Saturday, May 24, 2014

Confusion Often Mistakes Don't Trait

Kelp collects Moss grows,
Oaks die,
Who am I??

The Base is Elemental,
the fire a flame,
looking to Eternity,
I was shown the Infinities comb.

A strange reward for open door,
to feathered approach of links in spoke.

Gifts seem in exist,
the Mind of knows this as a kiss,
no wonder pushed it's just the Mist,
it flows like a rambling rose.

No thorns to prick,
no apple in nipped,
no poison in felt,
release just belts.

Heed the warnings there sort of scornings,
in my life I've respected it's right,
beware of the bee hives knife.

Cutting babble to englished gavel,
the Sword of a double edging crones.

Certain I am that scared I do,
the writes are tightly knit for true.

Never dabble in Witchcraft too,
the pensive words in used I spook,
the shadow an echoed dug,
the Circle is the speak.

To call the Moon in naked spoon,
the dance is done with fem's for fun,
it scares me till I speak and fill,
the sentence with these weirds in brisk.

No excitement fills my vassals,
for this I must so speak,
the traveled road that sends to know,
involves no tricks to treat,
a blessing for this feat.

Should I spend to much lend,
on subjects that just creep,
I'll shake or shook with pen in book,
to express the speak.

Wisdom prevails as I whale,
digging out from up this vale,
it's secrets are to no avail,
I worry for the Tends.

I am not Them.

Dear Karma,

In this particular Life I have paid off a Debt,
The Account, I felt owed.

I wrote to be bold,
not to get what I wanted,
I wanted to be Free!!

In such dues, 
Requirement Deeds.

Accomplishing Tasks,
often fraught my Eyes in plot,
released me from a (Bleed) need.

Now in No (need) plea,
I balance only Time to be,
looking Forward,
the railed track,
I train, the Roads to roam!!
(a birthed zone.)

An Adventure Unknown.

The magic of search,
relief (is) met with (had) Verse,
a beautiful Time,
written in rhyme,
a lyrical tune,
to sing my Own due.(s)!!


I Know It's Not A Word


The clevered of the eyes in out,
spout to seeing veed,
the entry gates to golden spaked,
the tides due ebb and flow.

The Opening to tremendously through,
the Anonomous extreme shrewd,
tester in the balanced lews,
a Natural Law of these Moves.

Grass the mow to evened grows,
the whether permits to licensed Crow,
no replace of could is go,
regardless of the fit I throw.

Rep desired have a blaze,
stoned around not hands that laid,
to judge the journey of questing shay,
the knife of blunt is knew the Ray!!

To expect the always gee,
would be left to up yours keyed,
the friendly que is for in tuned,
anger plays volley too.

As if to think that One believes,
I'd kowtow in every bleed,
would leave to great exportations in trade,
the value of the independence sayed.

Just 'cause I am whom you're not,
does never imply any other why,
than unique is no question,
each human life abides with a real and able try.

Not to attempt to steal a ride,
rather to understand the individual resides,
to embrace themselves as the blast of cell,
created to be the actual read,
in turn to encourage the other spurned.

Amazing things will sprout from you're own Mind,
water the blessing that arrived in arresting,
the shock of the spread doesn't mean you're fed,
it requires you to be the reflection you see,
Your Self in the Mirror.

Trod upon the game of gone,
ignorance will delivery stupidity as wrong,
the step of the skipping stone on the pond,
examples the least in the much to the song,
build a bon-fire and make a friend,
you will find the worth in trend.

Creativity warred to Evolve,
nothing comes from nothing solved.

Bravado Logic

The Recovery will never be Had,
acceptance may become possible,
re-Living Events each Day,
not because I want to ,
but because people will not let it Go!!

The First Effort!!,
not the most difficult,
most common 'Just' survival,
the run of what's done.

Years May Pass,
the burden time,
the breaking down Shows,
All of the Time!!

Targets on 'Our' backs,
aim is taken,
People fire upon 'Our' lives,
knowing 'We' cannot/will not fight back.

Surrounded by uncaring just go-overs,
doing that is a reminder,
'We' stopped for a Reason.

If going on was so easy,
why not take 'Our' hand and say,
I'll stand with You!!

Time does not heal pain,
silence makes it go away,
for everyone but the damaged,
open-wounds that never get air, fester,
infection occurs.

No Reply 1-31-14 Know Respond Jibbing

Interesting when Point reversed,
same Name, different Spell,
the threat to(o) Home is (a Verse.) Terse.

