Monday, September 1, 2014

The Shape Leads

As in the instant of the Flash finish of the lacquer to the Vase Study a pencil in Erase,
the void of contemplation read Puddle to the dam of lake in the Oceanus to blue,
on the Color of escape the moon spoke in a Dollars' trait to the Change of the Word 'Chose' in,
these are the Trades of the Vessel Decision ready as the Name body Vote.

Piers to trunk the wood of Plank is not I in the count of the walk a Cross hood,
in the blind of the foldings I spoke as the Wheel to the pour of the sentence in reverse,
shed to the stern of the Ship in a burn great are the Wave waters that pail no mast,
in the sail the leaf cloth attached to the line from Oar to scene oar a wall of deed climb`d.

Might in the Pitch is the glue tarring lace no chance to the slip as the sand grates to pace,
scrub the decks with Whale than the duck is goose bumps shown as the ink to the Tattoo of rump,
flop of over in the slop is easily at Storm in the calm of I at long the quiet is the core,
eye of the brain to shoulder pack the slap a fact with World sacked the deafening in bat.

Goods for the barrel as I wised to the pickle in thus the Game of throwns is not as bad as fare owe`d,
since to vibe the carry dye to round a Bout in pass the Trout is fish up stores to Purchase dory,
in positive return to futures the clip to snappy Tap a leak is in the Juice of bottle bled the standard Bred.

Courage as the snow shew fits each flake the in or up a bit from flutter to the Hail skit an Opus Saw the bale,
wire three or Twine of tight the braid of burlap grains in Wheat the Hull is all the same in Set to Sport,
message on that bar to Song the glory is the being Flong.

I am not a man, Human Cargo!!

Given In The Shorts

No Mountain shall break as Science is Proof that Volcano is hot to the Steam of the Flow,
for in the understanding of Obvious to lake the Forge of comprehension is the Now to the date,
on or is it In the calendar of state that Numbers show the Years to spake.

Thus the Movie or the Singer at song is the fence that builds up Strong,
I the wire on the streaming jaw the angle driven is the dish of Law,
in amongst the questions Answer the problem is not the brisk of Band.

As an Instrument pedals plug the pull Stop is the brake in dove for Crow,
piece of Music peace on stride the rest is Notes that perfect Clyde in lane`d,
as I script the known to Worth Plato is the borscht of shirt a Turnip on the Rye.

Twist the storm to changing heard loud are the Mechanics of grease & Verb,
in written score the Ceiling floor a painting by the Stretch of Gore,
silent is the Still be born as Air does more than Oxygen corn.

Rows of eaten by Pew of form the Tidal of the wave is worn by Vote in smoke a Sign,
black is Crow grey is Mirror in the Paints the brushes spear to stub the dock is Dip stirred,
spill the flew to land the feet ask the Walk should the bother talk an Admissions of the stoop.

Core the string of I am Wing in the flight of now the Kite as the learn of Scientific 'cause lightening Terrifics',
presently the Signals being interrupted bye people obstructed sew this word to blockage Tongue like gum,
the teeth do represent the Jaguar in the tree of bent sets to Watch the speak a trade all in the gave Shade.

Starch of cotton bulb of work finding grace can be a Jerk that has spoken of same in Vat the boils,
gas in pipelines that are not Drills for the Oil tells the Wells that the whole is based in ground Pits,
born the Dinosaur to bones is it fuel of carry Zone`d the Pyramid in upside down a Tapping bound.

Oh Look I do believe the True for in the mystery the Fable blew or is it in the Verse of New a Table brought
the Candle in my Home is clue for nor can Wind buy out the send as in the closure much to pass in pen,
write I will for Good is skill the belt of Addition in the divisible 'til that Hand be had for Favor Dad. 

The Pin Board

In the Wind I blow a breeze as I laugh I built a Mountain on the grid I stand an Atlas for spellings attractive,
in Guide I brought Ask in Que I toward the Math in division I Accept the Tack for Any quest is Map fee,
pursed the Sky in there is Read available for All to see As the Question speaks to Speech I deliver Art.

Pictures mural at Lake of Mead in flavor Or the Drink of seed grown Sew deeply the ever Mind a bee,
letter`d bye the Alpha bet in standard Script the wrote of Whip an Accurate of verbal Sip is Lead,
tunnel Vein in blood of Land the in Hare rents to stand from Base of Charge to know the Fan.

Delivered by the Grace of Hand a purple robe that Covers tan How ever in the Sun to Band it's Lane,
sliding Symbol to state the Nimble an Arch of Paint the Rain bows saint to Guess would Bring the Being,
in Self the Stand does Dance the Can as Burn is Hot the Flame is Brought placing Elemental.

