Friday, August 10, 2012

What Do You Think?

Should you not stand with Independence?

Be upright in a conviction?

Have a singular mind?

Develop an understanding?

Experience difference?

Look upon the World with vigilance,
not a judge's eye?

Before you condemn the innocent of the wrongs of birth itself,
should "You" not be, before you are?

To gain sight of self,
is a wise action.


My silence was a robe of comfort.
My death was a reality of my birth.
My ignition within my core to jump,
came with no dump, just reaction.

I saw that belief was structure.
I know the low song of tone.
In expectation of Life's delight,
I fight the length of night.

When the Sun begins to wane,
and the moon raises in her stead,
I ponder my fear.

I realize electricity is near.
I attempt to flip a light,
but frozen and uptight,
it is not the night, but the fright,
that creeps into me each night.

My age has reached a year,
where understanding is so very near.

I can begin to know,
not veer, facing yesteryear.

Suicidal thoughts?

Almost everywhere.
They are not mine, they are bought.

By words over phones,
that push the buttons that make you take the action.

Not Me,
I don't believe,
in taking my own life,
it's mine!

Go Away

I wonder about the narration.
The words my mother spoke.
Do you save? or push delete?
hearing only...........erase.

Do you remember for purpose?
Do you remember for prose?
Do you live for clarity?
Do you want to know,
the rarity of the truth that was?

I do.

The Earth Is Round

To fight opinions for sake of right
will cause a left hand turn.

In what is there,
you may find you have already been.

Although the upside of this earth
is the dirt which you may stand.
It is the round and the circle found,
when sailed by ships and Men.

The crossing of such foreign ports
must have brought on such; Abort!

Which belief? What religion?
Would rule the Earth today?

How alone must one be;
to go to such great lengths.

To search the sea's,
the different lands,
and still have means to be.

The integrity of the intellect must know strength beyond compare.

For, push we do and survive we must,
to witness, "Due Process,"
or to trust.


What Is, Will Always Be, A Memory Regardless

Trouble comes,
trouble goes,
at which point will it stay?

P.T.S.D. despite of severity,
is what?

Defining the difference,
the in-between,
the worthy and the dead.

For having been afflicted by what has won the bid,
I dread.

Do not shed yourself away for fear of what you've seen.
A flashback, or, a lively view of what's already been.

Is just a guarantee for you,
 by those that aren't around, 
to make sure you are found,
 not bound.

A good ride home,
back to your land,
where earth and man can give you a hand.

To open a path,
to understand,
what plagues your mind today,
would that be a welcome relief, not grief?

It is his-story or hers, I guess,
that needs to be told in time.
Not yet known, only rumors of,
you are the witness of what is rough.

An atrocity, passing away,
as not to succumb, you must be.

Hold steady.

Intimidation can be strong and often pushes back.
Do you want to be whom stood?
be whom saw and balked?

Regardless of your sightful wound,
it's the one's we cannot see.
Those injuries that bleed us dry,
that cause such surgery.

There is no drug,
no doctor's knife,
to cut this wound from us.

But, for reasons; I believe
this will bring unique to trust.

However hard, whatever scene,
the movie that is played 'round your mind,
shows at an equal time,
to rate the play in you.

To be afraid, or, to just fear sight of disbelief,
is a natural state of affairs.

For whom would like to know us?

Just wipe-out the ones they've seen,
the unholy and unclean.

Please tell my story,
do not go, disappear or say,
"Horrors did not happen"

Please don't,
 agree with lies, and, tie the knots,
 that make it so I don't exist.

P.T.S.D. is not for me,
I'm sure I volunteered to survive.

Regardless, "Hi!"
I'm here to remember thee.

Belittle this or make this less,
than what this really is.
You will find nightmares get worse,
and cures elude your mind.

The interest in or research of,
Post Traumatic Stress.
Take a penny, toss it above,
you'll see, there is no love.

Survival of our Minds, our souls,
let alone, our bodies hold.


Wake-up old-soul!
Wake yourself, your value is untold.
But take a life and you'll cause strife,
confusion not yet told.

I've seen what is,
for snuffed I was,
stuck starring at myself.

Just a girl,
not three feet in length,
I worry myself........still.

To understand the acts of man,
I wonder why I'm here.
I jumped back in to my coldest self,
took off that bag of fear.

