Wednesday, February 17, 2016

In The Honor Of Davidson And The Fact That Trainers Gave My Song The Lyrics To Sing Everywhere I Know To Sing For The Horse To Know, No Fear!!

To Mi Off Spring,
the obvious is at a circus and circus method of traveling the keens,
be of the type that knows of the ride,
it is the balance Only of the Horse to My Tack,
this is in the extreme on Hour Lives,
do not exit to the hyper cause tick of pulls to stream,
for on your raise it was the Neighborhood that Held.

Rise to the strength of People on the curling,
in Winter the Ice of Under gear,
should the truth beget compass Instructions are as follows,
leader Ship is on the Candor of simply complex with a Trail to the Holds.

Treasure the Pandora,
hug Ma deuce Awe,
remember the Hookers as the gets is close,
the Chess Game of Media,
end game.

Desire what is Unto you Personally,
your stride is of independence,
regard your words as letters to production,
these are the found day shins that bring deck land a language to also be of candor.

Remember Remember the 5th of November,
it is in Verse and Text to day and Date year and pride,
from the tops to the bottoms,
the side to side,
recall the total,
for it is The Whip that knows The President.

Religion puts Plates,
shale is sheer,
earthquakes happen,
twisters come,
cyclones Hurricane,
Bill Maher and The Radio are Goods.

Fore the Land in Hidden for Stand,
my older brother is of the greatest stature,
loved beyond belief,
his Hand is the Won,
Forever & A Day!!

Lobos Creek is the Presidio's Primary Source of Potable Water.

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