Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To Really Be, Is To Sacrafice It All. For There Are No Guarantees in Life. But, In Death There Are Certainties'

Look into the Eyes of what you say is not there,
you will blind yourself with the light of innocent repair.
Etched upon your Soul,
will bare witness to your presumption of thought to have done so.

No One person, nobody ever stops, warns or simply says,
"Go blind you will; Don't look there."

Anything said in spoken Verse would help,
I am sure.

Belief in that Childhood Dream!!
There was one other I put before myself;
That Boy: I am sure a Man by now.

Thinking that each of us would make an equal whole;
I pushed on.

I comforted my then Soul.
For in the grand World of ours,
such innocence did roam!

So selective, so directed, so hopeful I was.
For what I knew was the destiny for Two.

A youthful dream should never be torn from a child.
Such incredible thoughts are life coming through
so adults know the Universe is true.

Men and Women are not bought,
or, are they?

A Bus, a Municipality may schedule to maintain a stop every 20 Minutes,
for timely sake, not for the gander of another sexual hit.

Love; Well, that is meant to be a once in a Lifetime Experience.
So, I thought, "A boy and a girl," you know how the song goes.
And yet it seems all we do is slave.

I know that we must work to know.
Faith to believe and be able to dream of "He."
It is important to be true to ourselves,
be true to memories not yet made.

Yet, be pliable, understanding, patient and empathic enough within our beings
to feel the freedom of peaceful residence when it delivers us the news to wait.

Not manipulate the situation so that it is pushed our way on our time schedule,
 as it seems the female gender loves to do.

Rather, cooperate when the outcomes are different,
varied from that which we may have imagined at one time.
Maybe excitement will be delivered by our Knight,
not the nightmare you expect will happen.

Mother Nature shows us or even in a kinder fashion,
examples for each of us a path to this kind of living each and everyday.

She pours her Wealth upon this land,
with simplicity and exactness, she is so very grand.
Erupting as we do, she does it at will,
just so we can fill our Till.

Giving to Man something so that we may continue to build.

Our lives are interrupted, we experience great personal loss.
However, our Minds, our Intellectual thoughts blossom
when we begin to ponder on how to warn ourselves.

For with certainty,
we do know of her impending thoughts for furthering her growth,
her magnitude, her grandeur.

Yet! In anger, or rage, we point at Her.
We blame Her for our loss.

The suffering for Human Beings is felt across the board.
How could it not be?

However, who cries and holds Mother Natures woes.
For Father Nature seems to not be Home.