Try from Equal up the Lot in a Tower the Language trot verse the Average brow to Thought bark Pot,
kindle Fire through A Product lyre Truth string Music pluck the Harp pedals depress to Loud the Start,
the Noise is Static should people Part from Ease to stake the Rare in Cart the Unique of Each a Teak.

Leaves are Autumn in the Fall shed the Snow it's River sprawl twist the Creek the stone is ball a Float,
the Ocean of the Substance sand in Filter there are blessed in Counts the Grains do find the Oyster bell,
Claim as pearl knows the Gem in Side of each is Minds the Hymn a Sheet to Salt the peppered Spray.

Birth too Man as Planets plan trust to Value the Measures ran in Note of written the Hards are Scan tee,
strike these Clubs I've scene the Mug grind the coffee the Bean is Bound to plant the Tree of Heart pea,
nudge the Conscious stream to Flow in the Ink the Words will Know width the Strand it's a Belt of Spread.

Butter bread with Toast the Spoke glasses brake the Crystal fate by Crisis in the Famous stoke I Pipe,
organs Cause the Stow muck Keep with Digestion the Length is Treat score Feed as Fright the Ninetail`d,
a Voice in Factor of the screen is Hidden drawn in less Read deem the Port of Why it's in the Eye. 

In A Pinion

The broth oyster in the muscle clam has the scene to the salt the earth is it's dam,
from shore to bank at cliffs of tank the curtain run in the creek River pond,
slate is the mate to the sand bore of leaves as the glides to the sea are the pools of relief,
lakes to the dunes in a mountain of reef the coral of pink to the rub a sub leaf.

Gum to the gulp the water of breath in the boards of the caption as the shark bitter feed,
soaking the starter to the second hence tree`d look at the current from charting a speak,
roof as the level rather movement is wave slamming the base doesn't happen to store,
that is left to the shallows to spread as rocks are the jetties of flight in the shed.

Spray in delight as the dolphin of sync crave the desire for the turtle is shrink,
grounds that are constant to the burrow of shrimp to bottom the seen as the seat,
atop the sunken ships at the beam safe from the clever of auto machine,
in the gold of the treasure coins that do lever the time and the dates that engrave.

Pink in the color of the birth as the breeze fanning the harbors that simple the breathe,
swimming in station to miles in the keen fork a migration the coastal of clean,
hearing the bearings of callers at creed flowing the circuit to electric in Means,
the octopus sting ray in print of the dye to the a Maze can the temper say sky.

Of course in the mix of the system at state in sheets of the melting a rise in a gaze,
the motion of sturgeon to the flipper of came an eel in the snake is a toothy in rake,
sharp are the edges that sit on the plate shaped by the land in the collection of grate,
depth is a said in the dark of such lead the lights of adjustment be on a be`s bed. 

Plumb Lines

Belly this Blog with a google in Place the search will come UP with placement in duck,
like the May pull of trigger the Word in the differ a Meeting to mention is Colin Powell in Convention,
on the Stage of direction as the State of the Cactus also in trim are the miles in bend,
however I was forced to the Airport of this Scene in the few,
an Older crowd that no longer is shoe.

The grace of that Man whom broad Tell in the fan made the Trip not adventure but Mission of bell,
ring went the Master at the company Hell bang goes the microphones to call the be 'til,
in venue the Dinner was a round table event,
I was seated to entry and watched as the Sent,
for discovery like Page is the listening of youth,
much to the Same it's discernment at Trued.

The seat that did walk across to the pulpit to hold gave recognition as Audience`d dogs&Cats to be fold,
the rain did not pour for the Ceiling was gold in thus held believing that Men are so shown,
boom went the Voice in a spread of the joke but the difference begets these Verbs as the Let.

Be known from the capture to the Center of lead as breadth to the Speech amazed the believe,
shall the clamber of dollars to the cheer of the Waste be compared as the been or a trash`d in a Case,
rip these details to the fertile of graze,
form the Contention to a Tent in a Raised,
beams so have built by a Carpenters Trade as my Grandfather both`d the Preach and the Lay.

Dials that notice the phone of the Call is it I.D. or the telephone Wall,
a copper in wire the basic hard line on crawl goes faster not really for the Remote is a sprawl,
over space in the Satellite store that did File a perfective is Fax in the machine of great style,
the roll of the Tape or the film in a shape likens to the Paper of towels on the Slate,
the brawn of the Core still good in the take rewind in reverse and the Letters are dates.

Cod Walks

To 'The Truth' of no mystery investigations are made upon the worth of the Entry to play,
should the Office in staff be working display than the closing of doors at introduction had day,
in set of a store the Front of the gave, a type of release in the Hold of a say,
as the Register does add the printer Receipt will tape with the bookings of every in Complete,
for this is the measurement of the trust in a state where the venue is ticket`ing a plate to the date.

