Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Remains Of The Fed...the Jump is Man

Preparedness for the 'Coming' challenges,
a Storm remains to be Scene.

Hungering thirst,
repetitive verse,
boggled Minds production rewind:

Backwards Thought,
not fought,
sadness disputed,

an unknown "Theme' no-One stops,
breaking-down every Thing,
no consideration too destroy,
short-term Ignorance gains.

The Tuff,
a hide of strength in ply,
kept to Facts,
disaster has tracks,
buckled restraints,
listening banks!!

Discounting Venture,
frogs boil,
sum of left did leap,
grave Omen clearly,
sounding displayed,
much like horns trumpeting day.

Amongst such laid,
phones record,
carded memory views the stored,
not just dread,
they ate the dead!!

People Fed

Blood Thirst ready Wrought,
the balance measured,
the fodder was Haunt.

Censored Best

Lurking thieves know relief,
to find the good or bad at night,
the bolding deed,
preemptive say:

Behaviours rehearsed,
Lies to find stemmed the Rise,
slowly moving,
the opportunity shows the need,
no plead.

Spoken Fairs masses Prayer,
collapsed from said,
mapped the stroke in safety lead,
not to soak,
relief to bled.

Religious Bladder

Food grows feet,
shoes are worn,
it gets ruff,
creates knew day,
knees won't heal,
flavored Marrow,
sustained the brain,
here on Earth.

Guilt maintained,
a blaming game.

It is the after,
contains before,
the Math does Equal,
an interesting horror.

Fear is planted,
grown by Cheers;
"Down that One!! Keep 'This One' Here!!"

Thrice it Comes and it Rears,
ever-lasting Trite with dear,
the truth or rite,
reminds Old Days,
of a Way too ForePlay.

Sensuality in Stay

Links this Might,
with chains so tight,
Whips keep Being,
a formal Leading.

Kept for 'Sake' to save what's Housed,
within the Self, the Tout, a rave,
'It's' Made.

The Wild Nature fights the censure,
what's not seen,
cannot redeem,
personal freedom becomes a Means,
'All' Ready,
connection made.

A thought so found,
reveals 'No Bounds'
the trick of Think,
a keep of ream,
the Mind of such will erupt.

No communication,
electrical vacation,
hear the cost as it is lost,
relief without the bleed.

Fodder flanked,
not for rhyme Four realize,
a Jump of Course,
remains knot forced,
natural gifts born to live,
becomes the Value to the Trader.

What will Come,
no resist,
the World reads a gleaning mist,
reign in Hits,
or better said,
I would guess it's what Front's "This."

A Check, A Rate, A Tone, A Phone,
the deeply seated,
sings of blessed

A Third-Eye Blinks,
a home relief,
to what will be,
a personal fee!!

Fast and Furious,
creates a Drift,
cause 'Its' worse.