The blurb to Ask,
support for Stop,
Print the Said,
send to stone,
include I.D. it's Imp. to Me.

The Drill is Lurk,
destruction of,
the Ocean do ,
should You not Endorse (the Stop.) Prop is True!!

How must it feel,
when Reach is REAL,
does it make it also surreal?

Is this Meeting,
more in Meaning,
'cause it's Yours,
and not Me bleating?

Since Professed,
a giant test,
is it in,
the Stance (or) Address?

As Life's Turns,
produce these (turns) Learns,
now You need,
a favor returned?

So simply Read,
only request,
the Person says,
'we' must Protest.

Not to be,
what complicates Me,
to answer deed with Your lead.

Of Years, Sum Eight that passed,
I guess it's time to Accept,
that doing nothing is (Best) like Pass.

Mought Dotting

I know of the Water-Boarding Fraughter,
the load of the Voiced said "No-Gowd"
culcullated fleed be theirs,
to ink out the Skee.

Growed inhabits birthed in Form,
a d.n.a of r.n.a returned.

Crib the bits to opened lipped,
crowding congressional tips,
it lies with-out a kip.

Highest of the Marked in doved,
the flight of the middle-knight in subbed,
grounds to end you'res to bridge kin,
dwelling deep to noted leap,
reid the spelling kippling Tells.

Say includes filling fulled,
in heaving lungs of Ancient lulls,
the cradle rocks to bedding talks,
a Conversational bleed in Blocks,
a building speed.

One tie Two tide Three in Hi!!,
qualified Four in Valued Cry,
the deck of the fife is herd in dikes,
the finger plugs the whole in Rights,
a left aid tugged to Polled in bugged,
the boat of no appealed rug.


Directoire Delicates F5 Mock 3

The Ice-Cream Melts,
the bowl of Tell,
lost In and Out of being,
the visit writes in desperate plea.

The express relates to All,
a Role the Pen Appeals,
the mirror of (night.) Ink,
reflects the Image,
the shatter of the Move,
[Is (Real.)]

The Jack-in-the-Box, 
the toggled wheel,
the agony is the Ink Blot.

The broken stare,
an empty bin,
to fill with what I do not see, Me.

A Vacuum Court,
Tennis Played,
I Volley to the Self in Read,
the Racket laced by Luck.

The Ditch is Mean,
the hour slips,
seconds shoveled,
Minutes soak,
the Years of Crawling Claim.

Distinctive Clasp,
the graduate degree,
roaming better to filed part,
aware about,
a Glass half-Cold.

Brought by Accident,
loaded life,
a well-known Scroll: Script (Kept!!)

Directoire Delicates F5 Mock 2

The Truth of Existence,
liberty of life,
happiness and laughter,
the birds chirp!

The human touch,
a smile speaks,
a comforting voice,

The better of the worse,
views of droves,
found in signs,
nature plays!!!

Loose yourself in exhaustive measure,
tire a mind,
food for thought,
thinking on a Walk.

Rest-Upon what is Found,
chin-up and stand the ground,
death is inevitable
but Living? Why thats a Choice!!

Directoire Delicates F5 Mock 1

The Impression of the Moon,
the earth a friend in mind,
a particular life in burning flame,
the soothe of the bottle-necked life.

Cruising amongst Pages Time,
'the Continue' is a State in placed,
a quiet storm erased,
doom embraced.

(without a) A human Pace,
the Finish in a start.

Why does the Ocean roar,
the sound,
the Crash,
the littered Trash.

Shorelines in a Cosmic Sky,
will this Earth in Plight just die?

Directoire Delicates F4

Relaxed in Ream,
the mid-night sun,
capturing of,
just is Stung.

Growing Life with No-Real warmth,
the heat of aspect,
fires in (stunned.)(Sight.)

Imagine 'if' fills the Lives,
the darkness appeals with no real light.

Electric Bloom,
flips the switch,
the Capsule brings,
another (Feat) Hitch!!

Moonsake Kite,
fly the sky,
blue in Purple,
Colors (Brink.) Pi.

Cosmic Sings,
boom of Gone,
the best of better,
is (very old) varied.

Dreaming real in day of night,
sporadic Cans,
trash the Flight!!

Curve in Sphere,
wild and Free,
the Gallant burst,
the crashing (Steam) Might!!

Represent Unique in Give,
smile for cheer,
Throttle on course!!

