Monday, March 24, 2014

Dog Paddling Proof

Where the wares of your spare,
put the site of know man within the plan,
talent Self to train for the road to lust.

Trigger the pull to fire the realm,
dig-up the past and ride the mounting,
presumption will go deep and wide,
never realized.

By the core hello the pour,
crate the box and scoot,
vibrate an acoustic sound,
fool the coward loud.

Climb the walk and keep it talk,
back away from,
the come,
accept the scribe,
in this you will stay alive.

A Knight Time

Watch the power in present dress,
listen to the drum roll,
the sticks of the overgrown,
mark you're prat,
fly to the sunset of never could.

Release the bodily shift to lift,
to the open and vast sake,
replay the video back to the day of scold.

The execution of a scrape,
the black shadow of shape,
grasp the internal bite,
thought for thought....sin is all but caught.

Society does not regard the done,
lost for fact and left to sack,
rival all and simmer the boiling plot,
regress to stay the track.

The darkness envelopes sepia to sight,
'round the barking heard,
the prattle of the footsteps,
overhead the voice in the room of dine,
listen to the argument,
here the smacked with coins of jingle.

The ladder not a sign,
the workbench by heated elements,
a chemical mail-order experiment,
the timber holds,
the cement in grave,
the face of whom did not save.

Stare hard holding,
practice thinking no mistake,
bathroom window Hemway twin,
sill so set that two became,
three know splat stay away!!

Two floors thirty foot drop,
sum the space for earthly take,
NO!! I will not follow them.

Cross checked from a flat,
across the yards of this a fact,
took a look to see the spot,
what the fuck you said we'd be caught?

The muni Balboa Street,
seek and find the Union Square behind,
Geary to the O'farrell theater,
not the Zoo!!

Back lock to the mind,
rewind in the sight,
bedtime develops plot to Bic.

Fire the Cigarette burns so long,
ash sensation looks like wrong,
careful start while it hangs,
overhead and not in tray.

The Square's Garage will be a Lot,
the Avenue represents the do,
the zoo key you've gone to far,
back to the cinema on par.

Look about while on the Flout,
pans will sizzle Hofbrau sky,
billowing Chef with all the roast,
corned beef and chocolate cream.


ADD ~ Total by the rack,
China Town has a Gate,
two blocks down not to late,
fortune cookie on Ross Lane,
over three to the bend up the hill wait until..

Send the Cabled Car Man,
up to the Ritz of Hotel planned,
jingled change pocket sound,
the dollar bill cannot be found.

Lobby stop stairs on sing,
copy nothing keep the bing,
door bell concierge in grown,
just a Hop in the loan.

Red carpet drapery match,
heavy cord is missing pass,
gift shop to find the phone,
down the hall and I'm to small.

Drop the dime to another time,
reducement to the age of found,
put the stage upon a band,
mark the tether with the count of Man.

Beyond the Pines a house in like,
wooden walls with peek hole of a window cut,
kitchen yellow table put,
couch becomes the sight of took.

Set the gear at zero bearings,
the handheld zoo animal display,
so small a bridge doubles say,
dropped from the Lucky Drive.
driven till I do not sigh.

Cello lessons ZUT will guide,
the word of note to bass the struck,
Harp will go and than the tow,
the Stallion left in Paddock bowl.

Geld Frisco to handle law,
or the take will be the saw,
Polo track the point of entry,
the horse took me know the Sentry.

Took off fast was only sat,
'round the bend to yell at scat,
woman replies, no I won't,
hey lady you were a Golden Gate Stable clap.

Thoroughbred picks up speed,
two more laps to his leap,
the bush to where he did leave,
Dare-Me-Devil never lacked

No Person stopped to warn,
the faster I went the bigger the scorn,
HEY Lady, remember now,
a kid on a thoroughbred WOW!!

Don't you worry I will jump,
out of myself and to the sump,
that concrete where I had no feet,
on the ground I spot that sound,
the pumping of the boys from town.

Bearing down upon my staff,
eyes in fixed that dick was bad,
the craft to make that fuck go lag,
keep the hatred communication wound.

Center spite inside those eyes,
walk the Flamingo Room,
hear the rain it's like outside,
confusion state the time and place,
food in and dining out,
the Cable Car has a housing place.

Close to cables ride the Mount.

the Tell of present the sight of passing repetitions,
the plot as scene is just as mean,
first one than the second,
blame placed upon the balance,
no one will deny the find,
and the wrong will never show,
the cleaning of the clever low.

Drug induced from a horse produce,
the lie that a related incident did sight,
announced the claim with dignity in plain,
I bent over to absorb the shock.

The look upon the face of whom,,
did not cry we were one of two in the room,
the distance to next was simply time,
quietly I write while no one cries,
that's what's adding to a this very scary piece.

Iceland torn down,
leaving The Fillmore as a best.

Singing A WaY