Sunday, June 30, 2013

Provided Tact Concise

To readdress a given test,
to live with freedom,
to actively being proactive.

The Constant,
an appeal to know change,
does not discount what remains,
present day play.

Forward Walking,
a step or a progressive movement,
inspires countenance,
to believe the heeding,
a collected tip.

The prose, the quench,
of a thirsty day,
provided sustenance,
without a trip.

The frame of what is heard,
of interest not a word,
years will speak,
a natural leak,
the time has come to leave.

The End,
 is Just....a Deed.

Knot Ready

the Key to Unlock Humanity,
without the certainty of the read.

Trust the Scene,

It is a need,
a sort of Deed.

In such devise,
the reach equals the sum,
to balance the measure,
in what is Rare.

Ability of the Pragmatist,
envelopes the charge,
to create "The Do,"
delivering the interest,
to think!!

An imprisoned mind,
will halt the cognitive find,
a collective divided into remission,
the principle article removing Viable,
to introduce doubt.

Based on a Calculated Response,
the effort will discount the try,
in more than what has been,
 and less than what will be.

Truth in Reason,
belongs to the meaning,
should Insight produce believing.

A sorted Innocence,
reveals a mounting dread,
when the principle of Self is undue.

The Mend,
is not the Heel,
as mistaken appendage could bring forward a reverse,
to send again,
as an excuse that has already been,
reinvented to gather rent.

The Pardon of Actionable facts,
distributes more in wrath,
than the commerce examines,
a radical task.

To give not to take,
still does not equate Receive as a faith,
in the days of tumultuous Wave.

The Tidal pool of a Seer,
teaming with the advantage of the tides,
to both Hide and Expose a given Life.

An extraordinary show,
to identify difference,
the Ebb and Flow,
the Under-Tow.

Swept out to See,
the beauty is the root of what will seed,
a question to answer,
the Deed with Know contract,
'Being' exact!!

The formal Evaluation,
to accept the situation,
lies in reality,
the pity in dues.

Reforming Formula,
the brake, the wall, or rein is not to stop,
but to restrain the impulse and know,
in difference of a collected result.

The impression of the Print,
an ink-filled dent,
is not to drink or to vent,
but to bring what is Sent,
a Messenger lend.

Written by Karen Anastasia Placek

Friday, June 28, 2013

Digitized Read: A Lead To See

I Looked to See,
to know what will be,
a scroll rolled out,
in three dimensional shout.

I stood to look,
the trajectory good,
Past on Left,
Present straight,
Future Right.

Whoa!!, this Scene!!

Turning from,
I gasped at done,
to finish Seen,
it was a dream.

Boggled Mind

Once more I took my stare,
to sight what I knew was there,
upon completion I thought alright,
time to walk,
safe in-sight.

The impact of such reveal,
stuck with me,
a sort-of deal.

Waking well,
coffee in hand,
I sat outside,
examined planned.

Great relief involved my mind,
a final way to know designed.

The Rate at which this Download-Made,
was an Ocean,
an extension flowed.

The scene in night,
an interesting plight,
to explain,
such plain Sight.

Shot in front of my eyes,
the angle straight,
it had three sides.

The Scroll was tight,
the picture fronted,
two on sides,
with the third show centered,
certainly trumped,
the root of ventured.

So quick or fast,
neither compared,
the speed-of-light could only have dared.

The simple Text spun out-right,
the numerical chair of symbolic night,
the second glance showed this fight,
made evident this lurid might.

I am glad it's settled,
much like Rad,
the need to know,
it summed this show!!

Not before and never after,
I accept,
it's in The Factor.

Proof Of Interest

The Hypotenuse to the Square,
the value of the measure is obtuse,
in the calculation of the summed repair.

To equal the subtraction,
in the addition of despair,
would then be divided-by,
the Difference

Scene in the Land.

The Tone would become,
the rounding sound of time,
to absolve the equation.

