Wednesday, October 8, 2014

It Has Been Referred To As Grooming By The Mainstream Indy's

From each person the ripple effects the next Tidal of life,
in burden of breathing a troubled existence the Inquiry is destined to Search,
with every development to the smallest pebble a hand can progress or decline,
the steeps of symmetry are puzzles that have pieces in stature,
for the Picture is already on the Show of the Box in Style,
grade the performance with identity a School of logistical Impression I dead landed,
the face down in the dirt from the Fall is a lesson in a crawl,
yet riding with Training by Instruction has tempered the crash to 'It Happens' a lot,
these brakes put in place the Hours to speak with candor on an Idea for strong,
beginnings at the Dawn of Ages brought Wisdom to deliver Creation at Evolutions Bell.

Bang went the Expressive galaxy to announce the Universe as introduction to a Star,
on the furthest realm Planets bring adventure to imagine the Flight so naturally,
there in the sky above a view to soak the Mind with Time in a frame of Work,
showering lights with a production that rivals only the limits of our own acceptance to growth,
powering with massive degree an answer to the Quest of Humanity remains closed to me,
recognizing that I speak to reach the caliber of restraint in a system built to entertain I ponder,
for it is the inspiration to an Understanding that has driven my bodily store to lane patience.

Language in verse of long past history was a ring to hear the Call of a siren,
the table of Wax that molds to the all dead have expansed a rhythm that brights life to the nth degree,
to be advised on this road of living with consider to Others statutes of limitations is deed clue,
not said are the pitfalls dug for you while Handed the shovel to prepare for the working despair,
on the clock are Bears & Elephants glaciers and rising Seas flooding in on an early death,
does the building of a boat to the oaring of a Crew prepare the Mind for fire in drowning,
temper a Frog with the Boiling Water the hop would not be into the Pot only the warming taught.

Slowly the control must gain a physical observation with a lens in the blink of an eye,
the Oven is hot as my eldest daughter learned in a lesson at home from Me to Her personally,
as the act is Scene the Ancient did teach with Fables to tales to Human Beings on the Nail,
no matter the seen before the action it is the time that it takes to inform the resolved that counts,
for upon the Screams that will come for inevitably Chapters do have a verse in uttering truth,
it is the balance of a Persons Seat that will carry through to the comprehension of The Feat.


Green Eggs & Ham

You could build 1000 Bridges how many Suicides would it take to build a fence,
as One negative said to a person must be recovered by Seven positives,
with no punches held back.

These are simple text reams that have asked for what has become so Complex,
that should the value be measured with only thought the bridge would be caught,
in the read Hand the pictures are Movies in the process,
as Life Itself is very difficult to draw breath it remains in temptation to sling it,
the stations that regard Identification to Breathe can or Are extreme in their message.

To not envelope a forward broadcast of encouragement is in itself a stride,
for a walk to the the Other side is not difficult it is a Choice,
with reason to find ability in the procession of knowing a sentence the Question is the Cause,
march a strike and the stream will Flood be of character and the Stream will water Millions.

Basic lessons that produce the increase of mud is a letter to the Slasher,
for in description of what is Why the measure is the Voice that speaks to Try not curl up and die.

I Was Unaware Ears Could Bleed

The strange in the read is the give on receive for the precision is artistic in outer seen,
a sky to the voice in the bring on the Planet to the hand of a wrinkle in the palm of Unique,
as the finger tip trays to the said in the grace of a facial expression on have a nice day,
the temper of reception is either repeat or realized to be the dish of a treat.

In Ice Cream of Milk on Berkeley Farms the location is funny to the Market of Arms,
as the city is basis of Sourdough Trades so is the language that Sings to a the green,
for the message in slowly given to Tea the bag is for leaves and the cream is the fee,
an extra Extra hot cup of Coffee is really not in with the mug that is jogging,

Form the stage of a song to the Microphone gone a perfection in Team is the idea of a Breathe,
in to exhale on the sign of a Yield look both directions that shift to the Sail,
for on the raft of the Ship Hollows Eve the trick told the Costume what is the Deed.

The answer was booming from over the Seas as to say that a Pond was the Nature of state,
would be so accurate that I would just brae from the oop's Hallelujah to the great darn Hooray.

