Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Hi^Pot Ta News

Lecture Halls schooling jaws in the preach of the professor on the name brand attendant,
as the brass of the barrel in the death of a slight a glove from the Parthenon to caste it a kite,
string with the thread or spool on the type print the eyes blinking and partition the fight.

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should the youth of a child in a nightmare of lived see that the cloak was a living deadly deep stared,
tasking the sense to this actual on tense is to know of the shift on the shadow at tent.

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bring in the tree or communion on knee a church for the bible a chapter for key.

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smashing with torrent to restless on want no patience did design for the mouth wanted daunt.

Swish goes the fabric form the skin under nails fingers to function in the paper on trails,
strange to the portion a verse in the found grab on touch sample the circle is sound,
chest with the caution for the shoulder looked jest watched as a jerk made funny not guest,
in aisle to pew of the picture I knew laughter to spanking the system worked few.

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in perhaps of the function the liter spoke gallon drinking for fortune removing the sand,
in the pour on the stitch to the shredders of lace tied to buckle the thread in the faced,
delighted to perk a future in term as the glue from the lips to that silence in chose.

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worry shall that become the between as dead are still dead and tomatoes still green.

Cook up potatoes or carrots on steam broil the stretch to the hamburger seam,
smear the condiment like the cover of fein as that is the spirit of the Thames on a king,
french in the fries or Kentucky fried scream chicken to rat taste is the goods and the means,
however more in the over of theme is that drop in the bucket of oil on shaft.

The groove is of greased and the video of tube a televised live from the vernacular burns,
chaps that pant legs to shovel the twitch is the difference in modern or the use of the switch,
special it to the coffee of bean ground for the reality that tea often sings,
song to the trust of down for the seek Trigger a barn for Mr. Ed had a farm.

Will burr in the freeze of the staff to the stall mucking as letter is stuck to the saw,
shout to the silence proud with the flesh for in the provision the bee is the kest.

Phone calls to dial or stealing lined that is the smoke of the deviant signed,
at the cue of the bullet fires of swell to separate ages in a singular chill,
day off to foyer bell 815 dark is the daylight that swings on the spline,
raked for the doppler radar at disc. now be this a warning of straddle the Hist.

Chirp first to ding-dong that sent on parade to bark at the basis as trees in the nest,
glass paper towels that shiny to bisque in second of count sleep in the crest,
speak a ton to the birds on the lung for at instant both Eagle came Hawk the flights of the desk.

Of course that is really just 20/20 in 60 Minutes or lest

What Is Seen Is More Than Often At Dock

As a visit to my residence evidenced chair in the mind of the sentence milk curdled the stare,
as the week in the thought of the said on the blank the over in amount of the fashionable Blunt,
for in this insistence I speak of a night as the perk to the story was not him in a bout,
the found on admission to the memory bounce just delivered the vigor to virtue it out.

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no will not answer as the why is of spout this particular last sunday just sat on the couch.

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in the vice of the fist a man with a tongue that lashed on the station of saying rebuke,
nothing at every spark of these lines is the remainder of system to plains,
as the buffalo ran to the heards of the strain so does the mind say speak with a star.

On width of a canter to the trotting to post the felt is the embers of the banks on that cyst,
pop goes the rustle the strange on the shout in never this push was the pull to a joust,
letter with standard in life it is rare for I believe all are special to cared,
a best friend in death for the leg up at youth a bathroom explains the pants on the root.

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the church to the beach of the sands suicide as the death of this anger is making a page,
a tell on the small with not driven to deck this fudge of a man just poked at the test,
as if to say that things that have shown bright to the phone that is ringing on stoned.

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cards to the Tau in the live on the joke to bring with a ladder don't bother the cow,
stiles for fences sword fish with seat porch with a bin and the crumbled is deep,
yet on this unfashionable loud I put, the A of the B to a now.

Add it with decade or drop off a vowel it is still in the noun of the placing a sound,
speak without tender that the hug wakes the dead to find on the season the wet slop of shred,
streak with a strobe the sky will thunder, 
count starts the yank that Tea Time of Wonder,
4:00 o'clock just says that it is greed with a stalk.

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as the digs grow to the factorial spreads that same made a point to the unsaid said dice,
unknowing of the first at the act but that is not true for vomit counts clue,
a bucket for language the pale on spot to handle the smell of the garbage it cropped,
for on the atlas of breathing scratch plot the worth of the answer is the question on caught.

At least James Blunt had permission to shock.