Nothing more than, 
greater than or lesser than would result,
 in this War of Battled Doors!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I Heard That Before You Thought It

It is Terse,
what is Heard,
the Point before the After,

So Concise,
are these words,
Sentence formed,
before it's done.

The Audible Verse,
Prose Exact,
no confusion,
just plain fact.

The Lie Behold,
decision past,
what comes next,
the Mind just sums.

The math too add,
in subtract,
is the picture,
of your prate.

In the Voice,
the noise you make,
becomes verbose,
decide is plumbed.

To read a sight,
it's done intact,
what I face,
is difference Said.

To explain,
it is the brain,
what's Preemptive,
is the blame.

A quest I took,
to play the game,
to work-out or react with same.

In Sake for grace,
I walked the TAB,
the formulation,
peeks to train.

Random act develops grown,
first protect,
now it's known.

To be Correct,
no guess to knew,
I Set myself,
to build a track.

Cobbled Stone,
granite rock,
ground for drain,
to hold reframe.

It is the choice,
impression first,
with thought clear,
the key is weird.

The words are locked,
to face distressed,
looks that glean,
pave the way.

Purpose of act,
does not lack,
what is said in thought,
a plaque.

To undue,
never true,
in the end,
it's still just you.

The Time between,
I learned too view,
watched and waited,
to know my truth,
to confirm,
your Said has Root.

Deeply seated,
planted so,
what comes after came before,
audible report.

In a patient stand,
I've played these hands,
the findings are so plain.

Like a Spring,
leap unseen,
wound in plight,
it just takes time.

You speak,
it's streamed,
intentions of your mean,
construct of,
all ready deemed.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Brand Of Chose Equals

Your Memory will not lack,
Talk becomes numbing,

The Mind as Sleep is Waking,
the summed of done is quaking,
algorithms replacing.

Numerical Routed,
'while still doubted,
it stirs 'Still Thinking'
dubbed the tongue.

The echo back,
a brain exact,
is knot lost,
should still be learning.

It is every stare,
monopoly does spare,
the thinking is despair,
the troop is lair,
destroyed the malware.

Backing Natural,
computed run,
in the math,
triangle shows.

The square of build,
four-corners Earth,
Maps-Out control,
the Life is old.

Ancient Artifacts,
prove the challenge,
evolves with manage,
moves to advantage.

Trimming Pi,
the apple in it,
the snake does coil,
the Ring is Wrangled.

Temptation makes,
sight a take,
the rare misplace,
evolves life's rate.

The sinking of,
created adored,
learns to speak,
communication deep!!

The proof of tact,
exemplifies pact,
the message delivered,
determines the value lived.

Truth in Rule,
law in vain,
the spoken dumps,
uploaded pumped.

Wrecked in-trite,
the bite a sound,
pummeled thoughts,
destruction sought.

Practice exercise,
determined view,
the people lie,
endangers, rude.

Strangely Done

The pace, a wire remote, vision details, the tone is yoke. The constant, a phone in tell, programs applications, summed for shrill.  The digital sound, quietly found, know Tick to talk, text goes bleep, language reads.

Cast your eyes upon such screened, it has developed, visual deemed, the Mind a-Live, in action sleep. Present report, no-self needed, 'cause you're told, a When too fold.

The pain refracts, the slap is fact, no halt will be, given "If,"
you must do or die of bleed.

The induced, a jolt of zipped, caught by Looked,
your Hand just hooked.

All at once, society's stuck, in and with, a frozen cist.  Calculate, by no-mistake, this exist is,
all ready made.

In-Spite of this, it's serviced!!

The site in socket bound, the eyes can't move, the brain is shroud. Seconds missed, cannot count, there is no help, 'cause it's sound.

The harvest, mills the mind, nothing stops, all the time.  Twenty-Four, Hours in Day,
the minute dimed,
the seconds played,
never stopped, became the trade, of freeze in Chored.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Sail

A jibb in present action,
knot off course,
still completing,
a sort of gain.