I am finding myself in a difficult today shall I share the slowest of say or be kind to the Feed,
choice to the share comes with a chair for the tempo is lovely to speak I don't know,
rather the missing inverse or a change to the list it is the fact that the words are seams.

Like smack on the head for the temperature dread more than likely I can't post this strike in recite,
but the steam on the kettle is Whistling me to be the big terrible that says "Feed Me!!"

Like the radar of Sharks to the dolphin Parade hang with the Flag and the flag will be jade,
to anchor my thought with such settlement wrought I must stop consider and be the best setter.

I know that this is more exciting than watching mud dry,
it's a quiet riddle that says you will/must discover the fiddle,
it truly is Price less.

Remember Your Umbrella 'Cause It's Raining

The Timeless hours of how War has taken from the Earth a multitude of Human lives in dead,
the graves that row to the hillside know I speak to there regard of Life Itself being precious,
in the Speech & Stow of remember the Lo for in the Voice of Salute I thank their Ever in girth,
the march to the Front carriage of guns on their sides a broader Picture to appreciate the Cry.

A battle to the Ages of learn learn learn,
learn as much as is humanly possible,
don't be stuck in repeation of death,
live to Hug & embrace the Breadth of Whom has given a path to forward the Math.

In every hand there is an Opportunity to build a fire that Warns the chilly surround,
in that warmth from the heat of flickering Flames noun a Purpose,
with a Verb begin the descriptions as Wisdom will beget Reason with stand,
be of example not of a determination to only trample out the blaze,
for on the Redwoods to the Mountains High sing with a vibrance that Creation danced the Sign.

The search to bring sustenance is worth the journey,
a History with attention to detail requires The Watch,
for on that Wall of strength the sight is undeniable,
not left for the Binoculars for in the Call to Growth it is the water that produces the Crop,
a well tended field is a garden in blossom of the Flowers that Vase our tomorrows.

Be kind with the formula of tongue Fertilizer ask the Mind should the cat have made it's grab,
patience the body to consider the Atmosphere in this environment be of a measure to self.

People are unique with a library atop each that shoulder,
with clatter it scenes muffled with Clarity it knows speechless,
in birth the land will experience the plow,
engage Cultivation the Thought will embrace the amazement of Breath.

Fresh Air


Power on with the pride of grace in the salute for the Flag is a best,
park the Pole to raise the sign of say in the Hello of an incredible play,
to hear the Voice of a stand by Man is the stage to Know that life is grand,
rely only on the strength of Invitation as any other formal retardant is a hazard,
like the Hydro planing on Icy shoulders that purpose only colds,
to be of character with Conviction of a conscious Acoustics it to Introduce the Core.

As being uniform in poetic expression I only a riddle in life itself,
the guide to a Map of the insurrection is the example given by true directions.

The terms of many have brought great pride with greater marvel,
the joining of forces to the understanding sacrifice is not left for interpretation of jokes,
for in the breast of Humanity we are able to rise above the deterrent in being fed negativity as a bed,
for the sticks and the stones may have broken more than Bones,
but it is in the Words that we linger an inkling to the suffering of the dead.

Growth is in learning that change is a Factor not all will embrace the lesson but in the Call we Hour,
the respect for the work of the Ones whom made possible these days of Freedom to Speech.  

I Always Wondered About Fact

I love the verse of the speak in the lyrics of an Art that takes the measure to the slowest speed,
by understanding the Comprehend the hand goes with the Mind to a send,
in that the upper tier is shedding a circuit that had had a brae in the monitor of the hymn,
a sleeper on the make to the push of the sake that words of wisdom are on the Cake,
for in the Minor of a play the Note is on display to spread the certain Poke as a Cow on the range.

The Minuet in sewn to the lips of a radio on the station of an Organization to ride perfectly,
for as the music sings to the breathe of lean a craft in the fire of the Flame on a treat,
a kind desire that enhances the process to know the charge of the bull is a nose ring with same,
ears of plenty to the heard in century asked hope if shovels were the digs that the Movie professed,
in the spaghetti of perfect as the shield is a breast for the Nestle of the chocolate in dressed.

Reminded of the story of the shingle on the nail as the proper in the palladium said rail,
forest awe grove the timber is chose to clear-Cut the venue with a singular Rose,
in the flowers on the Course of a heavy in chore shall the Event go to street and walk a big peek,
know spoke the ground as the Soil is found with the fertilizer gifted to the recycle of sound,
all in the echo of the fern on the Crown a growing Camellia to the lifting a Found.

