Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Just To Bee Clear Is It King Dom {as in B.D.S.M. of course} Ore King Dumb??

Bank me a Chair and aye will dollar a Bill to that is The World on Human Traffic.King to that Saudi,
train Um till the Chi gets to the Tide??,
hello Salman Watch on the Dungeon of that past life to my thimble in this ride as a saddle gots a Bit??,
nigh the offspring of your sour seed to the trip journal tip,
got a good bed for the collar of my nape to the bedroom on your YachtSP{Yaught} of yet??,
make Kin the covers like the leash of my Friend??,
well in this life on I do not care if the United States of American beliefs,
I know.

You are the Pawn oop's I mean to say Prawn of the shrimp in this basket of I to the Crab??,
this is a DungeonousSP {} State in California loud!!

The Ocean on the Bay is the Seer to say that Tugs have the Scene to Whales and Krill,
want to play with the board to answer your Rooster with a Ross.Stirred by Row.Man,
or perhaps its Ma.lend.duh that card Carries to this deck of Poe.Lease,
either is not either,
the Cousin to the First on that is My Family on the shores of no,
its not the reach nor the stamp of passport through country side Wainscot,
this is the Real Spoke on the Shoal of Dolphins!!

Ray is that Chorus to My Lyrics to your Sole,
in each every walk to dance I with the square of only knowing the Pyramid,
I startle you King of Saudi Arabia with this lurid be Leaf.

Trees on the Trunk to that is conversation slate,
chalk.let Out lines to Masque care Ra,
beacon I light House to a Show of sublime??

Clothes and those Sheets you're Wares to my eyes in the Blue,
cast.tore Troy is but a a Oregon to the Priest of which craft I,
nigh the owner.ship is taught.see on the News,
fore the mead.dee.yaw in this ankle the Great Danes Maid breast of Turkey the puppet of a Pope's knows??,
that bit.tour bark.curr is stuck behind the gladiator on a Thumb of Cardinals as the games on Owe.Limb.Pix's.

The tumbler of what is know as Watts in the neigh.oh.Mi??,
give a brake??,
nigh for your shed of tools to the egg in a nest is but my Toast,
electric to the Core and notes for The Force,
Star Wars on Reality to the Ground.did In.Form.may.Shin.

Aunt Hope to Aunt Nancy to Aunt Barbara the ants among the Faxes,
for my Uncle Richard is as depth to my tablet as that Thanksgiving Teller,
the Hobbs at the Still Spur.

To That Torque Like I Be Strength In Communication Touch This See^Bee As My Kid Drew A Poster On The Streets Of City Hall To Say Friends Are In Our Bell!!!

Should the 'T' Zing bare.role than the rest Room be eh just as the dig is grave a Measure is hard,
to walk on with once a pawn a story a bank is the Barn to the Stable on a read of Mucking,
the pitchfork of that is the cause and at Festival of knowing a stile to Waltz the Matilda!!

In the Austrian of Yodel,
an echo of Wise,
pull Ups to say that the Cent is a Cry!!

Choice is the Fined of Drill,
Mechanics by Designing a bet.tour to the owe.Ill,
flew to a chimney as the Turn.key.

Should any Police Department or Ike be on the Hoover,
say to that car that the gere is on the take??,
sum of all lines is the notes between the letters.