Revealing are the words that have been said to the structure of Study in the must buy,
should food be of Tender or is eating a way that keeps the Insurance of medical be brave,
for in the ingredients of Product too place I speak the counter in Total aye base,
a Know ledge to Clift Note the claim is the trace by forcing the Order to number the take,
bonus this standing as the hand does to shake for changing the problem is not fixing the bake.

Hot is the Subject of naming a Grade as the curve in the ball has bounced the read bait,
the Company that pushes to Price each a day is constantly processing the Computer of say,
towards the life of Investment a house to reside have Scene the commercials selling a vibe,
reverse in the Fortune and be product Produce in the age of the spoken it is certain to boot,
these advertised crates that box up the Rate no percentage in said for the Oats are wheats bed.

Hard pine in the Sap of the drips that have fast, quick to the empty the home is a grass,
tour the television or News on the Rack, a magazine is rifled and the Dog ear`d a tack,
pricks that do herd the sheep of the Flock have gathered the given to set on the Clock,
tape that to Worms in the sight of a Skull, the brains are just kicking to bring on the bowl,
soup on the shoulder the Chilly is coal, fire in the fountain the Pen is now Told.


Watering Holes

The Sky in Action of the moving brights to the breadth of the Measure in a dawn of the tight,
the Trident declared by the Three Pyramid side with a kick to the Star like the stairs on the plight,
in the heave of the treasure as the sure sign to See the character of reference in an Earth that believes,
dirt is the produce to the Core of the birth in the meddle of Tender the coins are a choke,
soaping the words to the Verse free in sing the wives of the gracious ink the Poetress' King!!

Alpa to be omega in fed trait to the Counter the tease is feed bed,
a marriage of Alter to the carriage of Ped. moves Walking to escalators the Wise eat the shed,
to scars that I slipped on the Patent of shoe the knee that has that Two~inch in the prove,
from Macy's Cellar to the Top for the groove is it an elevator with the buttons in glued Thirteen.

I in the structure of young in my Life take learning the Factor of the shape in the Wide,
shall one be removed the Point construct is due however the Compass does Atlas at view,
this Map of a Nature says elephants' boom to the tusk of Skeletal recognition is Clue`d,
the grave of conditional price to the Herd simply removes the Ancient in stern.

The Mast of the Sailing in fleets of the Old I speak of the Reason and the best of the go,
travel a time period, dot, in Paragraph partner, the Voice of the Tell breaking lines barter Shell`d,
roads to the Lake or the Flame in the forge gets Melded no that can't be it's afford,
the basket to Bucket the Pail in pot placed on the stick as the Stove is a thought.

Boiling temper`d by degrees in the Dress additional format puts Bees to the breast,
a Corporation as PetSmart changed letter to Vest however that is a tad different than punking the Crest,
in grave deprivation I say for myself that raping is Rape no matter the belt,
to turn the Other for same in extract know need to Informational are the Jeans in the black.

Cross Collar`d

Safe Way Select Brand Named

The Start of the GO is base`d house to NOW in the absolute of Importance to CAT FOOD Stock`ings,
as it Just so happens I was in the Tree of Investment upon such this said Feed,
label bye label the can did Sew Fast that pricing the Docket my Doctor would Ask,
fortified Price in the menu of Vice the joke took Years for me to Sake in the brain ....Until....!!

Well as the story flows to fish in the Tank a chilling discovery in the Store of I thank,
so sorry I was unaware at the shelf scape for the beatings on my head came differently said,
the Stockers of business would calm my day by accepting the worry and not ever in say,
for this I can Appreciate a dollar purse Day that more is known to this now Open Phone.

It's writing for Change that add to the fame to create the Cans that those hand did/do in shake,
those passing glares to the I don't Knows may have been most appropriate for a Clue with vocals,
in Audible tones that are stressed with Bones the directional misses came complete with such Verbals,
cold Water hot lapped my Wares in the Mind confused by the times for in Vegas the shirt was so Cool.

Reminding these hours of hiring Louder the calls from Sherlock at the Homes of resistance to Shout,
the Tailor of dress a buttoning test all tucked in made best in the Trim as the House of Prime Rib a Plate,
in the dinner of Conversation to the laptops of weird the challenge of Stations are more Financially clear,
the breakfast that sat the V.P. in the fact that Dave never did pay me back for the Meal I had left receipt.

Moments to building Monumental glass Cheers the Hotels to gambling the Strip~joints to handling,
a buck in arrears for I never took gears in the Faculty of most obviously shifted to Venue pricings`,
as Dockers are pants and pull-Overs are Vista this little blog of Channel shoots straights as a Handle.

