Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Zephyr Ings

Bolt this Law to the entangled of the first Squid to the Vast Oxidable,
the study of the Concept thy Bell of the linger in the rest of the plants,
a chemical in difference to the State of Elemental in brand,
the search of the Missioned as the Value to the basis Acknowledge,
Sonic the squawl to the Storm of the Sun light in a Ball!!

The Route of the Cresting in an ordinance of Sent been,
speaking on a tracing to the Ancients in a fayed,
the magical present came with a crayoning to Scape,
scenes that do fire to the ever and inescapable flame!!

Trigger responsive Gear to the prompt in an Earth,
the trait to the spin is the Moon moving desk,
to write o the Tablets with a Typewriter brawl,
the print for the treasures of the passing in a came!!

Do the addition to the Mathematical oddity in the freakish currents tide,
the raise of the Tidal in the melting of the Sands,
the graining of such Natural in before of after be land,
as one of many colors muraled in history of these bands!!

Thru lives of trading poses for barefoot in the Rain,
the dancing all the better if betterment could should stand,
but the rather of the gathering proves that nothing is such planned,
as ignorant to the brass is polished and I am just a spurt!!

Affair the length of said in Man with professional workings of,
the gallant of the clever hinge says doors swing both ways,
to block the garbage from the trashed the window in the take,
'cause the if's and Wins are counted in the flowers of the play!!

Quits are than so Central to the Verse that was new,
like the gleaning in the channeling that I would never do,
to rob a Mind to join a Club just battering the thrown,
claims that Pandora's buggering to the product of the Bones!!

The atlas of the Cosmic tone in aptly known to be,
the guidance back to Home you can't for James Blunt said this low,
"Into The Dark"

"Love is madness that's quick to burn
And lying in the embers is where we are
And if my promise is unreturned
Before the day is over I will depart

If I could choose I'd have you stay
But I gave my heart to you and it's yours to break
Before my fears tear us apart
Won't you follow me into the dark

Love is blindness I cannot see
Underneath our roots are tangled and buried deep
When the leaves have fallen from the trees
Do we grow together entirely

If I could choose I'd have you stay
But I gave my heart to you and it's yours to break
Before my fears tear us apart
Won't you follow me into the dark

If I could choose I'd have you stay
But I gave my heart to you and it's yours to break
Before my fears tear us apart
Won't you follow me into the dark
Before my fears tear us apart
Won't you follow me into the dark"

So don't you worry dear bead Sir the knight of know the heel,
judge the Copper Stone to what is bourne to the speak of leaking shows,
the rib of sprung for popping Crow the landing appealed this loan,
the Clips of Interviews in Switch the Origin braves these Know!!

Crater to the gorge in thorns for darkness is your trued,
but follow for or willingly I'd say it's just your blows,
for Home I state is far away beyond the Cosmos Spoe,
the wheel in passing grates these rows to oreing in for the take!!

You've lossed the great investing for the heart and soul you vote,
the smoke of wetted appetites in brains that simply slow,
to skulling in the Polo Game the mallet is your Voice,
the pitch of Cameraed for the price is breasting levered lights!!

Broth the boil to the Toads not frogs that seek the pee,
for drinks of yellow tamborine the zylophones in key,
the bass Cello to plucking stroll in bearing Grizzly gained,
the gorilla in the Misting says that time is for the breathing!!

Dream this lined to every sting for Be is purposed bye,
to have met the Face two Face and staff the Craning sprow,
the Feat in Violet Flowers Vased the Cuts of step to tapping that,
a shoulder of the bouldering is cold much like the stackings leal.

Core the formalized with systems failure to Mind the borrows dye,
the Iris in the Valiance  Moores to digs that trace these dacked,
to extract wood from the bly in covered for the goose,
queer is the burning of the blessed for gooding in a strand!!

Yarn all of what you've brides through troubled for the spanned,
should idea have not basic than the dip behaves to pan,
the impulsive skpe to cell phones dial the tone of which is lefting piled,
the shite will Mount the Same in Tile the chisel is the Danned.

Colter Wides

Brace this small on the life in a brawl of the timbers in tall a sealing of track,
to the turn of the styling in the sit of a sprawling lets the Lot in a dowel wheel to saw,
the shorts in the scene of a lathered in reals for the indefinite teaming shall come,
with the learned could's to the teach of the lathe in a would prying passing!!

Worked for the given not here for the sitting of tabled for scores the balance in stored,
the coppered in lines of trued for subbed times of the after before the permanence in Scored,
query no interest to the meeting of existence the bridged of support is the rapture of torn,
a walk to the seeped in a coloured retreats to the bath of the tugged in a bore of a lugged.

Spreads to the done in the valence of Shrikes a line or understanding comprehension is Dan,
backings to rear the halt in a Lear the cup of approaching will spree to it's luck,
for in the surround of a Sepia town the find is it's truth that courts will be found,
to the broader of viewed in the mind of the dues the Keep is the Law of the Dungeon of Spoof!!

Running the deserved to the stupidity of heards that count the believing to the exit of by,
no grace will account the brew in these tights of the leopards in spots or the cheater in Lots,
for the difference in spoken is the clatter of ridden to the base of the Tree for the horse has a spot,
to see the Jump of the standards to the realized thought that cavaletti's set pace to the proper in case.

Practice this drill till you know you can't spoke to the ride of the brights in a balance of knights,
arms to the dickings in the Comes of the shops ware molds are to vibrate the staple of skunked,
in the piece of the blow-up to the latex in molds,
the size of the real are the eyes that don't loan.

To write of the picture no reply is an increase to the impulsion of spurred not a hammer to bone,
no Armor to Shield will Kneel this ceil the lumber of known is a safe to a thrown,
where shown was the pate of the panic intrude with the evidenced provide it's worth in the Vied,
not to spy upon shy or remove the wroughts life but the memory of shores to cover it dares.

