Thursday, July 21, 2011


I love this song, I will never forget anything.  Nor will I allow the constant gaslighting by Melba and Hugh Meakin to alter or bring into question the actual events of my life. 

The song below was posted on my youngest daughters facebook page, along with what I have written.  If you have been following my blog than you understand that Melba Meakin is a woman that needs to be understood and then held accountable for her malace and lack of morality.

A restraining order that Melba and Hugh Meakin put on me two and a half years ago, precludes me from contacting my children while they are at the home in San Francisco.  To believe that my daughter is having to experience my family of monsters making her feel that she is unable to love or be compassionate, is the last straw for me.  I hope that people can read and understand how cowardly, cold  and ignorant my mother is in her Malignant Narcissistic response to what was written by my daughter and her cousin. This is how she responds to her Grandchildren in public.  Just imagine what happens behind the closed doors.  It is not a pleasant experience.  If you cannot see that there is trouble here than I pity you.  

I have found out recently just as Upsi has discovered that my FOO is reading my blog.  I believe that the time for justice in this matter is close at hand. 

Maybe someday someone will recognize that Malignant Narcissists get worse with age, not better. I was the one that was not loved, not my daughter. There are repercussions when you write anything down and monsters find it like she has.  The repercussions happens in the privacy of the home where they live. Are you aware of that?  What a brave girl to write her feelings down so publicly. Where I could find, read and respond with eloquence and exactness.  Especially after they threw her cousin out on the street to live at only 16 years old.

Putting an end to this insanity is what I continue to fight for each day.  I feel as if I am walking a thin line, I must name these monsters to protect the ones that are writing there feelings down.  At the same time I am aware of the screaming and blaming that takes place in their home following such a post.  Remembering that speaking out against abuse is the only way to stop the madness, I keep writing. 

My children and I will recover. I will succeed in outing these monsters.  I will know justice in my life.

[Thank goodness for Facebook.  (I was just approved as a friend on my daughters page 10 or so days ago and I have not been able to speak to her in over a year.) Good job on communicating to me the reality so quickly and efficiently. Stand strong girls and keep on fighting for your lives.]

Written by my youngest daughter,

You know sometimes I dont think they realize I actully am capable of love and compassion.

Response by her cousin,

 its not that you arent capable of that. it is that, THEY do not know what the fuck LOVE and COMPASSION is. that is the truth.

Response by my daughter,

haha, that is probably absoluetly true... !! Love ya kelssay

 Response by my mother Melba Meakin,

Lauren, is there something I can help you with? Sounds like you've been misunderstood. As well, I'm so sorry to see language like the above comment, by Kelsey, used on your Facebook. Please let me know if I can help.

Song posted right before the above post. Posted by my daughter,