Odd Bothered

The flip of print on coining is ahead in got mail,
in with the method of operation to cast of a part on James Blunt as a shoe,
in the vice of a grip on and with the text inking sit patience reveals an interest in sealed.

For on the counter of whom set school at the Harrow of the movie time rule,
is the carousel running with music to tool that gear is the horse on a moving duh cool,
is a ride for the Metro with a bus take good, a ticket in punched the shiner is tongues.

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former to hardware in the paint of the term brushed for the off spur a sake on the burn,
in saddled for reason to touch of the glad provided that lives benefit not die of the sad.

Parking on tons is the riddle of Jung in speaking to sleep these bits are a link,
nice on the spice to spike in the case of certainly saying that leaves are the same.

Arson on barrel not my cup of tea as my Mother did instruct for jumping was me,
the clinic to teach a professional on lead these are the founders of a foundational treed.

Track on the dirt gallop to turf as the grass is not greener just watered for nerve,
spark a campaign that does more than just drain in the hand of a carton the picture is came,
creature to feature a human of ploy is not of the darker rather being go starter,
light with a candle the flash bulb regard is the carpet so read that the Barker is led.

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sort through the done with a caption of rung it is the phone on the skit of the instrument at kicked.

The big bad world with all of those screams education to turmoil boils and seams,
hem is the stitch that saves nine in the needle,
spooling for brave is the feather this made,
 by the right thing as wrong sting to the throng.

The question is not of the lie rather the tempo of the blinders at-large,
in England the fever is burning with charge yet on the piece is missing a lark,
in the singing of done a C.D. packed in fact a spoon full of sugar is creaming it stacked.

It Is The What Of The Is

Tintinnabular the act of class in the war on that is fact to college of the school a horse to island spain,
in the ride of love a gain to the bliss of dancing reign I state the waltz of old page signed to the bless,
of training on the fronts to shore in the boat of ancient horror a tempo on the balance roared,
for heard the ear of tunnel said that the echo it is said to bring the structure to a board,
on the fence of sword and swail Flint began the ship of nail on a pirate of the voice in a singer of police.

Trade the winds that blow north West tot he coast of the dressed on the letter is no mess it's inkin',
towards that statute of the marbles that must be on the taste set on the table black and white tales,
baldwin playing ivory on the plate knows of grace in dignity for the virtue sees me through,
in talent to the state of the carriage on the fate is the incision mirror to cut or the chopper on the side,
dam that to the cause effect blowing storms with no good slant for truth is up on the post of a simple tight.

There on the next record is the flame of so much less machine the swirl a tongue and not the furl,
a course that runs to bury wise in theses tasting no video goes as the words are all that foes,
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that tight of dash to dash the sack as if to believe the poets pat take breach of concert sharked.

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sun is good light that fag on the smoke of central rag to this print that evidence a part with a port.

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dungeon this with B & D add the S & M for mead pour the stool account,
to subtract the loud of brae is to be familiar with the braid that Mane got roached by found,
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the photograph in write banked loud a cycle of the opera crowd a stage to park the star at shroud.

While Ewe Fuss The Wool Cents Buys

Cloning on the worlds temper of human beings for animals have been potted to up & running,
the galloping piece at societies heal is the shout of the foundation to the brain of grains in the pan,
on the dish of the satellite to the connection at hand in the foot of the shoulder to the future such plan,
as the teach and the Tell on an environment to beach it is in the reality of the shores on the birth.

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with the course on natural to the speech of say in Nature the word is reincarnation on display,
to jump no leap is to Cliff on the note that textile agreement to the nerve on the float.

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add the bit of bridle to the time on the same Nature with a drink of no forgetting of the sync,
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trade across the Cosmos or the universal plight could the breath be so sheet that the blankets of a key.
Cage the cell to the phone on the dial of a scene in back of the Upwards slant to speaking on the day,
shall science be the happenstance the sky of shed,
than is the cult of coincidence explaining on the tray.

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a touch stile round cue to the pools byte that game and move know the dual,
in plural of the zero or the count of A B C,
a tripod on the photo grid to line the entire of the fate!!

Gosh the darn of spool ask spoon a dipper quest preview,
shaking change to bring the page a ladder on the bench.

Trouble in the sum of skate as experience is shade,
the tree to apple with a snake cost is on the find,
creation has in millions shown the evolution time,
trim the cat with nine a clause the banks will grow to bind.

Now around that portion with a ship the lanes that construct to sign,
pen to sheet the paragraph what a kick in dine,
a life so elemental that shines the beacon light,
once it was a trip to moon now it talks Mars trite!!