Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Charge is Life

Throughout 'Time' the best of the worst makes gain,

With each step,
take nothing,
 just feel the breeze that You create with your breath.

The bigger the 'stride'
the more ground you cover,
not faster just longer.

A 'Course' that increases the 'Jump'
knot tightens the girth!!

A 'Fall' is the grace of Nature,
saving you from a wreck.

Appreciate the ground you land upon,
it is built to catch you not kill you!!

You may have the wind-knocked out of you,
don't gasp 'cause,
you can't.

Just lie still,
death is lurking.....,
be patient and the moment will not deliver Post Haste,
but a calm affect to regain what you have lost,
your 'seat'

Death Charges Too!!