Sake the thread to the silk in the mull of a Planet in grave far from this a Lear,
the tombstones of many a grave diggerred boots to passing in Moons the many a type,
to the digs of the fluff basing a tough so that girls can so be taught and not bleed,
in the cram of these breathes of the lungs that can't keep the exhale for Life or the kern in a creak!!

Door the up-come with the planned trips to journey the quest of the ques tin the bet to the grain,
the oat of the meal width the wheat in sew trained that Oaks are such Trees that pictures Still framed,
the photo no shop 'Just' the freedom to shot or the kilt to the fact that Wares have a stern,
the rake of the tractoring to the plough of the Fields produce Vegetables soft of Fruits in a deal!!

Reason the decked to the built of already in the cobbled stone let of the broth in a berm,
rafts to the jetti the horse jumping stuns as the beat or the rhythm the stride is bleak shun,
the spook of the Man in an attempt of a strip leaves the Teabaggers central to the rip-off of sits,
so delete in the Site of responsive to steeps the Orders are chorded to the empties your stare.

Strike to the clipt a write or a beep the honk of the goose is the Swan trades in been,
past to the Question in Ask never come the Answer is broth to the soup in the Lead,
the scoops of the burp to the hiccups of wells are the Tanks that just Veal to the times of the Tells!!


The soaring flighting to the balance of the breadth of a solar calls,
to the sea of the galactical sight of bursting forms of suns in making,
the moons chunking to call a coloring rides in the the hits of the earths on their breeze.

Charge me to the spreading truths of the mind that blues to the iris mights,
the lights as the streaming guidance in the biggest of the brains of this cosmic ride,
sure me to the elemental ring that fire ware my home is lend!!

Spark this sorry excuse for mortality to threshold me that line to spy upon my send,
place me in the clouds of the stardusting trailing the meteor homing me,
class these human learns off to it is their desire to die in a formalized pie!!

Speaking my language of the venture to the gems of Lar talk to the throttle,
gear this bodily staff to the lay in the brewer of the shifting reality of the dancing rooms,
Oh hear my Cry in the Furtherest Cosmos release Me from this treachery of the gross of Humanity!!

Singer James Blunt says his sociology studies have helped him write insightful lyrics?? or is the truth moreover a matter of Bolds In Age??

Cod you're throw to sent about,
out to venture trunk to shank,
disapproval credits HIT to louds,
puts exampled to Stake the Mount!!

Darks reveal this to Real,
know test in SHOW the bank of stunned,
had belief that Wire travels,
now I'm sure that POPs Unravel!!

No warning just killed with photo shop,
a selfie or the text to bleed,
as I thought these vile means,
certainty took my deeds.

Tried to help by warn of be's,
a whip to switch not PHOTO cried,
weeping fro the tears of blown,
my life is in a know fly Zone!!

Thoughts go to protect thee born,
tell of dangers everywhere,
Pointclass or joining the Alpha Ki to Platter,
the free in a Life's why?

Charge these bastards lie with their Copy Cats,
in decree of mere in chilling to regurgitate,
the Verse belongs to the Original,
the Sentence is Theirs to try,
like a cute!!

James Blunts Face Booked Shot Death in a By

The lance of the thrust to kill the verse of the freedom of a speech claiming lead as a pictured spy,
the lyrics came from the Tale of a girl searching the truth of life in a passing knight to do,
ask the question of the sound that came from the radio blues of a death song tolling why.

The constant of the annoyance caused a journey to have been trades up and on the Wind of the storming,
from the early of the listen I thought and I purchased said compact to give consideration to the attract,
for a time that extends a thirty slot of this pause to the should I speak for sake or lie in truth?

Sent on the key strokes of the board that records the inquiry in a birth of speed in a freely written,
each word just poured from the fingers that chose to ride across the gently breeze to the lettered hi,
bearing name and locale to announce the communique not a shove.

Shall I dance through these grit in lines as the removal of the gandered laid an egg to a shot of disapproved,
know facial admissions has I's to shake no mirror to disgrace my already laid days,
the marker of tis grave in as a Facebook hooked the plots so while ago it showed!!

The gender no confuse in my mind of the announced for guilt is a heavy why to the silenced candle die,
the clips of the teaking grabs at the basis of a troubled came in the concreted life of troubled bye's,
traveling a higher realm to search the creaks of the ghostly rides that had hear just a turning left.

Task the better to the spraining wants to be with the base in full to the timbers which my lists did hold,
the scroll of the script in my inner eye playing record of the branching to an upper filling spills,
sewn to trace these tool kept blends is the risk of texting to the cell phone quicks in the wic.

Kodak developed from the negative in a turn about of a three day try in the production of wondered,
did I chose to picture the captures of the 24 slides in that moment the party said bring the Candid?

The mugs of the exist while soaking in the rinse are hung in the care that a professional extincts,
for the glory of the hand held ream to shoot off a temporary hard for the glory of the tone,
in the recording of the knee jerk or to tag the bone in a twitch of a muscular spined.

The values trend to the patience of the riding in on the rogue to the wilds of the shine on abuse,
the jealousy put envy perfect whilst the rider died in the breadth of knowing the horses life,
a walk to the slaughtering houses of man and his hands in a cowboy path to pied.

Paint the trots to the burro of the rode a wire or a pull in destruction be familiar with tax,
for in the rearrangement of the recognize I have spurred horses to be a best friend in my life,
all with the tact of the presence of my touch to trust that horses are fair and humanity is broke!!

Simplicity in the understanding of trusting the hits come in exacts to the breaks,
the horse inside does not kick-off to pride,
it's the song that does cry.