Friday, January 29, 2016

E! Magine People In Side Out!!

Should aye say that the scene on a spun saw not would but the sure steep of the at of the Wares of Mass^Sive,
the scoop to the Press is just The Start Tour,
the fluid is the People of the flu that Lid on the skull of the bodies on spook,
than on that is the Highways roads to many on the turns,
Upside down Round and pinned,
that horror id Tick on the pulse raising the Bravado to Increased per the say.

As gossip Went 'X'^It and the Trireme dye to Oar,
that is the boa Cun strict^Tor that took the Crowds to display,
rye^zen buy Opus the ball Lets know cave In on the cert. Tan & moving to pay.

Ask the Arrow ports should the Bean mag. Pie rate,
awe dish Shun to diction that the Text reamed the Fence??,
Pushed like that Fire in the Concert to door,
Even the thunder of the stage staggers sight.

In truth of the faster the Persons stampede,
back East Coast winced but the shore was the Floor,
departments were shipped,
the Force spoke of sea,
pouring at Threshold the raft tores did slight for that was the Ceiling.

On the News Media from that Photo graph Ick kite,
strings to no tremble than People crushing by dyke,
thumbs did the Aspect to it's O.K. Operator??,
well in that small ankle the ageless did bite.

What should the Paper not on that cellphone describe now on multiplied buy tease in a Fear,
the comb goes to Buns??,
the rise of the Brush??,
tooth Pasted Teeth to the chatter on Lease,
bot shoulder Holmes sure Locks and bones,
crossword to Puzzled??,
nope it was the Wave.

Ray Dee Owe Theses May Towel It Ka Buds All While The Blues Are City Time Duds???

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mirrors on the Phones to text the bones as the Soup per Sun day on the dates of Figures,
so self ankle that blinds the Play to touch Down on the Ups in the text Screen to eyes!!,
these Ease E! brakes to Burn Kneeing Rub Burr is the Goal posts??,
what say that Stay dee Umm to the bisque??,
stew Toe mate toes to Keep pers and Cheek??

Pigeon dial the Office and that scrabble joint,
Bill Maher is not a Contend door His Hymn is For joke??,
chance that to the In throw than the Mumps grows to swell??,
digs to the Cools of the 1960's back in the day.

Spell it Crossword Work it Tight end and Foot ball is Pong on the Application??,
no its just Gam bull Lean to the thighs on the chicken Wings??,
what is Aye owe Awe should Potatoes know Suds.,
sum steam of rinse with the Mills and the Corn??,
or is it the Field dead on the Ref or Reeds??,
flutes & Violins??,
rosin for glycerin on clear Tack call for Clean??,
or could the It be that Hot dig it Tee dog on the Skip to Mi loo??,
what is the Yore In Knoll beef Cake and Pi??,

Board chains and Envelopes what is a Punting down over the Can knew to Bet stings on Plurals??,
in Side dure In form May shun??,
the conversation of the Dish??,
a Sew fa or is it Now spelt couch on the Net,
far & a Way that demonstrates the Games as broke halt Main Tame while the Rest Room tusks??.

Formidable answer to the lear A cists Pew pull,
sliders with raw Clams and a muscle Chaise Ore,
put this to that short on the dew Ole of Jam,
stick Key and Pup Pet with the Which of the Crews??,
is it the Loc, or room Of off Ten or In crease of the Hem,
putting to Stitches the seams of the Sock curr that makes Cleaners dry Sweep??,
or as the Push poled and the Cheese said smiles,
grin is the Mass Tore that flags for the gym.

What is a Film as the Talk key Went to the Times??,
a mull Tee pull or the Tea leaves on the Cup & Sauce Sir??,
is that avenue of ship Ping News on the National Media for the Cheers!??,
well in the depth of the dee Part meant is It a Glove box??,
shall the Driver of the Mind in shifts Go to that Mow Nap pole Lee,
what is the Press say dent with a bit of taste and Rein??,
a bitter SWEET!!??!!.

That is the Old time^Mi chocolate Bar for the Baking Sew duh,
it is as Nice as the Teepee said to the Creek,
river touching the Craft which of Sand dials and Skeet??,
more's on the Bench of anchor and Chance??

Games took Warners 'Turner Broadcasting System' to the Nines!!,
at that is the Cinema of the fashion Able as post stir chords??,
math eh Mat a call is what is to Left feat.

Why Face Book?? To State Of Took?? From My Space To Your Choice?? Or Is It So Ease E! That It Names The #??

What 'Type' Commercial is Currently Move EAN on This Ad??,
for the clam on the muscle for the tongue of the language is Strange??,
weird to lock is Off the awe Tsk tick??,
or is those kelp finds on the glory US google plus X plain??.

What Say You!!

For shore this is a Knoll ledge Report for the lakers on Over times of Park roads Ad virtue,
the state of Theater to the Arrow bush Ole is Balers??,
that twine is Nigh the Wire on the Tap tap Morse of chalk A let CHIPs,
therefore buy the way thee Map other is a chart to lets see the guard,
that simply is the Fact that My Mother ran an Event,
Polo in the Park in San Francisco, California through the Haight to prosperity and a Clear day,
it is the Smalls on the Arms whisper that Puts to the Plates of the Cheese.

What Is A Pointer Win Sum Kind Of Sub. Is Sub^Limb^In^Knoll??

The Wonder of thee guise this AM is a fun^Knee to the Radio on TOK AC Crow NiMH,
for the Avenue of Station is 910 At the channel Nouns Named Of Owe k^K^s^F,
thus the Transfer of the Opt. Shin to the Lid & A Blink!!

Back in the day the Message core brought to the Boards a decision Persons,
the Old saying that Nine ^OUT^ of The Tin from the Due Tee on the 10th Degree to A graeae,
In form With stand The Must counter the Objection basing the drawing of straws!!??,
in this the Necessity Trues the balance of the Hi beams to bring In label Touching the Seal ole,
bark and Pap rust to Iron duck Nail.

Hammer Of course the Whisper of tsk Whom wills to the Trust of the Off ten of Hist??,
stirring the pot??,
rinsing Wic soap??,
treasure to dare??,
cents on the bare??,
role of a bank??,
Must Tard of Fate??

Ask the fountain is the Water foundation or the Swells constant lei??,
does the Wave hit the Shores or In the Continue sea to a Prose??,
is the Tie Dull a Method or Operation paper Clip to cuffs And the Shirt sleeve of Lens??,
if Hide is a Keep and Blind is A Lair than done gin is Neet to Straight Up on clique??.