Thursday, September 19, 2013

Karmic Debt Speaking Truth

The Spur to Past,
rates mistakes have been shown,
a known appeal a peaceful Treaty,
to complete a Whole with Knight!!

The sorted details of last Lives,
fights' tries,
Escapes not to ever deny but to Learn,
in the End I guess it is just Yearn,
another Turn?

B.D.S.M. a Master of Start,
I spied out Places,
I ran to See the exist,
I must admit I do miss,
the freedom of the lift.

The Authority of Rank,
no complaint,
it's youth to pull through or quite possibly,
to pull-off,
the ventured truth.

To count amounts,
I don't delve to far,
my third-eye Full-of-Knights,
Dark Lords' declare!!

Lost to Found,
I soared across dimensional dues,
the active possible,
a Being in Actual,
the trappings,
Mortal present Review!

To Tell,
I was told,
did I honor the Vow of Start?,
in gracious word of all being absurd,
never believed,
I confess, Know!!

A valiant throw,
to lose the hold,
subject too,
followed by All of You!!

The Numbered Valued,
the halt in trained,
I frame,
the example may have been the pursuit of Thee!!

Although in the end, any End,
I think you'll not buy my pry.

Oh but for the glory of the View,
it etched out Centuries in Millenias' do,
Creation must blush as Evolution disciplines design,
a harsh and cutting record.

Imagine the Dungeons' Mastered on this Earth,
walking the very same Turf,
no memory, no refuge in knowing plight,
a get-a-way or a Park,

The rest of such a Tale,
story's a line belonging to only Mind,
for belief is lost to any such thing,
Faith is cost and innocence, well...., 
that is the one I saved for that just in case moment,
 if Reality delivers memories (to You) too.

Oh!!, the trouble began,
I could not imagine that a billion lives later,
you would either remember or be able to deliver,
that Letter of the Law that I broke,
you know that Eternal Marker,
the Rule of a Self-Starter!!

Chances are,
Remembrance wanes,
Time winds in reverse,
a hopeful state.

On that strange occasion,
when I feel the Presence of more than Self,
I look to See,
and that Army of You,
boy oh boy has it grown

A Dark Lords' Preview

The Marching entails a degree in Being,
the spies that found me just in Seeing.

Curiosity asks,
questions strained,
what if this Real in Mind,
the thoughts at work,
really acknowledged the escape of a Past Life,
possible a Trillion Years ago,

How long could One like Your Self,
for example,
Court the Laws of a B.D.S.M. Require?

I feel the mounting pressure to confess,
what if We met and the Earth blew,
 and We were, 
dead, alive and dead again before I could remember,
 the excuse that must exist to give to you.

 Run or Persist

The more I write the worse it sounds,
like Karma found this one chink in the Armor I pound.

Certainly the Time between,
that can't or isn't kept from Our start,
would not tell but advise,
this Trip is Hell!!

It would not be like it wasn't true,
I mean look around you,
everyone says,
"It's the Time," "It's the Apocalypse," "The End,"
etc. etc.!!,
so, in honest appeal I witnessed Heaven fell,
grant it this disturbs me Still.

But maybe I meant to say,
on that Day way back When...
'I rode your horse away,
jumped the fence to View what's Sent,
not realizing it was Me!!
I went and maybe said;
"I'll meet you in Hell' and not that reputed line of,
"Go to Hell"
would the 'Story' Stand?

Even with that being said,
 in a sort of Prose,
it may have been Riddling instructions,
 indeed it was or could have been,
 the hurried escape that I was most obviously making,
that saddled this due.

This is getting worse,
as I dig a deeper hole,
I am burying myself in the identifying of a far-off life,
in a Past Theme of a future might.


I will have to stick to my thoughts of,
nobody believes and,
 "Why" on Earth would We meet?,
unless of course your Memories,
have bettered your Sees.


I wonder or more often ponder,
this Truth of:

"Could it Be?"


My Karmic Debt number is 16
Love & commitment have been forsaken.