The ground between,
a jump pole seen,
built standards,
made of dream.

The Mind, a muscle,
strengthen Too,
or the real will do to you!!

The facts,
the sun is hot,
this is indicative,
 of such a thought.

Synapse leap,
the mind is fraught,
the firing of,
discerns what's dubbed.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Haight Shows At Fillmore Theater

The stolen footage,
 an Apple emboldens,
by no mistake was for Sake, 
to make aware,
 that men are,
still there.  

Remind not Me, 
for I do SEE, 
times when days became just played. 

Air Waves

 In this take, 
you maid a rate, 
serve you will, 
the Life,
 a thrill.

Knot until, 
the hour clocks, 
with what does Rock,
simple Talk.


 The words are scenes,
magnified Beings, 
that do identify that force was used,
to destroy and abuse,
a dream of Two,
the reality was viewed.


A City wide, 
epidemic cry,
A Hit not I
 it is just a well played resistance,
to stay alive.  

As All due know, 
the State of When, 
was the Sixties,
 we did plug-in, 
then dropped-out,
it proved to be,
nothing more than a ventured lore.

In this new adore,
what presents knows a Pence,
the money gamed,
he won,
your Famed.

Vernacular shout,
 the City's about,
sits in silence,
lessons learned,
the past became the future turn,
'cause the violence became discerned.


In only what will prove to be, 
ever lasting and truth of thee,
 is the News on every day, 
the N.S.A. makes it's tray,

Served up,
 a tip erupt, 
to be witness, 
sickens but does bust,
the secrecy of know trust.

Facts are tracks, 
and Rails Roads
it is a rant and raving trove.

much like an enemy,
 that seeks, 
or sums trust.  

The Battle Song, 
San Francisco has a Throng.

In this Call of a boy, 
you forgot,
 the girl,
 was Taught,

Now you don't even mask your Wares, 
and know I stare, 
just because you stand out there, 
in plain sight right over lair. 

With Stop signs Right?,
 down the street, 
the yellow and orange vest,
 it's like a creep. 

 No work truck, 
that shows the pluck
so why is it, 
that you don't pick-it,


As I do drive, 
I need not realize, 
that just like my youth, 
you provoke,
a sort of the truth.

It is a shame,
you are too blame,
the agency of liars,
has become so Famed.

Modest intrusions,
no allusion,
the absolute transparency,
is an obvious plea,
guilty as charged,
a dirty deed.


Double-Take Snapped

The Value that Measures Deception,
merely wealth of mind,
a recognition of the times,
a sun dials death in ray.

Birthed computered programs sum,
no Popcorn does it serve,
time was relative now it is bound,
by your digital display.


The Meta of,
a cloud in subbed,
makes delete a trace of sheep.

To erase and replace,
the information mere,
a numerical future sear.

Reality persists,
know game in played,
position does,

Assumptions track an eminent fact,
a country swipes in sneer.

Life is wiped,
the pen exact,
to write, to speak, to say or bay,
the cry of loss,
outweighs the fear.


Gadgets silenced,
the ear goes deaf,
moot does set,
the gear,
is wreck!!

Apocalypse means Revealing

As the Masses,
society max's,
their eyes are down at screens so found,
no-click a simple push.

To swipe an App,
the extra nack,
increases the thirst for treats.

The Mind invites,
the thought now dimes.

Impression layed,
to train,
no-longer fingers tray.

Knot Talk

The question of,
information streams,
to less than more,
a run abhorred two,
unevened scored.

As connection rivals intention,
addiction no longer drugs.

Now Hand-Held,
the numbered shove,
the Wealth in Brain of kill,

A program presents,
an algorithm rents,
controlled by only the mind you'll find,
this is an "All" consuming bind.

Words are short,
lettered change,
language extinguished,
know exchange.

