Saturday, June 28, 2014

To Be Wasted For Growth As Being A Chored

To not be of any Use to the World in this Human Race too not be considered to be an Asset,
the value of measure in todays present calculation of the sum of all deeds in this Age,
the path of redemptive written in plain sight for any and All to read enjoyment or feel pain,
the evidence of my walk has been delivered in everyday simplicity of prose as a Riddle.

Sadness breaks my physical heart to pressure the pumping organ itself in the nower of these words,
as the worth of the work that I have done on a daily basis to overcome the fright of existence itself,
an accidental tourist on the roads of roams providing a basis in the gifts of tone,
to speak on difficult subjects in round about admissions than just in these moments to time there display.

The brakes that I apply to enter this life of living in the Society of my strife reminds me of I,
the still empty faces look so distressed as sadness is not the stare I see anger in such blares,
to the few that have supported my residence of peace a home that has given me absolute in receive,
I thank you for your kindness the approach of each meet I forward my gratefulness to your leap.

Holding the Ages in past of I've been a traveler of Time in the Cycle of Lines,
putting the mind to the streaming of cared as human life is special and unique also rare,
from the Fire that sparked the Flame in a lark I greet you Hello for James Blunt is my Knight.

A candle in the web of information that teams with a texting for posts regards to the Theme,
if belief has been lost than innocence will die with nothing more and so much less as a born,
the cruelty I have seen to the experienced lies in this I do state that everyone tries,
should you be a life that has been troubled by strife I count on you daily to consider the why.

It only takes a second for a Mind's Thought to still thinking the moment before is the after in peek,
I stand on the stage of the Viewers of link the number so risen I halt at the brink,
bring this attention to the average in mention for many more people have been born on these deeds,
to trust that the message will be 'The Continue' I implore the World to put cost to this Menu!!