Arena awe the Odyssey in lingers of land a fish for the informal representation of bland,
stools that pull up a difference in duck for the Mallard of goose has been in the truck,
fried chicken to speech the Oil of teach brings glossy to Shine with the eyes of behind,
harnessed by Vista to the mount of I See is the temple of sack that much in still seed,
a thought for the whisper on the singing account touch the Buzz as the ring of a Flout.

Could the beat of the prose go to the symptom of pea than in that pod I feel the knee,
as the elbow of Time is also a dime for the Arms of fantastic give charming a sign,
meet with the sheets as the memory rewinds to the dates of the came in absorbing the fine,
as Task is to duty & Covers are fare than in the addition the blankets get stair,
the chair in the room is just for these rides an in that big less remember the Vibe.

Is It Image Or The Release Of Breathe That Banks Sufficiency

Check out Mechanics check out the Rose check out the Action check out the Prose,
in the list of attention the learner is team on the filed of life the taught are the Scene,
in the gift of the Stadium a kezar on being the path to delight is the share of the type,
ride a Plaza ride a bike ride a Organ call it Life in the Plugs of going sky try on the bye of Price.

In the Wisdom of the play the balance of the World in daze A Route to prosper with a grade,
in the history of the Way family did refer to grave remove the Music kill the Opera it's a deal,
in the League of Student aye for in agree the Mind is a Warrior by design as Knights have fallen hind,
yet on the verse of Tell a Course the Avenue does positive stew with Thought of Lake.

On the shirt of a Collar came the soap on a rope for Shower sake as slip is slide in Home,
the base of encourage to the straight up at stance is for the Purpose of kids to dance with bulb,
that shoulder of the walking Cold is moreover the flu of station mold that bowling is the Lawn,
on the pins that stick for strong a direction is the Shade that speaks with On 'The Continue' dawn.

Ride a secret the Secret Charged with a pen in gifting Sarge to NO that prison doom of Fame,
for as the traction is also Playland in the burlap on the life ran the burns arch Wrist to done,
in a broom of Stitch in taught my Grandmother was the best of Note a Needle in the popcorn bowl,
the time is chime of the Clock in the brand of Talkalot for barbed are Wires hot or spot a Jam.

It is the breach of Counter beach examples on the walks of Sand that recognize allow,
in the Channel of a grand piano on the 10th in wrote a House where learned spoke,
build a home to on the Phone the land is being with a stoke for Ocean it's the bell,
boats at the Palm pay choked hid in Caverns under felt for Elements do Fire Belts on Rings.

Shaking down the nothing Round for in the understanding bound is no quick fix it's reason loud,
working for the lives that fell to the Suicide of belt the tender did Fall of swell so Wonder,
does the stipulation speak with the tunnel of complete or are the blinders Harnessed weak,
create a Place to perk the Face with a smile on the Frown than what you have is Stalls about.

A terra ferma healthy ground to begin the trip to shoe that when you fall which happens well often,
than up you go back to the ride on the stirrup leg of life to gather reins and struggle nice in deed,
clean the saddle brush off the dust should a sticker stick your butt than say that thistle bush,
is to close for the post yield Trail ride the Coast as on the barn the learn is close in real related.

To being fact in grows the back to basic School of taught,
it is called Thought & Memory is not wrong for stalk,
as with the World weeding lives as it's called Genocide,
the punch is hard to swallow sew Ability it's poison Or it's Ride to the Running Far.

Land a stream with Words that Means of being Introduced to theme,
than don't remove the Lesson Plan for that is why I real can,
express the Train know the gun as Rifles have a compass too,
yet with the brain as Bulletin the process said Ka Chew.

Keep The Nose On The Face

Cutting Alfalfa

To trim the phat of syrup lap is in familiar Home of fact to verbal understand,
that with the riding of a horse to hillside stand within the shrug a laugh with love,
the shoulders cold to Chile fog on the run of open log is trades the Wind the breed,
a batter up to Hit the jog on the Park of get a dog in the Pet trait firm of Corpse,
death upon those aged in dawn have taken what was a Mint in song and Yellow`d,
for in the done of what is Now the Frill I speak to Whom will, oh sorry, did done the Bill.