Speech now talk,
a quiet block,
exposes those that choose to balk.

Counter Clocked

The advertised phone in lies,
knows gestures to respond,
recording pry without a spy,
the undertone is clear.

To warm-up,
a definite interrupt,
to days that fill the year.

To fast the News,
to bad its loose,
the stories are the steer.

A wheeled approach without the roach,
the armor is severe,
do not hit it's here!!

The Eyes in socket,
will stare not block-it,
absorption seems,
  so jeer.

To control society in whole,
knot done,
 it's one by one,
a thought is simmer, 
the pot is hot.

The game in play,
the bored do chore,
the piece of reaped,
a synapse fired near.

All at Once,
the Site does Sum,
as to become,
the subliminal drum,
the beating of,
should run.

The Herb of Cane will be in Vain,
a City kid may enrage,
but with age comes a Sage,
delivered ripe without the plight,
a strawberry picking Plumbed.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Reading Heard A Vocal Blurb

The World, a Choir,
the Orchestra of Voice.

Words less tunes,
musical views,
now communicating,
so much better news.

Verse fills void,
times of noise,
not the singing,
but the Talking Shows.

A Revealing,
not an end,
a bit of truth,
a personal note.

It is not wrong,
difficult? Yes,
but I love the songs,
singing is best.

Require Order,
exercise the mind,
prepare to find,
the blare?, unkind.

Be positive,
embrace the Purpose,
invest in Reason,
advance the truth,
and know it's natural,
not a booth.

Right your wrongs,
an accountable chore,
serve this interest,
know it's war.

The battle of Self,
begins with truth,
a choice to face,
without a trace.

This moment in decision,
lends to sense,
delivers liberty,
not what's minced.

Be advised of your wealth,
your Conscious Mind brings what's felt.

Advance this notion,
exercise practiced,
it brings on better.

What you portray,
reflects the work,
it will show,
the progress made.

Be aware,
something has gone so wrong,
it is the feeling,
carried in Air.

Sometimes Words,
hard to see,
spilt from mouths,
the lips spell loud.

A comfort zone will be lost,
as thinking roams,
the cost is rest.

The constant babble,
so loud and clear,
disturbs my brain.

In what I hear,
Thinking's jeered.

Back In The Saddle Again At Sun Valley Equestrian

Funny things happen when you least expect them too. I have been afforded the opportunity to ride again.  The Ranch is in Pacifica, CA. and I am fortunate enough to be riding with a wonderful team of people.  During the Summer, Sun Valley Equestrian offers week-long sessions to children interested in learning how to ride or young riders looking to just get some more miles in under saddle.  Sun Valley Equestrian hired an incredible instructor to direct the Camp each week.  This is an incredible sport and offers you a life-long hobby should you chose to continue or like I, pick-it up again after suffering so many tumultuous years in my life.  I am so grateful that I learned how to ride as a child.  Now that I am adult, I can once again enjoy the Sport of the Horse. A passion that has never left me!!  Let's Ride!!

The link provided to contact for further information about the Summer Camp at Sun Valley.  

Here is to a great summer of riding, jumping and beautiful trail rides Millwood Ranch in Pacifica!!.
Onward, forward goes my march.  

Monday, June 17, 2013

Sometimes It's Done Before It's Over

MUSE: Changing the way the World Thinks

How does it work?

It's comfortable and easy-to-use.

1. Just upload one of our custom applications to your smart phone or tablet.

2.  Pop on your Muse. It should rest comfortably on the upper forehead, and sit behind the ears like a pair of eyeglasses. Clear any big tufts of hair out of the way, so that the earpiece of your Muse headband can make good contact with your skin.

3.  Pop in a pair of your favorite ear buds and start the app. The Bluetooth should connect you once the app is running.

4.  Customize your app--choose the length of time you want to spend, the soundtrack and, when applicable, the type of environment.