For what I saw and why I jumped,
I'm selfish, not "A Dear."
This thing it streamed behind my neck,
"I'd missed my ride from here."

So I did,
I jumped back in myself,
I gasped for breath to be........

Now stuck with you, I'd gone straight threw,
this raged in me for years.

A child I was,
so close to be,
out of this mess of humanity.

All you do is to complain,
raping children, calling names,
then you blame, your sickness on me.

How can I not look back, "At Tot,"
and not wish for another lot.
(Throw the bones.)

To escape!
To become any other thing but me.

I asked and YOU said..................

Don't worry...
we'll call for a snuff when it's your time.

I was Eight and you are late.

I'm bored with the lies that you tell.
Yet, you won't let this sleep,

Oh wait, we live there.

Guilt will settle and where it does
will indicate just what was.

Back your vain,
know it's bound, by what I say,
I am true, while you are......

You set that snare and know I'll dare
to not be bound and never sound.

Words are powerful, Minds are key,
to the things that just won't be.

Stop your torture,
end the bondage,
before more have knowledge
of what is great, just and fair.

I can feel it,
it's in the air.
To bad you preach of ill's of your will's.

Makes me know Mother Earth has no sin,
all because she has been,
much, much longer and certainly in,
to the survival of all who lends.

A hand or thought, an imaginative idea
 to ponder, so wonder becomes a beautiful light!

Glacier Stars and Planets afar,
can have a sight of Life!
Not barred from what you believe is treacherous or strife.
You are simply cowards in this life.

Open up those gates,
loose that which will naturally come anyway.
Rescue Earth from man's own bomb, apathy.

Assumptions and belief of, Wrong!

Correct your wares.

See the stare of what will or can make this right.

Repeat, repeat, until you know how small you are.

Not Wrong,
Not Right.
You just have "No Sight" of

your stuck on should!

Therefore you will not allow
what is, to be.

There is no evil!!
Just Humanity and the test of Mankind!

Off or On, It's Still A Phone

Freedom is lost at such a cost.
Can you pay this fee?
Do you believe that this is free?
Or, are you aware of:  I seethe.

To take and take, to not receive,
I feel the bleed to say:

"Go and do for yourself,
feel the heat or breathe."

As it warms, the Sinner melts,
you may be taken down,
upon your knees or should you bleed,
"Do you know your...........?"

To speak to each and everyone,
to tell upon yourself.
Is the guilt, the type you build,
when ripping off the Shill?

It's been so long.

To be careful, be aware,
of what is said, "It's filth."

Getting back, to step away
and run the show of self.

Is wisdom from the underneath?
an understanding dealt?

A deal from a deck, a con,
an artistry that's drawn upon
to spell out what is lost or gone?

It's called,
"The Blaming Game"

I'm not board, I'm in it too.
So, I suggest you're due.
A total fee, fore-play.

Do not cast yourself away,
I count upon each day.


I'll remember, you'll forget,
claim you didn't say.

So if this is a general call
and  I fear it is collect?
It simply means that you have debt,
and you are behind it:  Today!


I guess I'm first in line.

Rut Row

I would never live another life,
in me I like myself.

To be aware of what is knot,
I tie myself to this.

I find that the chains that bond,
the me inside of you,

are the ones that I won't break,
'cause I'll take care of you.


A Certain Flare


The "Time" of magical voice.
Transmits throughout the Town.

A tonal accord,
a sound delight,
a dimensional blind is "Hear!"

A Hearth is not a home.
A Campfire burn, it's near.
So, stand yourself & know your Wealth,
(do not tell)
Four Horseman are; so tear.

I wept for about a Year

Until I new, I feared

What was coming,
what was their..'s
a challenge, not a dare!

< I Blare>

Courage Under Fire


I am an Incan Curse,
for this I must rehearse.
I want to name but not with shame,
I say,

"There is no contest."

Spark not an Old Souls view.
A fire of the Blue.
Turn away, and, DO NOT BLAME!!
The fault is in the test.

Four Horsemen a Decree!

Reminds, a lot of me.
Not of the past, for it will last,
our History is not trash.

I've come to speak, not blast.
But, if you must; just ask!
An excuse, it's not so cute,
so shove it up the Mass.
(not Catholic of course.)

Collective rate that seems to tape,
each and every soul.

You may say,
"Wait and see,"
but, in the end it's always me.
 For no one else will be.

