Thursday, May 23, 2013

Rusty Nails M.c. ~ Squared

The sound of flicker,
a wistful display of,
a whisper.

Knowing Thought,
before "Its" start.

The essence of the 'Gold Rings' truth,
erupt with medal,
elemental Sees,
all for nothing?

Dungeon Wares

The Nail of the Piercing,
in steel sum,
total straight, a digital 'Take'
a sentence made with thoughts that do,
in silence now without You.

Computers dues

Ancient acupuncture,
a tenure of lairs,
 type a venue,
production like in lieu.

Feel the pulsing life,
a tone to beat so low,
for sight of scenes,
the view!

Rhythm with the Men of Rite,
old in art,
versed in 'Might'
a wish for the load,
lifted-off, to go.

Sort thoughts to only Talk,
makes speech unnecessary,
when Words have been,
drowned from Then.

The ebb and flow,
synapse lap,
sparking Mind,
to provide the affect,
 of only that.

Not all known,
is shared or formed,
Verse does move,
the streaming of,
an automatic write,
words are tight,
exposing Fight!!


Whips and Chains,
B.D.S.M. has Been,
a use for Well-off Men.

Too discover, so to enter,
the Minds that roam,
in dreams of wake,
expressed in plain without refrain.

The dance of the dark,
the drink of haste,
creates the place,
Men do wait!!

Patience strives,
due or try,
a century view,
just a blink, soaring link,
future doom.

Nothing stops a mind at wrought,
Thinking starts,
Reality confirms,
Time is ticking Talking 'Lot.'

Spilling over Nations fraught,
religious wars are 'All'...
but sought.

The Land you fight,
original mint.

Pour the Millions,
food for thought,
or is it the blood and honey,
bitter sweet flesh you eat?


Men will See,
it is the deed,
that gives me the Heebie-jeebies.

Soylent Green a Movie seen,
never forgotten,
the wafer is rotten.

Reporting Storyboard,
so deplored,
News distracts to keep off track,
deception seems to have a back.

The Mute will speak,
'Twisted-tongues' develope font,
with a pretense you won't want.

No-longer will dreams explain,
with discretion,
Computers Game,
exploiting you with pictured views,
and the words you're thinking too.

Minority Report
a Film or prelude?

Algorithms code to Sum,
add the numbers,
to paint the drum.

Fodder found,
no fight or sound,
to stop the research,
that is bound.

Understand or to Find,
segregation has a Mind,
generated from....the computer,
Generations will also Fund.

The guise of wealth of hidden tells,
built to read, form pictures from,
your Mind asleep in present thought,
no belief 'till Deed's complete.

A Computer "Reading,"
via Seeing,
numerical values interpreted thinking,
"Numbers" don't Lie,
you do.