As you explore the various exercises on the app, Muse provides personalized brainwave tracking and performance tools to guide you . You'll see these in an activity meter, and in metric reports, during and after each use. By introducing various activities and stimuli, you'll also see real time results that can help to make it easier to achieving your short or long term goal.

You'll likely want to use your Muse at home or at work first. It's good to start with 10-15 minutes each day but you'll be able to customize the time you want to spend. It'll take time just like learning any new task or game. The trick is to keep at it.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


The fabric of the Mind,
a Thought to decision,
the disguise,
now missed, given.

Computers Maid,
the Keep?,
an unconscious find,
is it thinking,
excused for drinking.

Mis-guided growth,
pretence 'To Known'
today is tomorrow,
yesterdays concern,

As influenced,
a primordial start,
brings only taught,
too speak-on sought.

Pressured to silence,
the Lands will despair,
for it's over,
when it's done.

The slow creeping,
of only deeming,
an incredible streaming,
a memory found.

The Hold reveals,
an Elements ease,
is it security,
or is it a breeze.

Written Roar,
sings in chore,
the stop unplugged,
a Singular drained.

The care in act will only lack,
until the face is yours exact.

History states,
people traced,
named and numbered,
it's a Place.

Divisive nature,
collection Thoughts,
the ones you make before there fought.

With each move,
the thinking kind,
there is 7 seconds found behind,
long before you think to speak,
the decision made,
is in complete.

So Truth becomes what I see,
population shunned this type, belief,
now it's known science delved,
making summed,
an accurate stand.

The Time to Know,
before the store,
a deadly law,
delivered strings.

Purported faith,
deaf to moot,
the music played,
brought When today.

First Impressions

Too Remember before Forgot,
Fire the 'Lot' !!

Long in Time and never bought,
bow to none,
I seed a thought.

Knotted Rote delivered Showed,
the Time becomes,
Those in sought.

Bake the Goods,
life in cake,
now you're kneading,
what you've raped.

Some are stronger,
expecting day,
saw it in an earlier may.

Now so far I've set the bar,
Mind to Ready,
prepared for deadly.

Shifting gears,
to the body,
time to build my muscle back.

Riding horses once again,
strength know pain,
an old injury I still feel shame.

The weight I gained,
in this past year,
I cooked to cheer,
life not so dear.

I looked at self and said it's time,
to make 'My Body' mirror my Mind.

Censorship Exist

The secret to know planned,
is the venture,
a Life.

Eye Ran

To Look, to See,
the quest is tone,

A Full and Blooming,
display Their more.

A Pre-Recorded and Natural Store,
Rote in Runes,
blasted to the Past,
future forecast.

The Vain,
  a youthful View have,
this knotted gift,
inheritance of,

Coming Facts the proof,
wrath knew times,
repeats the last find.

Lies in prying collect,
the Mind does See with a Third Eyes tune,
the music plays in due.

The Verse of Words,
the Score sentenced short,
Notes to Planned,
creating Forted.

Turn Yourself,
this has not been Stealth,
an Internal-Wealth,
value stored discovered door,
opens the depths of delve.

A Stamp To Been

Wheeled turns,
created burn,
information teams,
things go wrong.

The Problematic,
becomes the Disdain,
in the shame,
few do claim.

The Blame of,
inhabitants gage,
the rate that comes,
'New Age'

Worlds lack Order,
planetary dreams,
what is known,
peculiar drones.

As We have entered,
Numbered Days,
the Time of Now;

The Waiting,
a darkening.

Summed doubt has,
New Game "Like"
'You may not care'
but as We due travel,
this Road is,
know dare.

It Begins,
nice and slow,
the heat turns hot,
on the spot?

Warning is dangerous,
Men may See,

In such,
'The Begin'
revelation to reveal.

No longer a When,
the balance of measure,
a Check-List,
it gives letter.

