'd share the had a him,
for the Basic sack a tend come Ren,
from Far a Nether lend.

Is is on the mount,
 of akin to further down,
the pipe of Organs Mouth.

On the Swallow trend,
the Halo of a Singer Fen,
a fairy of the Factory in,
the Moo of jiminy!!

The legs begin,
to Spider on the web up Tin,
of Writer to announce....

The lighter a Match,
to the Fire in the flaming lens.

On the Size of shine,
the foot is in the kicking Den,
to Out the brig of prison Pen,
a paddock of the blue.

On the Rhythm Add a Ba Hoot!!


'Little Talks' a sound clip just played on CBS News so hold my hand my dear,
the Strange of show is the bearings Row of over the top a skid in Know,
that life is tremble touch the Glow fires burning at Wrist of bow,
aimed with Arrows the quiver grows just Ink time with printing Lines.

A Traveler on the Origin wind in the laugh of lapping Pine,
syrup dripping from the trunk of Bahut it Is the thump.

Tea for process Coffee Pot mugs that shall the Verse be plot,
pluck a pedal Daisy string with grenade pull a pen on writing & What have You got,
a Spot!!

Tickle Mi Tinsel 

Awe Ma Day Us

The gift of life in birthday wise a day of coming to the Tell all of Present read this Will,
for on November 3rd this Year my Son will be the Age of Heard for in the birth of Reason,
as each unveils the tongue and Spur remember Remember the wise is sure to being,
the biggest part of showing Spring.

About the face on great in Taste each day is the Product place,
as distribution equals skill for the Talent said it's still,
all about the Vista fill Up to the top of Listen Hill,
cliff Notes for the track of Glade a forest in the ever Say,
journey with Me to the Team of what will be an Extra Extra Seen!!

Crowd your basic industry sum will call the decimal Small but it's Inclusive,
a kind of round in Circuitry that spake a Wheel to spokes of deal,
pick it up with beat the tuk from See to shining Memory,
this Coordination of oxides bleach is the Urine on the teach,
laughing Letter as the fee of the find Infinity!!

Trouble not yourself with bliss for my Son is grander Lung,
so should the Soaring of the Voice be gallant on the day of Noise,
do not fret for it's a bet that match be Light in thinking Rite,
a strand of Prelude to the fight that what is Hear is all the Tight,
a little black book in the Finder type.

Could the Swallow be the string on the Wire Pigeons sing,
for stretch that throttle to the Gear & gosh darn it's a Calendar Year!!

Crickey on the name of Noun for my Uncle had a sound,
platters full to dinner found,
pull up a laptop and Join the Pound.

As my daughter said to me on the facts it speaks like Tack,
Hakuna Matata was her Wise in the pass of Goods and Prize,
for on the Verse & Charge rehearse mine just go to know the nurse,
a Movie Burst!!

Don't be the Bug of Flu now duck for the Goose is on the truck,
if the Chair is in the chukkar than Mallet off with staff of Cost,
for being skull to Baldwins Score is the Truth at opera Fore,
add a script to Wasp E ripped that the Pages are a Stip. U`lations of Sal,
the biggest Freak on the Show Peeks.

Signature Constrict

I got a book in the jail of the saran wrap of the say with a shrink to fit olay,
for soap is scrub the germ a state that describes bindings state to Announce,
great Fantasia brought the plate to A Film in singing Spake ore Arions' race,
to have jaded such the Taste with a photo signed by gave Art Temple in a Play.

Wings had been the born on clave long Ago the Time of go,
across the method in the Ink a perfection until the Stink,
as I held the Book of Tell embracing Talent in this Hell,
written Template just the spell wrote a Master peace the bell.

With ginger on the bowl of See green was Hot and Hot was scene,
from back to basic persons Theme giving layers to the bring,
yet as I disclose this Story well a deeper Darker keep to Shell,
as a Clam is pearls seed not each after grains the deed.

Impearling ask the string of Feed ankles walk as Mouths dupe Ring,
for the bearings in the Ream were as empty as the Ping,
tooth for Tooth dim was Crook took a Sing to provide a Soot,
chimney on the brain in cave for the effort blown at spade.

Aces hi to deuces Lo match the Quad to all that Scratch,
pass the Plaid the kilt of snap underwear such Naked swear,
cotton Pin to swab the bare for a Witness said a Snare,
pop goes the weasel in the Can of cut striping Film of grudge a Rut.

Digs will come in swing with drum as the compact is a tongue,
slow to chore the word a door on the sides of B on earth,
charge the coarse with valued Test than discover it's a speck,
to the reveal of nudge to New careful should the wise be Clue.

Vinyl recordings smoked their Jacket with a Shot of whats at Balance,
needle to the turntable land climbing Charts for beast at Stand,
gears to Mechanics the Voice of strand a Heard of echo grown to Mold,
to Instructions of the Fan flip the Record to hear the Span.

Two sides to every lisp like a ship on Oceans tip,
swaying with the Waves on clip it's the Sail or Mass of grip,
vomit will bring Bile strong for on empty the Stomach yawns,
The Feed is crowds that export Shout, buckle the Ruse with Nark On Brow`d!!

Trojans Secret Scale

Enjoy the wreath of Swallow swing a lull breathe Wave a high in grave,
swept across the Universe the breeze in energy of the Scene,
on the banks of planets theme decor is on the shirt of Means.

Earth does share her gravity with able`ing the step of 'Mankinds shore,
a precious care to entice the sign Yield is the burial spine,
on the turf of Millions learn death is the always with a Sun.

In sures the grace of laughter gates on a spot to know the hands,
ten on digit to the Match there abouts sounds the Flout,
clarion trumpets the Guild for coat Swallow pipes the whistle still.

Ages Mach in spend of lock scoring storage with a Hook,
the reel spinning a line for took down the change of Hoof & look,
a wrist for band the tempo grand timing on the palm print Fan.

Ferns do curl in un`growth a weed in mist is on the Float,
bulbs with Daffodils on Hill each a season for the fill,
framers Hammer structure 'till the big old bang so no gone back.

Lead by route to by too a grid the Graph of Minds in ring,
charming on the sing to Arms the chest in latched is Colder still,
combinations with no spin have the Hardware know the Bin.

Searching longer Tusk that grin there is An Elephant at coffee send,
quietly starts the Drawing Rooms Win,
a Cup for Taste and A Conversation brings Base.

The Book of leather the Page of print,
pictures Colors all in sent,
great are the Markers of,
Two for tea & One for Sub.!!