Credits running to the Text that in the big of World bets the gamble is the Gambler let,
on the Process in a stand the equal of the landing Hand fists no challenge to the Band,
for sucking Thumb with digit Sum is the best of Law in crumb,
the Moppy Top to the Jean Baptiste is also Represent of Beatles on the send and The 5th Element,
from a Movie Hit like Moulin Rouge to the bohemian of I in truth,
the Product Place is in the Win of long term to Great the Jinn!!

For on the seat of Horse in Best the show must go On,
these papers in the Toilet Tree are more to lease of Strong,
that Scent of Goat the billie wrote as perfect for the Mind in note,
mark a dog Tag to the scratch than bend the corner as the knack,
to the Stable change the lead there in Front is Barns to be.

Ask the doer of the deed it's a liquid feeding said an Odyssey in the banana bread,
yet to the butcher for the Meat bakers Also know the treat as Sourdough is seed in Show,
ankle that with Heels Up the strength is in the balance Read a Form of worth that breathes to Work.

All for 'Once Upon A Story' the attic had a book,
in that Book of Web on stall the spider said it could crawl,
with the spinning of the Verse the hog became the Winning purse!!

In that booking of the stitch came a History of the lip Speak,
place the person to a Trick the month is Octobers Rick,
a table set for Thanksgiving States that a Turkey had a Nose,
with that changing Name in prose the Pope now speaks defining Rose.

Purpose of the Secret too is the factor of the grew,
a Title came with ease of brain to Tell that price is corn on Grain,
spill the beans to Pearl a swing,
than the load becomes a Thing known as Necklace lock the Sting.

Come What May down to pay circulation is the Bay,
for as The Rainbow is a Flag so to is the smite of Rag.

Either ore is body Store for this is the path of Thor,
in the duty of the Shine a sun will blush the Moon with kind,
as in development of Crew the flirt is just a minute through what breeze is the Dawn of Truth.

On the Planets comprehend the get together with a send is more Orion for the slim,
type to Time the Ages grind with Big Bangs and brights of Spine,
a vertebrae in the perfect say is the Instrument that teach of Ray,
the reflective Mention without retention to the close of Humans down,
there is no waste in the Cycle as so the line in circle spoke to know Infinity is the Bose.

Talk a storm it's a Twister in the gut of Man.

Welcome To America

In the decades that have passed Us my Mother has appealed in Writing to the City of San Francisco,
I will once again say that A Riding School in the Proposal is the Advance of Life Itself,
there in The Presidio is extreme Barns just sitting empty with a shallow Park Police in Stall,
the advantage to The Building is the teach that Learn of The Continue to be a balanced Seat,
in my ownership of Available to be of Character in the process of WHY Horses are a talented,
is not for the Lull-A-Bye rather for the get up and TRY,
the Gain is a Life of Treasure in the Chest of this Worlds Death sentence imposed.

To be or to ride is of strength FOR ALL to enjoy the Stream with an Arena on How to be a Groom,
there is a place for EVERYONE in bringing Riding with the Barn of Central Locale,
this Mirror of falling with no ability to Wisdom thus creating Suicide as the Only Venue is false,
a challenge in ANY part of Time is the Place to be of Use with a Wonder to the Job at Hand,
these are the Opportunities that further the Able in a World full of Cains.

Start with a Carrot add the stick that Sugar cubes are licked,
get a Mug that knows the Coffee than the Creamery says Berkeley Farms?,
grow a Garden with the dead than the Cemetery simple said,
'Why is there a Fence around the Block'
the Tomb answered in no complex Term,
because people are Dying to get In!!

Build the Field and They will Come.

Roads & Tracks

The 60's we're day that the Fleet was a trend with the sake of the Singing to the straight-up in a lend,
the value to circulation brought Tour Buses to spend all In the days that Opus ran paved,
the dome in the Park for the Fountain of Play touch the Bench in a Stage an know the Sweet rage,
for Bill Graham was a Producer as my Mother did bam,
pushed that Man off the floor with the next in Sing a Santana did ring,
for all in the Guitar the Harp on same Chord,
a note is the sheet music the Theory of ROAR.