~ An Incan Curse I am ~

The Aztecs never ran.
A Mayan plan did deserve,
by design, "I clam."

Through the sight of Man.
Announcing as I can.


 "God Damn,"

and pleading, 

"I stand;"

For in the end,
it is just...

A Simple Plan.

.. a voice through the ages, Sages.

Chess? Exchange Sacrafice?


"The people of this Planet need!"
a kick in the ass each day.

To make excuses or to give way;
is a decision to make:

A Play


Blackjack Ties


The real belief that was once felt,
has not been lost, but, Dealt.

A poker game with no aim,
will even bring a Gamer; To tame.

Aces high.  Deuces low.  A "Wild Jack" four sure.
What will name, "The Dealer's Game?"
Come with levity; not blame.

Waiting more?

I'll go the "Game!!!"
Instead of just saying, "Know More?"
and point the shame upon a persons name.

Complicated, and not yet found,
I feel as if we go 'round & 'round.
A never-ending sort of; bound?!?

Tied up in circles, not taught.


The Questions On The Table

1.)  a silver set of rules.
2.)  a cloth used as a napkin.
3.)  another set of True?




I am done with Truth.
And, welcome confidence in it's stead.

Stand Off!
I'm not dead.

All else will be found
upon the day you are down.
I will see and you will be,
the difference in the bleed.

As it pools, all you need,
around yourself, look at thee.

Find you're not on a knee.
Be true!  Be honest!!  Oh, wait,

Be Me?!?


You're Knot!!

2 + 2 = 4


A division of the Truth, is rather Uncouth.
Why bother yourself with lies and than deny?

You are "Up" or  "Down",
then 'round and 'round.

Point being,
you are driven down.

Again & again.
"Why come around?"
if your being is being drowned?

......gasping for breath,
I ask!?!


It does make a difference,
'cause it's already all over town.

Lies, lies, always lies.
To hate a liar, is to do or fly for,

Fright or Flight,

To speak on
to speak of,
a topic, to" keep up?"

the conversation?
with your feet up?

Will be what may beat-up, yourself.
Not so stealth. 

Popularity Pleads


What is? or Has?
The appearance of Innocence?

It is a curse of what is Naturally to come.

Thinking!  Thought!  Ideas!  Genius!  Savant! Sage!  or even a Seer,
is an intellectual development of the "Mind of Man."

To stop, to kill, to wipe-out, to control, or, to hide,
any such thing,
is, not just wrong, but, diabolically so.

A natural born seer, is a normal adventurer,
and, the result thereof, you censure?

Such presumption is made,
but I am in play
and this is what I love.

I, was, prescribed by Nature,
for Nature;
of Nature.

No license needed;
nor Evolution.

To sensitive for Earth.
To close to Death.
"You" complain.

It is your own personal undoing,

The unique find, of any Genius, is not findable in today's society,
until your dead, of course.

Strange, don't you think?

A force greater than is known to Man, asks,


What Screams?


It comes to mind and will not line
with anything other than itself.

Exorcisms are one of a kind
so expectations of difference are futile.

It's DARK; My brother is WHERE?
I can barely see a cross.

Laid out upon a table
confusion becomes this label.

So much like:  Yet!  Worlds Apart!
Come hither to gain such sight.

For one was kind
the other FRIGHT.

A dead boy gave no light.
Just the same, his skin I gained
my brother passed out and I might.

But, stood I did and swear,  I promised,
to tell my brother,
 "They lied, he was dead, you killed no one."

'til Forty Years, I held my sear
for scarce I was to find.

)For very few things from here
ever kept me 'round.(

I held true, 
to brother too.
Told him at age Forty-Two!!

Relief, belief, a simple nod
told me of his grateful lead.

Keeping simple, tragic things,
he said, "They worked it out."

I said, "O.K."
then I made,
an artful and purposeful mistake.
I handed him, what I wrote,
and had mailed to "1200" friends.

Our Mother paled: I'm sure I nailed.
She cried, "Take her children. Right?"

My brother cried
and ran outside and sobbed;

"I didn't know you remembered"

No tears were shed from my eyes
I felt no pang of death as I expected.

I never saw what hurt I'd feel,
the sight of my big brother running from the room we were in

It ended only to begin in greater degree,
the consequence for carrying such a message for so long:

I didn't know 

The pain ran into me and opened veins,
not of blood but of agony.