Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dream or Wake, which one is reality or look?

I lost myself in a dream while here,
by reality of night in Dark.
Is life so much more in light?
Or, do dreams bring emotional plight?

Imagine not which may be true,
upside down in radiant view.
The Sun and Moon do guide well,
a Calendar of sign.

The fright at night when dreams seem real,
can you be so sure?  Unreal!!
That when you wake, for goodness sake
 have you kept what you cannot take?


A Soul knows flight, deep in tell,
a movie plays the show.
"Insidious" a name, a title,
of a mad hotel.

Watch it soon and in that plea
of fear or horror at night.
I journey long, I journey far,
a curious kind appeal.

No sleep will be, no food to eat.
A run of the unnatural, surreal.
They all seem dead, but, they do see,
your life of light, a deal?

Stealing, talking, they don't care,
to me they all seem dead.
A "Wigwam," both back and forth,
I hope for you to hear.

The "Undead" of the Hell you know
release their Souls in there.
I warn, so torn, I'm tired too,
a Blunt sword doth know you.

Upanishads Sage

I live on a bus with Eight other Men! Touring, Ugh!!

Wish for what you may not know.
Remember "Three Strikes" you're out!
Wondering what would be best?
Me too.
Take a slow and sleepy rest,
before your final test arrives.

Is it Magic? Is it Unique?
Could it be a different type of Spirituality?
Do you cry? Or do you prey?
The claws you show may be your words,
watch out what you say could shout!

Would it matter if you sharpened all of that?
Clawing steel or ripping minds?
I'm a predator; a Tiger line.
A much better and kinder sign.
To Man, to me, to all who see,
a Sage is what is I.

Listless voice in harder noise,
a purr or rumbling roll.
Questions scream, answers melt,
as information Teams:
with all that silence and record,
stand well; stand back or steam.

The furry from such ill abash,
you force opinions of...!
Your concern, is my relief,
an "Eight Men" out, you "Tout!"
What now you say it's all about
a day and not a shout.

Claiming what cannot be yours,
I think a wondering pause.
For I do wave a different shore,
my snore is heard by few.

The Ocean speaks with gentle spray,
a raindrop with a tear.
Don't worry my dear, girl you see,
a pearl you are to me!
You're so fine but in my recant
I worry my love for me.  

The Trees stand tall, to echo small,
a redwood trumpets well:
Go to the Falls, cross the Stream,
he waits inside this dream.
To beam a glimpse of a smile,
from you to see a sage,

This truth will shine a blinding sign,
of life and not a scene.
My strong sweet man
a Clam you're not; but Oceans say they need.
The strength of what you are made of,
a line of Bengal "Me."

Good luck, don't duck, the Sea's do say,
"Rogue girls are hard to find."
Release your heart; for souls will twin,
the start from your begin.
One thought to know, so don't be slow,
you may be counted in.