Pick a kindle in this dig of the Pike for at the price of station lice the bugs are a bite,
so in the emergence of mattress to Flea get a bomb with Hand grenade pull pen to pass the type,
fill the smoke with Smiley dope than gosh My Name is Nobody,
light the Candle in the Wind than death is certain to be a Curtain,
change the beat to Woodstocks Treat the land does flavor of the Week,
with garbage that did build a Safe to Vaults that show the Product stay,
these are the Stories that brought a steer to Information on arrears,
suffocate the natural ear than place the plastic in the brand.

To negate the Factor came with Seven burns to Watch duck turns,
quit the trigger for the gun than Hugs are the past of sum,
decide to further request of dust the moving of the 20's crust,
my grandfather felt those times of Flu with walking harder to feed the Crew.

Plug the Ass or Mule on that with the Able halter track referred to much like beach,
the praise to fact in seeing Racked is being care Fold with Carriage tack,
win the footsteps are brought with Site the echo of the Waves at knight,
first the Baker on the flight said look the Print is only Might,
than upon review of the Stipulation that did come,
a glance to Whom has been in bugged said the Beach has foot prints Subbed.

But in the fog of rolling Naturals the Lighthouse on the shoulder love,
spoke with gentle Understand for while the Party had the damned the sands did carry a Sign,
in that time of rough Seas subject to the drowning deeds there was still is a Voice in small,
the sound so simple like a fall to being one whom knows the Stall,
in that comprehension be not afraid to see the day Where people hold the brain with bold,
by speaking Worth to hands in Told the cost is bigger than the Mold,
for that is the Parking Sold to bidders that just push buttons to breathe the depth of dead,
this was not The Way of Futures love in grades that Curve to be a dove.

Crow me a flight to the Vulture in sight for I was eclipsed in excitement one Type,
in the Moon of the blush to the Sun on the run all the Flowers & all the Soil just Stardust in a Royal,
the poker care of Ace is Hi to the All House Hand in banking Flush the pot does lather,
but in those bets of Gamble a strength comes with letter to the Number on the handle,
one drop for One pick-up is an awful lot when transcribed to real breathing lives,
for the deal of the Cards in fate or destined bars is trueing with the Part that learning We are a Start.

Breathe In A Bubble The Oxygen Runs ON-Air ~ Location?? ~ My Hometown

Dial into the sharps of the digest on the worth of inspire,
the stretch in the morning with that yawn before sleep,
a coffee with biscuit or the desert in the Frig,
a strawberry will always be a treat for the day,
in the fruit Cups of bitten an advertisement to folk,
the purpose of a life is the adventure of the play.

As the trouble with the Full is the swept of the pay,
settle for the problem than life will pass away,
stand and exercise Our belly roll a laugh,
hot chocolate with Whipping conversation is a blast,
credit with the Haight as the Fillmore by Marin,
in the leads of moving Wyoming had a trend.

Sure the blanket statements elude to what is trumped,
yet in the part of magic the Carpet is a Trunk,
stitched with much in care to Colors of the had,
wool in Nylons woven tongues the Singer and his wrongs,
for in the instant of a read particular to Mainstream gives,
be a Person not a spit for yes frustration is a hit,
but should I have given up at Live than Suicide would have added another number in the ride.

The more you smash the dreams of Any persons try,
than the certain is to happen with words from Article fie,
fee Fie Fiddle the owe and read the stomp of Seltzer row,
it is easy it is rye mostly find it with the eye,
as the broad News speaks of die the interest is the life of Pi.

Digestion on the mind this A.M. of the jade,
in the compressed of story speak a do has been a sleep,
for instance in the City which I was born & raised,
the new expression is to say that Gluten is the end,
forbearing thought to whom has shot with girls and drink Concorde,
a spanking break with dripping states that party all the Way!!

To remember that the Top of popular is Herd,
down the Tube to postcards food the Noun within the Verb,
a sloth is also an Animal that does thing rather slow,
for gluttony it is the misplaced desire of food or withholding it from the needy,
check that with The World in words as fodder grade,
keep a meet to the rake than that is What is raped in the conversations harbor.

The natural purse of length in girth is familiar to the tongue,
as being product friendly is to know that People try,
for the moment in the Cake a spoon for ice Cream bake,
is the factor of the X in a simple say,
digestion has a play to Opera and the Gray,
the mirror of portion with the Wine is simply all the barrel sign,
one is Mind one is Word one is Coming defining Tray to the biggest bird,
Trained Sheep.