A terrible day,
lasts the dime,

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Dally Of Dilly

Expressing concerned,
the Hour is Fear,
delivery gives,
the eyes of 'know live'

A blight of,
Knew fight,
the scene pre-deemed,
the When no wait,
delivered Full-State.

The Sword is knot Blunt,
sharp and full bore,
the Shield a lore,
 to sing a Store!

Eye turn,
to torn,
the Think,
is a drink,
the thought of a 'lot'
I find I'm still fraught.

The dark enters life,
a hello is so nice,
the hand of such known,
provides station to throned.

Reality goes,
comes with a show.

Knotted Variety,
of a hosted society,
the gallop of titled,
delivering Bridled.

The collection of frame,
a musical score,
a bit to know more,
with Reign of adored.

The mount is a knight,
the torch is a flame,
the girth is knot tight,
the stirrup is Might.

The Seat is not lost,
the independence of steal,
brings on so much leather,
it only gets better.


In lyrics of verse,
a Sonnet two Letter,
know words are the Settlers,
no sentence or debtors.

The World so big,
in time of just live,
the worry not If,
it is a Win in a Jiff.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Fire Fund

The dream of reality,
is the nightmare to need,
still it is Seen in a,
riddling theme.

A personal freedom,
lost or imprisoned by,
a state of thought,
memories unwind the Future rates,
the beating of a Timed.

Countless Plays

The chess-match stays,
the mate is peace,
missing reads,
the Pawn just may,
be released.

Subjective words Lyrics true?,
to back the vocals yet to prove,
wonderment becomes it's views.

Allusion or Transparency,
choosing is adoring,
dues to fact,
summed the rack,
whipped to track,
the plight of what has not shown too thee,


In the phrase,
a Tunnel rays,
a hope for better days,
the post knot crossed,
and even could,
discount a Hood.

To the Vocals crying social,
the music catches a bit of hopeful.

'Just' in 'Case'
sew displaced,
'cause speed increased will deliver,
a better 'Keep' and not a Leap.

Delivering more does seem a Chore,
but in this you never torn,
'cause in 'The End' you may find,
a opening to adoring.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Crisis of Trend Replied Win

In the End I guess,
it is what is disturbing,
it has been the sight of a wreck,
the burning cinder of direct.

The cause of such a test,
subject to know rest,
the best of show,
is the least of the measure,
to just be the balance,
delivers the truth without a venue,
safety or the threat,
a debt.

The News did break,
the evidence 'For Sake'
the Mind could not handle,
the brake was a ramble.

No denial to the opened intrusion,
just words of,
modest allusion.

Freedom is a State,
now it is of late,
lost and accepted,
the wait is subjected.

The evidence of what is prevalent,
delivers the relevant,
worries that of pronounced,
have been simply announced.

What to do?

The 'Well' is dug and it does not lack 'A Shove'
 reaction is not appropriate,
persons are not abhorred,
questions for answers,
you've been Sorted.

The Lies are Rampant,
not to find the Foreign Lamp lit,
but spy's have found that America ramps it.

Too See the Sight before the plight,
makes what is wrong never right,
should people just sleep at night,
than erase delete the button,
for you will not wake to Upton.

The World needs a Dream to be,
reality relieving all this terror in thee,
should you turn your back again,
than to the ashes,
you'll have been.

What does happen has ready been,
to See in Mind is knot a find,
it is the only natural kind,
not attended by the plug of line.

Denial of the action taken,
is the blame of rape in fake,
now the evidence nearly Blind,
the Keep is no more than the Time.

Too Bad that People seek no justice,
to settle for a hearing now,
pushes off what is built to damn,
turn your back and know the land,
cinders scene it's burned for stand.

The Apple death does know a hand,
the sought due what is lost for 'Lot'
the heritage in repeat,
makes death hold on to every deed.

The feat of done should cause a fund,
to defend a natural mend,
for when the power is cut for 'Sake'
all is known and not for take.