Clothe a Make,
in delivered Pave,
a Concourse ramps,
a Life,
the breath of right ,
not a Smight.

Lets go the Gift,
(in) (Middle) with mid-a-Drift,
to Bank the Account,
of what does (sive) R.I.P.

Directoire Delicates F3

Pam-pass grass, Dessert heat,
the Cougar Knows a Fence.

A wire or a spoke(d) in Spots,
the learn to Mere of tension.

The Taunt of String,
the Model glue,
a helmet is a dream.

The chin strap Snap,
a Neck so Choked,
it's clearly in the Wrench!!

The wild leased,
a driven claps,
sticks to kindle clicks.

The Lock will Stop(s) the Gate,
the handle grips the trait.

Barbed in Climbs,
the trees of birch,
no Plaza offered stop.

Freeway Yields fast in Mocked,
the miles of the wheels,
a rubber laid,
the Engine Minds are blocked.

Absorbing All but Shock (ED)!!

Directoire Delicates F2

The squeak of the foot-stepped crowd,
a hush followed,
the quiet sound of KIDNAPPING!!!!

A Visit became a Horrid Scene,
panic became,
a Hallway of furniture in Place,
the barricade in placed.

A Home in the East,
the Coast of the Scene,
up all night,
the worry of a four-year olds deem.

Up for the Night,
my Mother also in Plight,
the words spoken,

Early A.M.,
still a black sky,
the twinkle of an Eye,
dulled with each Minute Stole,

The Capture complete,
Men entered Room,
the fright was PALPABLE,
as the Shepherds were clearly,
the dogs on the collared Leash.


Directoire Delicates F1

Quality calms the extract,
bursting from the Holds of Crow.

The Clasp breaking Vain,
an eternal tips.

Glass Half-Full,
empty chill,
battled felt,
Field Mold.

Snatched from bedroom stole,
a drive county been,
shaking quiver,
hunger thirst left,

Talking Fright,
sat awake,
dogs unleashed,
Men Enter Too!!

Complaint lost,
tossed never caught,
still Alive,
what did happen spent a Pot,

Adams apple Court,
Law Informs,
it was done,
long Ago,
trauma Shown!!

Dictionary Class Actions Pt. 2

The tempting shadow,
the angled steeps,
a firm of Terra Role.

Know questions answer,
thought to told,
a Turkey Roast for Sake!!

A Cup of Shock,
horror or Stalk,
the road to pave was (LIFE) try,
delivery is a Life!!

The black hole,
a spacial Toll,
not to pay-Collect,
a Target still does Fret,
in all it seems so set!!

The Movie House of Out-About,
the watch of people pry,
to total pockets,
fattened wallets,
reality the with a share.

Disappointment might then Rank,
the kernel of the thorn,
however while it Hits,
the bone of Marrowed leads,
more than I will lose!!

It becomes Believed.

Dictionary Class Actions Pt. 4

When calls are made while my phone is on the fritz,
and (I) put on hold ideas of weird,
the pass of study,
a Class of Act,
a graded mountains creek,
the Valley hidden,
with gems to pack,
the river erodes,
(the) makes a Path,
of placing Granites fear.

The Rain in Pour,
the voice of shore,
the Sea of Oceans Tank.

The Palm of Hand,
the trunk (in) or Chest,
the Rainbow treasures a Life that Measures,
the seen and not the (Pot).

A sliding Rule of most in Pool,
to drown the sinking Man.

The effort of a heavy Surf,
the dive of guard in Try,
back strokes 'Till waves toke,
a best to better Sky!!

The hand of the under-tow,
the riddle or the word in only,

The Pass of a Deeper Throat,
a vocal in open Ports,
an Echo in a Cave,
the Haul of Dead waits.

Dictionary Class Actions Pt. 3

Political noise of Meetings annoy,
the plant of potted water.

The Float of Word,
sounding Heard,
the Hear of Selling (STEER!!!!) 
caught Her.

Countered Orders with Menu takes,
a Grocer in a Chore,
to serve the deal,
discounted ale,
the wrong of done,
made (For) day.

The wealth of only Lies,
I'm still alive with Smiles of Joke,
a Mit for Tape imposed.

Crafty Plot enhances Spoke,
the diamond sharp to quarried,
dig-in Feat and only See,
the rest will be [A(Leap!!) The Leak.

A Posting Trot,
a Bend or Gait,
the speed of which is slow.

