Monday, May 20, 2013

The Writing Fight

Fraught with 'Thought'
I gallop my Mind, 
nothing taught,
only gained.

Find relief in 'Reason' sought,
I look to See,
and see what's Knot!!

Truth be known,
rare so 'Trot'
the 'Course' of which,
complicates, Fought!!

Upon the jump,
of built complete,
it is the task,
not the feat.

To tire therewith,
a common blip,
the effect,
increases Whip,
a sort of term,
Natural Grip!!

Second Nature,
a practiced seat,
creates such Balance,
a "Weight-to-Counter,"
impulsion measures,
an Ink-filled Feather.

To dip the tip,
the Bluing sip,
a drink too thirst,

The parchment paper,
a book compose,
makes 'Writing' riding,
a horse in prose.

Collected 'Frame'
can be in vain,
practiced hand provides too land,
a 'Score' of Man,
in grains of sand.

The arena,
a trail the rail,
provides the Mount,
expression written,
to meld a Mind,
or to Purport and Too Geste.

So to state,
cross-country named,
the stride increased,
the jump is famed,
the purpose show,
watch them know.

Each Event,
charged or deed,
seems in Life,
nothings Free.

The Line you chose,
a Horse take stock,
in the team-work,
no longer wrought.

Now the bar is set with pole,
the 'Brush-box' is,
penciled null.

Roads and Tracks,
groomed for footing,
rocks come-up,
hurts the foot.

A heal bruised,
shoes bring ease,
much like stone,
the steppings done.

The gift of prose is streaming,
"Wrotes of Conscience Notes."

The Verse is the Walk,
connecting talk,
production a Scene,
collected Ream.

Singing verbs as nouns announce,
 plain in-sight:
Prepositions Rite,
the sentence tight.

To give not take,
a good hand made,
seems to form,
a Score-of-Notes with scribbled Looks.

A Wave of Sees,
simplicity reads,
the voice that sings,
a Type-of-Being!.