Sunday, July 24, 2011

For The Sake Of Clarity

The letters that I posted yesterday were rough drafts and I never did anything with them.  If they have mistakes, be it spelling or grammatical, I apologize.  I never did edit either one of them and I have only read them once or twice myself.  I had no intention of sending them so I left them as they were when I wrote them. I shared them because of my experiences with other people. I thought that it was awful that I was told a demon had spoken through me to write them and I found that I have finally had enough of the judgement that seems to come my way so readily from others.  I do not believe myself to be demonic, but, if I am, then so be it.  It is Gods will and I accept my lot in life.

I would just like to say to Sarah that your repeated comments to me over the years have finally disturbed me enough to speak on the subject.  To say to your sister as she enters a room each time, "Look the spawn of Satan has arrived," is devious and full of malice.  I find that you have adopted the ways of our mother for reasons I do not know because if the rolls were reversed with you and I you may find that what you have said is hurtful and cruel.  I pity you and I hope that you find peace in your life so that you do not have to take out on others the maliciousness you must feel towards yourself. You have taken the responsibility of being an Aunt to my children and flushed it down the toilet.  You are responsible for taking them out drinking before they have even reached the age of 21 years old.  That is blatant disregard for the welfare of a minor.  You were and are wrong to have done this with any one of my children.  I hope that someone besides myself holds you responsible for the corruption of a child. You were not only there senior but their direct blood relation.  To encourage such behavior in a minor is reprehensible and you should be held to task for such a disgraceful act. Shame on you for doing such a thing and shame on you for what you have said to me in the presence of all my children for so many years.  You have damaged them for no reason other than to say what you please, when you please.  I do not believe that I am the Spawn of Satan, but maybe out of the mouth confession was made about yourself.  Evil runs in families, families like ours.  This has become a very sad state of affairs for everyone concerned. I am sorry for you and sadden by all of your actions towards my four children.