Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Shivering Lease Of Say Mi

Can you know that words feel,
ask the page the savor of the breadth,
in each place of touch to point,
ever is the pen with flowing lovely day to the expression of case.

While the spelling holds to Width,
the placement in the Sentence to Voice,
in and conjunction the mouth to Tongue of type`d decide,
dialing Truth.

As upon the exhale,
the gentle thing that exclaim = to pause,
it is Their in those errors of define shoring Thought,
a Sync mist Time,
the Certain sad that Word says loss.

The raw mind in read sign Traits the play of Your teeth grazing an Encyclopedia,
the Trust Treasury that longs for a Human to Yawn with Stretch,
a Timber than Tongue.

The Muscle of the Greatest Strength,
is also a Tool belonging to your brain in a Colossal Trade,
the worth was Said once; shooting the breeze.

Odd Knee

Joint with a Wonder this Life of lasting surprise to full-Wheel exhilaration,
as breaking Cycles of repetition to advance new with understanding pass,
too be so fortunate in the express of onward towards great relief,
I celebrate reason with the wisdom of Ancient balance of Calculation.

In 'The Continue' an Ages adventure with the Framework to Time,
the Sun blushes as the moon breezes the Space of Saturn,
the Ring of Uranus is a beautiful example of Venus in the shadow of Mars,
as Pluto has shot Planet membership to an enhanced Star teak.

The Tale of A Comet to the silk thread of a Meteor,
the ride of gravity with the freeze to shade,
all in the pace of a System in a Youth of Match Stick.

Fire Trails over the film of Cosmic Matter,
to the outreach of Polar LL.M.,
sped with Mathematical;
Sybaris on tile that told Cancer of the Taurus Constellation,
the Wave with Orion on a counter of the Milky Way in the Aeon of the Iconics that Shade.

On the Breath of Orle an Anchor to pound the Armor,
the shield form of distance to shake in the closure of disconnecting from Creon,
a Noble in the Caricature of a lawn Nail. 


The Tail of Arbitreres' nature is the assay of theorem in Rum Rock,
as the Canter is too trot on seat of saddle,
it is the achieve of balance that Ascesis.

Intro' true form ask the rider of the storm-On,
in event of Cause the challenge is the thrill of ample in Complete,
to have been trained by a Clinic Olympian via Coach rail,
the legal production is a Course well written,
to 'Park' test in Competitions.

As a learner in the Field World,
a Tuner is the Instrument of Key,
pitch lo & be Hold,
the reins of directive bit to the steel of a soft-Mouth to increase the Collection at a bend,
supple Artists approach to Leg&Spur!!

Ver Moo~Thd

The Archetype of Transliteral is the Weal of undercarriage in the Aunk`An be All,
the Polo in the Park of city Real,
as the learning is comprehensible to Abele,
the rafter in a Ciel is the print of Shock that springs to Living Water,
that blood of Air in breath Able oxygen per Write pon expressives to Capacity of learn Taught.

The Work in vision is the disturbance of Waves upon the skin marble of Teal,
thus creative design in assembly Wills product progressive to Know control as discipline is Too,
Authority In/& of retro-Respect to further Par~Theor a piano with the stop unplugged,
as An Organ Pedal`d

To box carriage of buggy rides,
a hurdle is a Field Crossing of 'The Hunt' of seen,
a Foxy in a 'Hound Sport' to out the Racoon with Stone Walls Hurdle.

How 'ever' in life gates 'The Shop of Trust' is thereby An Address at Matter,
to engage not An marriage the gear Issued Larry; A Kale.

To Minuet the Avenue with a Van Ness App ore-ition,
the land Pard is a Stuffed-Clause with reveal`d by Determination of Truth Duelled at cork heards,
a Neck-Valve with drink-A-tongue is Indictee of swallow on the drownings.

Az Tire

Moon Landing the Apollo Mission ~ For The Arch Hives

One Step for Man One-Step for Mankind,
Landing on the Moon with Strong,
a Vision of Accomplished,
the Journey to Real on the Idea of a Mission,
Apollo the Name of what changed Our understanding,
the Trip of & In itself Inspirational,
the music of a quest bringing Imaginations to Actual Construction,
the drive of A Solar.

As History is an Increase to the Discovery that Now has been the Minute Note,
it is than left to what is the second,
should Study increase Insult or Nature Est. the Character of Path,
either have in road Run.

Constellations are drawings of photo-mapped,
strength to Telescope credit towards Interest,
does than a Journal record of a Human Life confirm or destroy the Curious.

In Science the inquiry of explanation was called Satanic for History Proper,
only in more change of Mass did the Pea-tree-dish accept the Aspect,
yet has the Charters State 'If' to Ancients and their Grid to the Universe in Cosmic Calendar,
the baffle is the accuracy of the grid.

Shall no Person Stand to Appreciate the Millenia in a Century,
than Turn to say Nothing but take the Nice,
than I would Say that if a scene is On repeat it is Natural to jump and/or leap with Absolute.

Carry-On A Body Nerved

New Too Old In Ancient Breaking The Colds

One step for Man One step for Mankind in the History Fact of this Country of the U.S.A.,
Apollo was a Mission in multiple Flights landing on the Moon in the Decade of drive,
the gridlock of adventure with the Accomplishment placed a Flag on station Satellite first reach,
the strong Arms of a Nation with ideas that have brought forward Technology and grasped Imagine.

Space a Frontier that Star Treks Captain Kirk introduced a Cast of Friends that stuck to the skin,
a host of adventures with many lessons in an era that no Public Television would have lucked,
now the cell phone laptop is an expectation in the flip or touch of a Screen site application,
these conveniences have pushed further to create pads of communication in a drop second tick.

The scope of the Cosmic in an comparison to the vary APP Bar is a tidbit to the history storage,
a Mind in the firing connective spark is electric with journal Scrabble in source to expressive,
as learning simples the Imperative of Crust a descriptor of the grid work to Mapping the Natural,
a gun for the Method no bullet in shot yet hitting the points of done like a rock in the jungle.

With Ancients mapping the Stars on Walls, Scrolls versing Books on the Subject of Travel,
the unexplained became proven by the determine of the Science to Frame the Talk in Photo,
as the match-up with each System was unexplainable to the Tools of the day it has remained,
in mystery the brain is a function of an Auto-mechanical Order true Form to the shoulder.

Carriage at Full-Crop will furrow the Valley with Mountain,
pore rain spark lightening and count Thunder as a common walk,
on a Run to the World now Chaos has charged that system with Perk,
coffee a Mug at the counter of Jug spoon of Sugar and cream in the Sub.!!

Firstly the the correction is on the Two sides that my Trunk employs,
Thought and Memory!!

Bird Flight Falcon Near