Facts Machine

Cagey Be

Ask To Day as the 1st and it is not May the month of Speak in speech of Year to date labor,
in thus Said it is All dread for the Market Calendar is Monday fear upon such this is Spear,
prepare the pay of this I lay that Work is custom action sleigh by each to a Monopoly Play.

Hurt on the Job at PetsMart Inc. the name so changed as the invitation sank to the filter,
a slip with Capital to lower case my ability to forward heard has left me in a gear,
Workers Compensation bust the hand of ride was bucked to dirt along with financial Mush.

In the bathroom at the Store I bent to pick the paper from the floor beneath the Sink,
at the bend of cleaning send by orders that are meant to be the protection not threat,
due to Class of tough that's math my Back gave weigh to the vertebrae smash.

Fifty`Hours Per`Week require`d_Monitor`d daily Home Trade`d too Salary

I the Store Director seat went to the door by my own feet at first glance I saw a can't,
for looking straight into the eyes of a District Managers' bye no gallant path was he,
I tripped to my Office chair sat in pain and great despair as proof is not difficult it's sad.

The Hours of the Retail giants' are not select to this Employer it's the last stand of slavery,
in this business you work by force the Job you have is threatened in constant of the boot,
schedules shifts to no the wrist the phone was the burn of know resist in the troubled sports.

For or to the government whom has declared this a Holiday Boom the grate of mesh in crush,
so here I stay in great, great day the 360 Degree in the fusion of spinal low the conclusion worse,
cannot work must be slow for the Surgeon said it's brush to going farther up the rush.

In response my Company fonts a removal from my Haunt fired me while on the clock Fed ex`d,
in the mail of the truck after these details struck my removal had been so lucked I found this problem,
I had worked hard at this job gave many, many hours are Concrete just to have the dump.

Strangely Retailers find no use for the employee they abused although I could have moved,
been a Prime in State of least for the hours I was released in this thought I would have key,
instead I am on Permanent disability lost my House and all my goods to basically over-worked.

Sad the affair of this 2014 Century Turn that Wages&Hours&Labor burn still the in Complete,
for in the tenure I had been tested heavily by PetSmarts trend the scores were tall a Gallop Poll,
conversations training Leads counter bellied Height to the birch brake Redwood Tree.

To Whom the current President is at any said police`d in bed your Vice did ensure my Job back then,
but at the release of my final visit to the Doctor that gave me walk the minds had changed just like the dock,
Twenty-seven hours a Week is the top of my set to be yet do the Math it's not so treat.

In conclusion of this Labor Day advise in the sake of my sound Thighs a Company should have,
a better conclusion to have had to do than thanks your broken now be Broke Too.

The Tag line for this Soar on television the Commercial seen where Pets are family is best to know,
the finish line does really blow for Management is the base line scoop that gets the bagged sewn in,
with loss of absolute from Store to flea hop Coop.

Real Perch

Five-Threes' in the second forth Hour of the Quad in a triangular scene of the sky in a fleet of the Now,
as the guide Arrow curves to the sat-set learn the barrow of a Present sits with the Thought of rink.

In a Ski of True Mouth in a double-Back 'morrow it becomes the narrows of a Straight flight read,
to Sync the language of the toss in a selective brew then does the furrow of the brow equal Sum.

As the Genesis of an odyssey minus the problem in the Mathematics of a Scientific Proof dip,
particular Text verse the Symbol on the out~Ward of deck the Porch of the grace Nature' in brace.

Notice taken is proviso gained questing the order of the deeded in a Quarters' moon tarrow,
in cards of Fifty-two pick-Up the class that I was taught not by reference North experience`d.

As Uncle of the tribulation the Initial introduction the hand flying seen was Teach the question,
what is That to quantify game played with a Smile on the face Gave glistening` eyes in the due Over.

Solitaire inks Treasure to heads of Clover, Shamrock, Heart tooth Spades showing Number counts,
these sames are not same yet Calculations are exact to the I.D. of the Picture fact,
per the box Poker a jokers Wild adds to the total at eight in a Full fold special,
games to Jack that queen for the King in a end-shake On the board of a table.

Pool the stick at the middle in monopoly as the Bank is Side`stored for the real money,
albeit paper to the description of amount liken the figures to the stock as the Methodology in brothers inc.,
Warners' is to film as Roars' are to introducing the trailer hitch`d to the big boon of beam lights too,
brain brought think Atop a three~Ring on the Train the rails carry-on with business as usual.

Left to the stops at Station props a Conductor knowing the town scape doesn't slow to jump the Halt,
for release of the stall would be lost liters in the Mass appeal of the Animal Show,
thus for the pull to the track change as the gears are the shift of the master Provision,
sank slicks as the slip of the metal ride must consider the traffic on the bale or is it or Could-it be the Wire!!

Taunts' Caboose Engine Boots