The best direction for insurrection,
is the balance of a measured inflection,
all it takes is to turn or break,
all of the connections that humans make.

The control to stop the leak,
is to take how you speak,
remove the global reason for,
communication is a basic store.

Go and purchase,
 the latest merchant,
in the end you'll see it's when.

The Photo Stop,
talks a 'Lot'
then the texting becomes the shot,
once it's gone you have no taught,
the sent are lost and now it's wrought,
do you know that it's sought?

A Simple Plot

Sunday, June 9, 2013

One Sees Two Equals Summoning

Up and Rooting Stats provide,
this game is No-Hide,
protection now denied,
bookings of complete too threat.

Basis Lies,
it has happened with out even a try,
an Order of Mandate,
takes your life to advantage,
the Future now Present delivers,
the day is done 'cause it has been,
determined to be When.

At total of Knew view,
remotely and quietly too.

The encroachment,
the endless belong,
said to be modest,
 it's still wrong.

Conversation know communication,
body-language speaks with a tonal leap,
a visual reminder of intent,
 or a curious binder,
stating Rent.

Collected vein is the strain,
to filter bleed with profane,
and now,
you don't even know Their name.

Anonymous now provides the blame,
destroying the human brain,
leaking in the words of text,
stanza trained without a strain.

 Face to Face disappearing,
the touch of what has not been daring,
as if compliance rules with fear,
is it safety or the Net that's near.

A cover behind the screen,
to write and knot to glean,
the channeling of what's referred,
makes informing seem absurd.

To assist in resist,
foundling finds that education persists,
to gamble 'A Like' like this,
to produce a noted action,
too reveal the balance of truth,
surely this cannot be obtuse.

Do not strike with invent,
as such stated,
pitched the tent,
leans to exposure of only what's Sense,
making evident the Law of Sent,
the cost of censure is therewith,
the total some of whom resent.

Participation or physical tracking,
interruptions promoting obstructions,
builds the greater venue,
to end a particular Sinew.

In the reaction,
the bristle raised may only be felt,
a prelude to prequel,
of only abrupt.

To Listen Mute Speaks

The 'Acceleration' of Now,
should floor populated belief.

Grounding each moment,
seconds leak,
well-sewn secret exposes lie,
is it 'Due' or is it Pry.

Point blank questions,
'Asked & Answered'
denied intrusions at gathering conclusions,
points-too-paranoid discord unease
interviewed believed,
Congress Treed!!

Fated Showed

The theory is fact,
suspicions don't lack,
evidence impacts,
vernacular exact.

The Action of Know action,
delivers lives without fight,
a determining factor,
in done for the reason,
of safety not treason.

A Double-Bind

No passing fancy,
big brother romancing,
society entranced,
the face is lost,
the voice has cost,
language an Albatross.

Morality Dies

too Text with Letters,
information no better,
shortening 'Said'
delivering dread,
now the 'Talk' is in the Head.


Know 'More' eye-contact,
the 'Verses' store,
looking into the 'Hand Held' room,
a mind's roar,
 removes the language of body,
a Lore.

No longer interpretations,
old-school reservations,
provides the name,
numbers train,
words form sentences,
labels provide Risk.

no-longer vocations,
an Art - Full distraction,
of that's just......,

Crippled Minds,
keep no signs,
the ebb & flow is designed,
the Dam is broken,
the 'Blind' tokens spent.

Vocal tone records the bone,
a personal interaction to read reaction,
mental capacity slows,
the Dot-to-Dot,
connects know wrought.

You wake too sleep,
you sleep to deep,
the journey keeps,
the dream is beat.

Stifled by Thoughts,
a waste not fought,
the Quest of Rife,
returns "Just=Life."

To add-Up the time to Be,
awake to See,
makes this strange Reality,
present-day History.

The Rally remains a knotted Tally.
the Total equals Summed,
extracted by 'All ready' strummed.