A taught of Ride,
buckle let,
relax it's just;....(it Blows!!) A Bow!!

Dictionary Class Actions Pt. 1

The Latter Said in Heightened Voice,
the caps represent a Sentenced (sing) Ring!!

Note a Subject of Repetitive Soak,
not for the looking,
just saturated (right-in) Moat,

Talent structures long in Count,
no Age differs,
'Round & 'Round,
the walk of a carousel (Looked)[stacked] Lock!! 

The bolt to cut and run,
yet brakes of concrete,
cements the (Peel) sack(ed).

A Burning Thought of what is Brought,
gave Presence to disturbing Knows.

Classic Moves Enters Trend,
buttered toast only bothered brings on slant,
an inevitablely worn Hat,
a type of black & white,
an (waking!!) oven Dials broiling Hot,
it's Off!!

Crayons At Restaurants For Reasons As Adults

I saw the Beach at Cliff House tack,
to the side burnt exact,
twice I hear that awful fact,
cooling was the healing graft.

Seal Rock has an Inn,
breakfast, lunch and dinner trends,
remodels pools the smallest seen,
still the funniest of memories in scene.

A meal enjoyed in some what,
at least it minuses out the fuck,
laughed so hard my brother erupt,
told my mother of this plan a route.

Don't be dumb it twas not this blog,
these are words and carry knobs,
the share I tell is how, why and wears,
of what, when and theirs,
not all memories are horrid tendency,
just teaching times with obvious results,
to make way for Society and included insults.

Returning to my story board,
I had a plan to abort this Thor,
told my sibling in private snore,
I built a Planet for only he, I and the Animals Fore.

In the brilliance of my Plan,
I said I cannot trust so I banned,
as you said blood is thicker than water,
I thought in Stead I'd invite my spotter.

The oddest stare came back no glare,
he walked right in to the restaurant square,
lovely addition if I say so myself,
as usual the Service was quick to quell.

With gentle moves we were guided to,
the table of reserve,
my Mother sat in quiet reposed,
and coffee served for snack.

As you may guess my family tests,
the limits of loud in blessed,
big voices with a low insist,
can be heard in downtown curbs.

Onward tells this tale of fact,
my brother spits out all the ....

"Karen said she built a Planet for only her and I and of course all the Animals of Earth."

my mouth dropped open,
conveniently I had my hand on a glass of water,
and drew it up in sip,
to regain the composure I had lost in dipped,
I sank to his booming confessional tip.

My Mother is a graceful Soul,
although it's mine I say it's so,
be sides that fact she has great tact,
she sat as if the Sphinx knew that,
not a slip of the lip,
know face was priceless,
as she enjoyed my obvious failure of such a sneak of secret pact.

I still laugh!!

Ed, You have a Big Mouth!!

The Carousel Keeps

The Villa said to the Grand Father Time,
I cannot hear your swinging doing,
the pendulum scene is still in straight,
hanging heavily in loaded well,
your signature piece.

The Hands of the Clocking tower boomed,
people pass never considering,
the timely sake of the past,
the chime of Midnight silent cast,
echoing in ancients hasp.

Bricks and Mortared built to sound,
replied in equal of rebound,
digital displays are kindle okayed,
bye the wrist watch it's a say,
ticking talking here today.

Antennae pacts for Radio's smight,
no more Iron Curtain lacks,
torn asunder lumber jacked,
as it tumbled what a crash,
broke these back to enter cache.

The seconds asked the minute task,
Hours are the Marks of Facts,
set to bars the 10:10 sacked,
shows the sale of still to fast.

The band spoke gently to the snap of Map,
geography spoke of physical gems,
yet the holes are in the beings,
toggled for or in the means,
information dates these things.

The Bridge said wait I know something,
tolls were worked by human beings,
smiled grumpy kept a pace,
theirs was a rate but held a face,
to speak to say the Gate gives ray.

So the base of watered lakes,
breathed it in a walling lend,
whispers from the cantilevered red,
crossing tides of even kept,
a wash of swept to out to sea,
the Ocean Roars in Charting Core.

Pier 39 to up the find,
trolley cares the older knows,
related in the best of shows,
rails sound the cable round,
still heard the bell clang-clang spell.

The City blocks squared the Talk,
greeted Streets to Avenue peeks,
the counting of the numbered speaks,
don't you worry you walked our meet,
and true North sets our Feat,
it's the Compass your Life does reap.