Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Umbrella Proof

The quotient of this speak,
with format to complete,
to produce a valued route,
the map of how to lead.

The example made for me,
a quiet sort of keep,
do not move until you prove,
you stand on your own feet.

The trash in talk,
the rumored walk,
the voice of less in more,
it proves to be just horror.

The black of blue,
the bruises true,
a scarred and broken life,
the nightmares do revive.

In best of worse,
scenarios cursed,
the dreams are light bulbs too!!

To be awakened by the shaken,
could change one other life,
the road to hope,
is more than cope,
I fight for all in plight.

In such said,
I view the dread,
and action benefits need,
to cauterize these wounds of life,
that happen in repeat.

Leather Bindings

The level of the balanced raid,
life prepares to place,
upon your plate the dinner of,
all this flavored case.

The pain in eyes of whom can't cry,
the Watch that broke in utter stun,
the ones that stuck to their guns,
the time has come to be,
the stance in simple reads.

Base this point of what shall be,
the write of such known scenes,
as my mind works,
yours will go,
bezirk upon these deeds.

So don't run now,
because you plowed,
with what you could not pawn.

Eloquence in speech of said,
required no more lies,
the value of the message,
is now to realize.

The patience that developed,
is the wisdom to know it's time,
to speak on these core matters,
it will not always rhyme.

My mind was smashed to pieces,
the puzzle of this play,
to put back into pictures,
the hinge is like a say,
and words just pave the state. 


Mechanical Roles Are Fast!!

As a Kid you Said it'd been,
get over it and forgive,
your bleating is your loss,
the language in spoke,
the picture of the laughter broke.

The visit to your parents home,
no child was I then,
full-grown to be a simple friend,
we met at the age of ten.

Your husband screams,
the keystrokes of what Priests have done,
did he ever look at you,
or is that feeling just bleeding from,
the life that you have sung.

As I know you know your name,
these words I pour are to out your do,
you also left me in that room,
with your Father standing too.

The looks that passed as you cast,
better you than me in path,
both adults and long from school,
remember Catholic and 6th grade too?

No longer children without a voice,
yet you left, it was your choice.

The Puppet of whom pulled your strings,
I saw your father speak with eyes,
that is when I realized,
the drawing of the room was empty,
accept me who sat in plenty.

As your Father walked to that Chair,
I must admit I did just stare,
the zipper pulled down by his hand in walk,
to where I sat so we could talk?

The Cock of which I speak on showed,
I broke in fact this is KNOW ACT!!

The Doll I know myself to be,
just stood up and laughed at he,
the one who robbed you of yourself,
how young were you when he raped too.

In nothing more than No WAY Out,
I looked around to see him shout,
with no thought of what is talk,
I went down the stairs to where you stared,
at the Television, like I wasn't even there.

Do you remember I looked to see,
if you really did this to me,
and all you did was ignore,
the very fact I walked out the door...'s not like we were kids anymore.

I knew your troubles long ago,
the advance of him in 'NO'
as a youth I stayed with proper,
in that silence 'we' both knew,
hiding was something that you just do.

Now that you have carried that Motto through,
I would like to announce to whom,
when you do not stand against,
you become the Perpetrators Fence!!
Laughter doesn't come with boisterous chortle,
it comes with repeated troubles.

Factor Flight Of A Stable Life

With every mistake so quick most are,
take a look and know I'm far.....

far from running, far from walking,
farther from the frightening nightmares of truth....

in lives.. passed, in virtue.. wrath, in love.. hate,
in balance I weight...

evolved to decay, raped at the age, 2, 3, 4, 5,
the countdown, of counting-up your days 'til...

in a single moments second, your breath engaged,
held in place, know names have addresses...

the internet, the home, the passport, the phone,
text your denial, photo's are a dial, the misery of...

what is shown in the mirrored reflection of what is done,
shines back so brightly, that you have identified the horror for me.

The poison drips as Minds do sip the drink of only poured,
in not a crisis but simple abhorrence for every life you've torn.

Beware of the wicked thorn, that threads your every score,
to add the board, the leader of, you will not quit and I do not love.

In equal form the grant of born, express your faith in said,
as innocence has only pled, in past of what the future says.

The covert moves, of whom does chose, to speak exposing week,
I rise to Tell, you taught me well, the text does fit, like dressed to....